NOV./DEC. 2004 VOLUME 107 NUMBER 3 Class Notes

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40 | George Reader, MD '43, tells of two sons: Jonathan '66, PhD '81, a professor at Drew U., and Peter, a professor at Seton Hall U. George is still a board member of VNS-NY. James Cowden writes from 9315 Glenwood Trail, Brecksville, OH. He is researching the gross inadequacies and disease consequences of US toxic management policy and practices.He is doing his best to publicize data he has acquired.He was invited to present these findings to the Science Advisory Board of the International Joint Commission at their biennial meeting. He continues to accumulate data on chronic diseases such as autism and lymphomas that are associated with environmental toxins such as pesticides and industrial chemicals. His goal is to create public awareness, which is now lacking. He welcomes any comments or questions from his classmates.

Ruth Maughan Russell writes from her new home in a retirement home in Lexington, MA (1010 Waltham St., #427). She writes that there are "wonderful, interesting people . . . 99 percent professionals . . . many authors and painters." She often goes to hear the Boston Symphony, and enjoys opera, ballet, and theaters close by. Her son lives nearby with his two children. She says she is very happy and healthy, and adds, "I'll see you at our 65th Reunion."

In early 2003, Forrest Griffith set up a scholarship fund for high school dining services personnel at the retirement home where he lives in Timonium, MD. I hope the fund has grown in the two years since I first heard from him. At that time, he was still racing his 40-foot sailboat, cruising the Chesapeake Bay. He talks with Dean Wallace and J.J.Donoghue by phone. They are all well and active. "J.J. claims he is having fun misbehaving, while sailing his boat with help from a female crew." You fellows are too much.

More next time. -- Carol Clark Petrie, Box 8, Hartford, NY 12838; tel., (518) 632-5237.

41 | We had a rainy, cool summer here in Ithaca, and all that rain made wonderful waterfalls. Thanks for all the news you have sent. Jean Palmer Gerlach (Cleveland, OH) now lives in Judson Manor. She's in an independent apartment in a beautiful old building once known as the Wade Manor Hotel. It faces Severance Hall--where the Cleveland Symphony concerts are given--and Case Western U. She is within walking distance of the Art Museum, the Botanical Gardens, and the Frank Girby Bldg., which houses the Weatherhead School of Management. Shirley Munson Stiles (Palo Alto, CA) is now living with limited vision and learning how to survive in a motor-driven society without a driver's license. She is grateful for books on tape and wonderful friends.

Allene Cushing Knibloe (Sarasota, FL) says she is winding down. She has given up judging flower shows,with all the meetings, etc., but she still golfs and cooks.Her husband Wells cleans house. She beams over her one grandchild, 11 years old. The Knibloes winter in Florida, and this past February they had the pleasure of dining with visitor Don Rakow, director of the Cornell Plantations. This occurred because Allene represented the Class of '41 when they invested in a planting of pine trees. Summers they are near Buffalo. Isabelle Richards McDermid (Centerville, OH) writes that she and husband William enjoy a quiet life in their retirement. Their children are all doing well and they are blessed with six grandchildren and three greats. Two of the grandchildren live in Alaska and the three greats are presently in Hawaii where their father, a member of the Class of 1989, is a Lt. Cmdr. in the US Navy Submarine Corps.

Florence James McCullough (Doylestown, PA) writes, "There have been six more of our family who have received Cornell degrees, so I've felt vicariously in contact with campus life. One grandson, an engineering grad, regularly recruits there for his company,Arup Engineering, which is designing the soon-to-be West Campus. I'll be up-to-date on that development. Dorothy Newman Seligman (Somers, NY) and husband Donald are well and happy. They play a lot of tennis (indoor and outdoor) and golf in season. They planned to go to Alaska in June for a 10-day cruise, with stops for a few days in Vancouver and Victoria. Their Cornell children live close by and they see a lot of them and the grandchildren.

Barbara Schnapp Eisen (Gainesville, FL) has been living in a retirement community for almost three years. Though it is not the best time in her life, she will not have to live with her daughters. One of them lives only 20 miles away, so she sees that family often. She still travels to San Francisco to see her other daughter and her family. Happy Holidays to all! More news in the next issue. -- Dorothy Talbert Wiggans, 415 Savage Farm Dr., Ithaca, NY 14850; tel., (607) 266-7629; e-mail,

AlbertWaite's wife says they are fortunate to be in fairly good health, except that Albert's eyesight is failing. Gerard Clarke sends a brief message that describes most of us in our eighth decade: "Still alive, but slowing down." Dr. Herbert Abrams travels coast to coast. In the winter he teaches and does research at Stanford. In the summer they enjoy their home in Martha's Vineyard, where their son and daughter also have homes. For vacations he meets his family and skis at Squaw Valley. Lawrence Kalik has a new honor. On April 8, 2002, he was appointed Special Master in the Appellate Division of the NYS Supreme Court. "Since then I have learned more law than in all my years in private practice. Amazing how much one can learn by listening to opposing lawyers appearing before you."

Walker Peterson is a traveling man. In January, he went to Australia and New Zealand with two daughters.He then went to Key West and Naples, FL. From there, just for a chuckle, he flew to Bermuda and played 18 holes of golf at Mid-Ocean Club.His plan for October was to follow Lewis and Clark's path up Oregon's Columbia River. Joseph Hilzer is still "doddering between Singer Island, FL, and Flemington, NJ."He is making an effort to stay away from doctors' offices. "As we progress into the year, I have two wishes: our men and women in service to get back home, and a new tenant in the White House." John Borst and his wife are happy and very busy in their life at a continuing care retirement community in Leesburg, FL. They enjoyed the annual Cornell Picnic with 30 others, including Don Robinson,MS '54. They expect a difficult summer trying to sell the log house they enjoyed for 25 years in Hamilton, NY.

Jim Hathorne sent an article about the closing of his electronics store in downtown Canandaigua, NY. For two decades it was an anchor store. This scribe will be glad to send the two-page article to those interested. Dr. Edward Steinfeldt owns ten acres in Cortland, NY, including a creek, two ponds, and one house.He does his own maintenance. He winters in Siesta Key, FL, where he plays golf. "I feel fortunate to have lived so long. I quit fishing and sold my boat because of a bad back. I phone Joe Ferris." Julian Smith lost his wife of 57 years.He now lives in Kendal at Ithaca and is active on various committees. As a member of the Savage Club he has sung at Kendal, the Ithaca Yacht Club, and the 2003 Reunion in Bailey Hall. He completed writing the 7th edition of Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering for McGraw-Hill.

Bill Flickinger is also living in a continuing care community, this one in Cary, NC."We are zoo people and go to see polar bears who live in a cage and look out at us. This all happened at Churchill,Manitoba, on the western coast of Hudson Bay, where the bears wait for the bay to freeze over." Paul Spiers belongs to the Geriatric Pilots Association of Rochester,NY, where about 200 WWII pilots enjoy a breakfast once a month. Cornell members include GodfreyMalchoff '43, BS '46, and Pete Schwarz '47. --Ralph Antell, Beaufort Towers, 7015 Carnation St., #408, Richmond,VA 23225-5233.

42 | Pres. Liz Schlamm Eddy (NYC) has generously complimented the class for its bill-paying proclivities. 209 classmates paid dues promptly, and she adds cheers for all who added a special contribution to make us debt-free. As a thank you, Liz sent everyone a copy of Franz Kafka's The Trial, so we can keep in touch with what's happening among students these days. CyberTower Forums, which offer video-streamed conversations with leading members of the faculty, include one on The Trial. Log on to to find out more. And send me your comments on the book. Thanks, Liz, for being such a classy Pres.

News of the Coors family in our last column brought a letter from Firth Perryman '43, and the news that Pete Coors '69, son of the late Joseph Coors '39 and CEO of the Coors Brewing Company, is running for the Colorado Senate. Firth Perryman writes, "Joe Coors was my first boss when I started working for Sheffield Farms in Manhattan right after my graduation. There is a book about the Coors family, Citizen Coors, by Dan Baum." Other good reads are (according to Ken Stofer '43) Scotsman's Dream, a Cornell inter-woven book by Warner Bott Berry '62, LLB '65, and Window on Congress: A Congressional Biography of Barber B. Conable Jr. by James S. Fleming, which examines Conable's 20-year career as a US Representative.As ranking Republican on the Ways & Means Committee, he played a critical role in Watergate and led the World Bank as president before he retired.

Glenn and Margaret Botsford (Kendal at Ithaca) reminisce about skating and tobogganing on Beebe Lake. They donated to the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art five pieces of pre-Colombian ceramics, and to the College of Human Ecology (Textile and Costume Collection) an antique serape, all from Peru. John Chesebro (Springfield,VA) retired from the US Army and now enjoys golf, as well as his three grandchildren.

Will Templeton (Oceanside, CA) wrote about the Memorial Dedication last summer honoring the valiant and remarkable services of the WWII cruiser USS San Diego and the men who served aboard it during the years 1941-45. "We had 75 shipmates attend. This was a large number considering all of the factors. They brought with them wives, families, and friends totaling 300. It was a good party, considering they are mostly 80-year-olds, but it was tough on me and Connie, and we are happy it is past and we can return to our life-before-the-Memorial days."

Cornell's recent athletic achievements included four academic All-American selections--more than any other Ivy League school. The girl's softball team, featuring an excellent pitcher, qualified for the NCAA tournament that was shown on ESPN.

Sadly, we tell of the passing of Mario Cuniberti (Columbus, OH). A longtime member of the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers, he was also a member of many car clubs: Veteran & Vintage, Classic of America, and Franklin. A varsity crew member, he participated in the Greater Columbus Rowing Assn.

Keep in touch with me and use all those e-mail addresses. Don't forget to visit our class website, Pres. Liz updates it regularly.-- Carolyn Evans Finneran, 8815 46th St.NW, Gig Harbor,WA 98335; tel., (253) 265-6618; e-mail,

43 | Sadly we report that good friend and classmate Roy Unger, beloved class president both as undergrad and alumnus, died of leukemia at Kendal at Ithaca August 18. Alas. Only the week before, we had collaborated on the 2005 News and Dues letter. For a great Cornell stroll down memory lane, read his entry in the Compendium. Roy, we'll miss you.

One-time Big Red gridder Dan Nehrer wrote me from San Diego, CA: "According to the alumni magazine, you seem to have suffered a physical setback. Not to worry: time wounds all heels . . . or something like that.My problem is loss of appetite, so I'm shrinking, which may not be all bad. Anyway, I look forward to hearing of your complete recovery." Dan, I lost some control of my left arm, left leg, sense of humor. Good progress on the limbs.

I came across a batch of old News Forms. I apologize for letting them get so old, and beg the following good folk--in fact, all who pass this way--to send me an update: John Casale, Mary Alice Dietrich Evans, PhD '53, Bob Hutton, Howard LaMorte, Fuzzy Raffel, Dick Rochow, and Marjorie Reed Sheffer.

Here are some short but still timely updates from ancient times. Josh Hurwitz (Chestnut Hill, MA) writes: "At the onset of WWII, after two fine years at Cornell, I transferred to Harvard at my parents' request. I still have fond memories of my time in Ithaca.My younger brother is Class of 1951." In late 2002, Allan Drake (Lake Placid, NY) was enjoying retirement and keeping in contact with Joe Hickey. They usually get together once a year. From Jeanne Moorman Kleppinger: "No news. I haven't broken anything. I neither lost my shirt nor made a fortune in the crazy market. I have not yet been thrown out of this Quaker retirement home nor been transferred to their Alzheimer's unit. So--no news is good news!"

Ray Ward (Waverly,NY) wrote, "This old bum has been admitted to membership in America's oldest and most respected writers organization, The Authors Guild. I've also joined forces with a retired publisher of military histories to launch Weldon Publications Inc. The major publishers have shut their doors to all but the big-bucks fiction producers and celebrity bios.We're attempting to do the impossible: open the door to a few worthy authors. Foundation and corporate support may enable us to go one step further: to provide free texts to the service academies and to universities with military training programs."

Daniel Woolfe lives in Boynton Beach, FL, in the winter, and the Berkshires in the summer."Music is my biggest interest, attending many concerts in both places, plus a music appreciation course at Peabody Institute in Baltimore. Still see some Vet school friends, Morris Povar '41, DVM 44, and Norman Simon, DVM '50." "We are now bi-coastal," writes Jack Cole of Ashland, OR. Two years ago, he and Lynn purchased a second home in Basking Ridge, NJ, and now split time between their two locations.

From Betsy Small Schrader: "How did any of us find time to work with all we do in retirement? Still running the Language Bank of Cleveland, going strong for 29 years [and that was in 2003]! I garden and play bridge, and the three-times-weekly workout at a great fitness center keeps the back from going completely out of whack. Daughter Connie '75 (Asheville, NC) and son Allan '76 (Portland, OR) are doing well, and non-Cornell son has now accounted for two Cornell grandkids: Robbins Schrader '03 and a new NROTC Ensign, and Corbin Schrader '04, doing well and loving women's varsity crew. Gus and I continue travels, most recently Cuba. An upcoming cruise to Alaska will be a family reunion--not all, but ten of us. The years have sure been good, haven't they!"

Bon vivant and all-round athlete (crew, wrestling, football--all at 150 pounds) Tom Nobis lost his long bout with cancer in February. This scribe got to play end only when Tom was hurt, which, as we joked at every reunion, was too often for him, not often enough for me. Ted Zimmerman, DVM '43, wrote a note after reading of the death of Hugh Brown. "I played 150-pound football with him and Bill Buxbaum, now both gone. Bill was the toughest blocker I ever met. He could have played on the Cornell Varsity." Ted says he's still going strong with tennis and golf. "Lost my Mrs. to breast cancer in 2000.My significant other is a Cornellian, Sylvia Margolis Kaufman '41. Regards to all."

More from Ann Morgenstern Cohen (Mt. Vernon, NY; "My roommate Helen Abeloff Weinberg wants all her friends to know that her grandson Douglas was chosen by early admission to be a member of the Class of 2008. He's from Arlington,VA. By the time this gets printed, he will be happily attending classes in the College of Arts and Sciences."Here's what Ann added to her recent raves about our 60th: "I succeeded in my dream of walking the Arts Quad with my trusty walker (the Nova Clipper) and I took pictures of Ezra and Andrew to prove it to the folks back home. Did the women of that class 50 years ago also get the blue jackets?"Answer: No, Ann. Let me tell you the story (forgive me, Roy) of the blue jackets. Jack Slater . . . zzzzzz . . . --S.Miller Harris, P.O. Box 164, Spinnerstown, PA 18968; e-mail,

44 | Intrepid Art Kesten, in his inimitable style, has thoroughly described reunion in print to all, as well as on the website. But no mention was made of the presentation of 12 honorary class members, a ceremony that took place in Barton Hall. Each was escorted by selected individuals, then introduced by Andi Capi, MD '46, just before the group photo was taken. The honorees included President Emeritus Frank H. T. Rhodes and the directors of Alumni Affairs, Athletics, etc., who have assisted the Class of '44 with its Memorial Room, reunions, etc., through the years. Eight other honorees, some non-Cornellians, were able to attend.

Responses to the bright green News and Dues requests have been many and speedy. First and most far-flung is Bill Felver, MA '50, whose home is on the Isle of Bute in Scotland. A year ago he retired from 11 years as organist and choirmaster at his church on the mainland.He still plays at the small Episcopal church in Rothesay, Bute, "to which I officially belong. But no choir, no proper organ, and no salary--and no more Sunday ferry rides."Cushing Phillips of Magnolia Springs, AL, said they've been focusing on the stock market with little pleasure. Barry "gets quiet satisfaction from running the Altar Guild of St. Paul's Chapel." The Milton Stolaroffs of Los Angeles again visited Germany and Austria. A highlight was a gondola ride to a permanent glacier 10,000 feet high. They also enjoyed a ten-day visit to Vienna guided by native friends.

Alan Kaplan is happily watching nine grandchildren grow older--from one in diapers to adulthood. He lives in Chapel Hill, NC. Robert F.Miller, MNS '49, PhD '51, of DeBary, FL, plays golf and does yard work while caring for an ill wife. Wayne Faulkner plays golf every day "in this beautiful place we call Carolina Trace, Sanford, NC." He also is caretaker of an ill wife. Dr. Louis Shor, BA '47, DVM '53, thanks the Kestens and enjoys '44 news in the magazine. Jo Cook Bertelsen Wilson says, "Grandchildren, their parents, and their grandparents all grow older." They still commute between Wayland, MA, and Cayman Brac. Alice Gallup Stout of Springfield,VA, went to Colorado for her older son's 50th birthday. Maryellen Severinghaus Bowers wrote of an ice storm that caused a five-day power outage (house temperature 49°) in Chapel Hill, NC. Joe Hofheimer, BA '46, retired from Richard Bauer & Co. Inc. after 56 years. "It was a good run."

Bill Brown, BS '47, wrote from Charlottesville,VA, "Grandchildren now getting married, so we must be getting old." Marvin Huyck, MD '47, ofWalton, NY, is a hockey fan. They winter in Naples, FL. Philip McGinnis of Newark, DE, traveled to Ithaca to watch his grandson play hockey against Union. Lou Donkle wrote from Michigan City, IN, "After 25 years of saying ‘next year' we are finally getting some home improvements done." Dan Morris claims three grandsons. The Charles De Bares, JD '49, of NYC had six married children and ten grands spending the summer with them on the Jersey Shore. They also had a "fabulous trip to Vancouver and Alaska."

Lois Serby Rubaii of Clearwater, FL, is active in her church and has been a social worker at the YMCA for 30 years. She has six professionally successful children and eight grands. Zelda Guttman Damashek of Scarsdale, NY, always feels good when she encounters someone from Cornell, young or old. "It is a never-ending bond." She keeps in touch with Carol Goldfarb Schreiber and Amy Hall Bronstein. George Elliott of Cortland, NY, spends March in Palm Coast, FL, and sees Kay SmithMancini '46 often. (Ed. Note: Thank you for your note re the Women in Military Service Memorial--I am registered.) Rose Matt of Saratoga Springs, NY, has "pesky health problems," but does get around. She thanks the Kestens for all they do.

Marjory Underwood Marker of Penny Farms, FL, had a serious neck injury.Daughters from Jordan and Niger came to help her recover. William S.Wheeler and Jo divide their time between Sedona, AZ, and Nantucket, MA. Hindy and Phillip Lewin, PhD '69, of Denver, CO, belong to an athletic club and two book clubs, and have a daughter and family nearby. Their oldest grandchild is now married. Howard, B Chem E '47, and Marian Graham Blose, BS '46, "have a wonderful marriage--three married children and four grands. They all love each other and love us.We are in great shape." Eleanor Johnson Morse of Marietta, GA, has three children and four grands living nearby. Two more grands live in Connecticut. She and her husband are healthy and "just enjoying life."

Raymond and Martha Edson Baxter, after 23 years in Florida, have moved to Genesee, PA, where Ray was building a cottage on their pond property. Virginia MacArthur Clagett wrote from Altantic Highlands, NJ, about watching Princeton defeat Cornell at football. She and her son and two grandsons enjoyed "the beautiful, warm, sunny day." Don Crandall, BS '47, of Medina, NY, has three sons and nine grands. He visited his son in Redwood City, CA, who works for OCE, an international conglomerate based in the Netherlands. This visit prompted Don to send many words philosophizing about Silicon Valley and California politics.

Merry Holidays and a healthy, happy 2005 to all. P.S. Note classmates' addresses and find your neighbors. -- Nancy Torlinski Rundell, 20540 Falcons Landing Circle #4404, Sterling, VA 20165.

45 | Thanks to all who have furnished news for this column by sending in the latest class news form. This form also asked for an indication of plans to attend our big 60th Reunion, only six months away. So far, over 60 classmates, many with spouses, have signed on, including Dr. Isaac Levine (Cincinnati, OH), June Maughan Maclure (Clearwater, FL), Bruce Weir (Cocoa Beach, FL), who is still doing some engineering consulting when not flying or sailing, and Nancy Nixdorf Rose (Albuquerque, NM), who is busy with bridge, birdwatching, gardening, volunteering at a V.A. hospital and a museum, and traveling all over the country. If these New Mexicans and Floridians can attend, so can you! Make your plans now. A couple of classmates offer weak excuses for not coming, such as Faye Seelbach Schmitt (Homosassa, FL), who is opting for the Outer Banks of North Carolina (I'll take Ithaca any time), and Reuben Pannor (Palisades, CA), who is busy with California peace movements (no comment).

I had my own traveling mini-reunion in July. After my wife of 53 years died in June, my old Beta roomie and close friend over the years, Mark Pendleton (Islesboro, ME), invited me to visit him and his wife Joanne, for whom our daughter is named, for a few days, watch the grass grow, eat lobster, and clean cobwebs from the head. I did so and had a most enjoyable time on the island. On the way, I lunched with co-president Maxine Katz Morse at a waterfront restaurant in Portsmouth, NH, and on the return trip spent a night in Annapolis,MD, with William and Mary Lib Mershon Hoffmann, including a delicious dinner at their new home, joined by our other co-president Tod Knowles, MBA '49, and his delightful wife Marion, who live around the corner in a most attractive retirement community.

George Nichols (Allentown, PA) sent special regards to Tod, which I did not receive in time to deliver in person, and also reports that he and wife Suzanne are pleased that their son lives nearby with two granddaughters and that their daughter has produced true Cornellians: Suzanne is at Cornell Medical College and Drew was a June graduate. George did not indicate his reunion plans, but he'd best come to visit with Tod and the rest of us and also to tell us the last name of his daughter's Cornellians.He may even tell us some sea stories, since his e-mail address is Another noncommittal classmate is Meta Flamberg Cooper, who lives not too far from George, in Willow Grove, PA. These Pennsylvanians don't have that long a trip to Ithaca, so they ought to get with the program! Meta can even discuss medical schooling with George, as her grandson is now interning in Denver; her granddaughter Melinda was a May graduate from Arizona State.Meta planned to attend, but we have no update on that.

From Davis, CA, M.Patricia Moore Williams is happy that her daughter has moved nearby, since husband Bill died in May 2003. Before that, Pat and Bill started two homes for mentally ill adults, with which daughter Kathy now helps. They still conduct weekly singalongs. Pat hopes to attend reunion, as does Doris Klein Lelchook (Newton, MA), who, in May, visited her granddaughter in Seville, Spain, where she is studying as part of the junior year program at George Washington U. Last Thanksgiving, son David Lelchook '78 trekked from San Diego, CA, to be with Doris and her Israeli granddaughter.Doris keeps busy with the League ofWomen Voters and numerous volunteer programs. Binghamtonian Carolyn Hendrickson Cummings also reports being busy in retirement, especially with the Cornell Club of the Southern Tier. She also keeps in touch with their Cornellians, son John Jr. '71, whom she visited in Florida, and daughter Carolyn '78, who came all the way from her home in Kenya to say hello. Richard H. Allen, BS '47 (Cincinnati, OH) is happy with his excellent health, as well as that of his wife.He's recently taken three western downhill skiing trips, the last with two sons in Alta,UT, where they had 36 inches of fresh snow dumped on them, which he considered a blessing, an opinion to which he's entitled but with which some of us might differ. For the last dozen years, he has volunteered helping repair houses for the poor and is also secretary of the Cincinnati Chamber Music Society. Daughter Emily is "chairman" (these days a politically incorrect term) of the chemical and materials engineering departments at San Jose State U. A bit far for reuning is Hamburg, Germany, where Sidney Bludman, despite retiring as a professor emeritus of U. of Pennsylvania, is doing full-time research in theoretical astrophysics and cosmology.He and wife Ellen Schaffer find time to travel all over Europe.-- Prentice Cushing Jr., 713 Fleet Dr.,Virginia Beach,VA 23454; tel., (757) 716-2400; e-mail,

46 | Dr. Newton and Dotty Sells Miller (Floral Park, NY; summer,Westhampton Beach) wrote about their three granddaughters: "Miriam Post '99 is graduating from Jefferson Medical College followed by a residency at Massachusetts General Hospital; Arielle Kurzweil '05 is completing her junior year in a Cornell program in Seville, Spain; and her sister Melissa '07 is completing her freshman year in Human Ecology."What a busy June 2004 you've had, Dotty.

On Aug. 14, Sal and Pat Kinne Paolella are moving to a retirement community in Lakewood, NJ. Guess we encouraged many friends to move or at least clean out their attics and basements. Hope they enjoy the new arrangement as much as we do.We don't even have to leave the apartment for our blood tests; we can sit at the dining room table in our robe--but at 6AM! Muriel Sheerr Kaplan (Palm Beach, FL) wrote, "I'm continuing to do well in my sculpture career. Currently I have an exhibit at the Cornell Museum (no relation to the university) in Delray Beach, and at the Rose Museum in Boca Raton. I would happily make busts of any alumni living in the neighborhood. I've gotten several commissions since completing the bust of President Emeritus Frank Rhodes."Muriel has four children; the youngest is 50 years old.

Elwin and Priscilla Axtell Van Valkenburg (Sydney, NY) took a trip to Alaska in June 2003.Unfortunately, she had to have open-heart surgery for an aortic aneurysm in Feb. 2004.Hope this finds her well on the road to recovery. Gloria Phyllis Clyne (Syracuse, NY), who received her MA from Syracuse, was a job counselor/professor at the Borough of Manhattan Community College of CUNY. She retired in 1992 and returned to Syracuse to live in 1993. Ruth Wood Green reported disturbing news.Her house was broken into while she was enjoying a respite from the frozen north (a four-month southern vacation).Hope you didn't lose too much. In the meantime, Gabrielle Landt Baumgartner (Worcester, PA) wrote,"This is the year the house fell apart and I kept it company. Squirrels invaded the attic and you wouldn't believe how good they are at chewing large chunks of insulation."

I apologize for not getting more of the 26 letters in this calendar year, but I only have room for a limited number of names each issue. I'll try to finish in the next edition. In the meantime, if you need to update, you can send your news to me direct. -- Elinor Baier Kennedy, 9 Reading Dr., Apt. 302,Wernersville, PA 19565.

Sam Miller (3100 Adams Way,Ambler, PA 19002;, long our guiding hand as class president, is gradually relearning to walk after two years in a wheelchair. He was felled by strokes in July 2002 and 2003. He writes, "The Lord has been pretty good to me since then. This is the first letter I have written and I hope you can read it." (Sam's letter is a gem next to some I've deciphered over the years. Also, I'm sure Sam and Pat would love to hear from classmates at the postal or e-mail address above.) Sam thanks Lloyd Slaughter for taking over as class president and Ruth Critchlow Blackman, Elinor Baier Kennedy, and the other class officers for continued devoted service. Sam and Pat "managed to get to Florida for most of last winter." They have attended nearby family celebrations together, such as their eldest granddaughter's high school graduation. But Pat solos to such distant events as their eldest grandson's graduation from the U. ofWashington.However, Sam and Pat recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at their daughter's home in Connecticut with the whole family. They plan to winter in Florida again.

Arthur Samuels, BA '48, MA '49 (New Orleans; reports a new publisher, two new books, and a new wife while still maintaining his psychiatric practice of more than 40 years. ThorsonsElement/Harper Collins UK published his The Art of Saying Goodbye in 2003 and Zen and the Art of Intimacy in 2004. The former shows "how to love yourself through the excruciating pain of losing a loved one." The latter teaches "the art of staying intimate with your spouse or life partner." In 2001 Art married Kari Borg, a well-known Norwegian film actress who had been a confidante of Tennessee Williams. She hosts "Kari's New Orleans," a television series that airs on networks domestically as well as in Europe. Art's Cornell connections are with Marty Myles '48 and Dick Swartz. He'd like to connect again with Mimi Grimes, an honorary class member since the death of her husband Paul, BA '48. Art plans on returning for our 60th Reunion in 2006.

TO PUBLISH YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS, e-mail it to me. Include your name and city and state of residence. Send news to: -- Paul Levine, 31 Chicory Lane, San Carlos, CA 94070; tel., (650) 592-5273; fax, (650) 593-2572; e-mail,; Class website:

47 | 82-year-old J.C. (Joseph) Leeds lives in a high-rise in Fort Lee, NJ, with a view of Manhattan and a 21st-floor terrace garden. He's been in the flower business for close to 50 years, running an East Side Manhattan flower shop for 43 years and still working two days a week as a floral designer. Sawyer Thompson Jr. also has a love of plants. His family (including lots of Cornellians) just dedicated their New Hampshire home as a tree farm.

Serena Ginsberg Hoffman, MA '48, has taken to cruising since her retirement from textbook publishing in 2001.Her travels have taken her through the Tahitian Islands and just recently on a cruise from Rome to Barcelona with traveling companion and classmate Arlene Winard Lungen, who lives in Israel. Elizabeth Brown, MS '53, left her home at Kendal in Ithaca to take a canal trip from Troy,NY, to Whitehall. Donald Sperling traveled from home in Chappaqua, NY, to the Bahamas for fly-rod and bone fishing. Seymour Rock has traveled through Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Thailand.

Class president Pete Schwarz and his wife Elaine (Drobner) spent half the summer in Australia. They report: "We traveled from Rochester to San Francisco to Sydney, where we had the pleasure of attending The Mikado in their spectacular Opera House. From there we flew to Brisbane, where we visited friends for a week, sailing with them on Moreton Bay. Leaving Brisbane for Cairns, we rendezvoused with our granddaughter who was an AFS exchange student at Cairns High School. A highlight was snorkeling at the Barrier Reef with her and listening to the Australian accent she had acquired in just six months.We flew on to Darwin, where we met up with friends from New Zealand who had mapped out an ambitious trip that included cars, trains, planes, and a bit of walking for good measure.We bird-watched in the Kakadu National Park on the Yellow Water at dawn, saw the sunset at Ayers Rock, and took the overnight train from Alice Springs to Adelaide.We toured the wine country and drove the Great Ocean Road, stopping along the way to visit friends and pan for gold at the recreated 1890s mining town of Sovereign Hill at Ballarat.We ended our trip with a day in Melbourne. We stayed in hotels, campsites, friends' homes, and cattle stations.We saw koalas, kangaroos, crocodiles, wallabies, and even a Tasmanian devil."

Other classmates are being creative. Robert Horton, PhD '51, of Bound Brook, NJ, has written an autobiographical novel called As We Look Back.Marjorie Montrose Ault has retired from her work as an artist and is taking classes at the U. of New Mexico. Janet Matez Duncan continues to work as a teaching assistant and teacher in a middle school in Briarcliff Manor, NY. In addition, she plays the clarinet with the Hudson Valley Wind Symphony. Janet's daughter Dorothy is a professional clarinetist, and son James is an emergency room MD and a trumpeter with the Vermont Symphony. Joseph Barclay is also musical, singing with the Sweet Adelines in North Fort Myers, FL. Dick Leonard creates stained glass while his wife Bobbie is a woodcarver in Naples, FL. Jean Kuttler Schreiber paints in Lexington, MA, and Elaine Baker Temkin is doing watercolors in Pawtucket, RI.

Dick Jones sent me a nice note to set the record straight. Some gremlins in a recent column must have mixed up his wife's name (Mary not Mary Ellen) and his hobbies (he skis but doesn't do snowshoeing), and he has ten grandchildren (not six). Apologies also to Joyce McClusky Zweibel, whose name also got confused. (Did we all have these gremlins when we were younger?)

It seems as if no column is complete without an update from Barlow Ware. Congratulations are in order again, as he has been named a Lifetime Honorary Rotary District Governor. In fact, he is the only person in the world to hold this title. Muriel"Mike" Welch Brown's late husband, and friend of the Class of '47, has also been honored. The Richard W. Brown '49 first-floor case study room in the new Hotel school building was dedicated in October.

Lots of our classmates are keeping up their Cornell connections. Jane Johnson McCombs lives in Lehighton, PA, with husband Robert '51 and has a granddaughter who applied to Cornell last spring. Jane, let us know if she landed in Ithaca. Herbert Berman wrote from Madison, NJ, that his granddaughter Cheryl Berman '07 is now at Cornell. Shirley "Sy" Yenoff Kingsly and her husband Sanford have been seeing lots of Cornellians, including President Jeffrey Lehman '77 and his wife Kathy Okun, as well as Glenn '58 and Maddie McAdams Dallas '58 at a CU luncheon. They attended another event for President Frank Rhodes and his wife Rosa in Sarasota, FL, and Sy plays tennis with Edie Newman Weinberger '43. Robert Loeper has 13 grandchildren, one of whom is about to marry a man who has just earned a PhD at Cornell. "I'll finally have another Cornellian in the family,"writes Robert.He and his grandson-in-law-to-be had a nice visit on campus, where Robert was much impressed with the new athletic facilities compared to those he remembers from his days playing soccer and managing the basketball team.

I give many thanks to my daughter Beth Anderson '80, who has been home giving enormous help and wrote this whole column for us.Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season! Send news to --Arlie Williamson Anderson, 238 Dorchester Rd., Rochester, NY 14610; e-mail,

48 | Bob Persons, Port Washington: "Catherine Connolly Griffin and I entered into holy matrimony on June 26. See you all at 60th Reunion." Received photos of Harriet Morel Oxman, Sarasota, FL, rappelling down the wall of a building as part of her training at the Sheriff 's Citizens Law Enforcement Academy, from which she has graduated (three-month program). She departs soon for Mongolia and Siberia via Beijing. Dick Rodgers, Rutland,VT: "My son Richard L. is Class of '78, and his son Richard M. is Class of '08. All three Richard Rodgers will celebrate their reunions together every five years."

Jeanne "Chammy" Chamoulaud Kimmell, Kennett Square, PA: "Behaving to stay alive.How dull! Tried to learn computer. Gardening last fall was impossible with floating, flooding, tornado, and hurricane. Tomorrow is Donation Day--clothes, books, and glassware onward to my kids, and whirlwind of garage sales, thrift shops, local activities, and spoiling grandkids. Son-in-law retired from 20 years in the Navy. Oldest grandchild is 21. How is this possible when you and I know our entire class is only 39? Problem: lack of knowledge of motivation of nations and individuals; religion, greed, bad leadership, apathy, misuse of power, hating differences, and being intolerant of them. Solution: better education and living conditions for all."

John Wheeler,Webster,NY:"Hired as pastoral visitor in July '03 by Downtown United Presbyterian Church, Rochester (part-time job).Visit people in healthcare facilities and at home, and develop websites for nonprofit organizations."Vincent Greci, Olympia Fields, IL: "Professional retired person. Golf, non-fiction reading, talking to my children and helping them ‘ruin' their businesses--whenever they ask! I was general chairman of the 2003 US Open held at Olympia Fields Country Club (outside Chicago). I exercise, play golf, and think what I can do for someone else. Thinking about oneself is not healthy. The US Open conflicted with the 55th Reunion--I'll be at 60th.We're great-grandparents now.Have come to recognize the beauty, innocence, and love that children can instill in our lives."

Julia Marzec Cacavas, Buffalo, NY: "Employment counselor/SSI program coordinator, Comprehensive Employment Division, Erie County Dept. of Social Services. Husband George is deceased. Tomorrow and onward, will embrace each day with the wonder of a child. Prior commitments kept me from the 55th. Daughter Elena is a judge in NYC. Daughter Selene has just completed a book that I am sure will be a bestseller. Son Martin is in the Karate Hall of Fame in Canada and the US. Problem: dissension among nations. Solution: identifying common values; conflict resolution. The spirit never dies; determination gets you everywhere. The meaning of life: release the past and embrace the future."

Roger Amorosi, ME '50, Locust Grove,VA: "Was honored by the ASTM committee on Sports Equipment and Facilities with the William F.Hulse Memorial Award for work enhancing the safety of organized and individual sports. This took place in the great metropolis ofWest Conshohocken, PA." Lynn Ellis, Clearwater, FL: "Received Illuminated Diploma of Honour for outstanding achievements in International Communications from the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England." Vivian Hoffman Miller (a/k/a Vivian Grey),Haverford, PA: "Most recently completed teaching fall semester at U. of Pennsylvania, was chair of ‘one-on-one writer's conference' at Rutgers U., and won a tennis tournament. Elected to New Jersey Literary Hall of Fame. Active in widow/widower support groups and in tennis, hiking, rowing, bridge, and theater. Recently learned advance doubles strategy in tennis and how to play a better bridge hand."

Shelly Joblin, BA '47,MBA '48,New York City,NY: "Residential real estate broker in Manhattan with Stribling & Associates Ltd." Lila Smith Lightfoot,Madison, WI: "Active on boards--music, symphony, opera, theater business, concert hand bells--and volunteer in retirement home."Mary Holland Freeman, Albany, NY: "We were on Rhine River cruise from Basel, Switzerland, to Amsterdam." Gerald Starr, Old Westbury, NY: "Enjoying our Hamptons Beach house and 30-day around-the-world adventure, a three-week tour of India.Was protecting my fig tree from frost as I wrote this. The 55th Reunion was great and I'll be at the 60th."

William Jeffreys, MD '51, Danville, PA: "Neurologist. Don't have time or energy to do what I want to get done.World's problem is lack of love and denial that we are all one community. Solution is to realize the gift we have been given and that we can only repay this debt by service to others and, no matter how much we give, we will always be in debt." Hyla Brodkin Garlen, Summit, NJ: "Retired school psychologist. I wrote a book! Find my name on Google and there it is, Another Time, Another Place. The most pressing problem is the President's chums. Don't know solution. Read my book!" Dr. Joan Rothchild, New York City, NY: "They stopped paying me, so I'm retired. Just finished my fifth book, Engineering Birth, to be published by Indiana University Press. Received my MA '66 and PhD '70 from NYU. Taught political science, technology studies, and women's studies at U. of Massachusetts, Lowell. Love being back in New York City. Affiliated with Graduate Center at CUNY." Bill Gibson, Danville, CA: "Went to oldest grandson's wedding. I didn't get married until I was 26. He waited to 28.What a coward! Had a great time at 55th Reunion.Met many friends in addition to R. Steve Hawley '43, whom I had not seen since '43." -- Robert W. Persons, 102 Reid Ave., Port Washington, NY 11050; tel. and fax, (516) 767-1776.

49 | Someone said: "I've always wanted to be somebody, but I can see now that I should have been more specific." Agreed. Thank you, Mary Heisler Allison, for your wonderful columns!

Here we are again.We are looking at unsorted news and in a panic because we are in the post-op phase of eye surgery.We are taking ten eyedrops a day on a killer schedule. We slosh like the day after a night at Jim's Place. After this position turnover took place at reunion--which Nominations Chair Jerry Alpern, MBA '50, claims was an election--I received a fair-sized envelope of news responses from Ithaca. I did not see the deadline schedule neatly tucked in between everything. Of course I was far too late. One would think that I would understand this position after all these years. Guess not--so this is a quickie.

Paul Gillette (Punta Gorda, FL) became our Class Secretary in our senior year and talked me into writing our first class newsletter with artwork "borrowed" from The Widow. Paul writes about being in Dr.Day's office when he and Bobby Jacobson,MBA '50, were told to "clean up Spring Day Weekend or it goes!" Their response was the Float Parade, outdoor Carnival, fireworks, and visits from the New York Cartoonist Society. Paul remembers watching a "bombed" Terry and the Pirates cartoonist painting a rather sexy "Dragon Lady" on the walls of the Lambda Chi bar. Soon, all the cartoonists joined in and covered the walls with one-time-only murals.

There are two things Paul should know. First, I set up his meeting in Day Hall. Someone else had to share the heat of my weekly meetings with Dr. Day. The Ivy Room was calling! Secondly, years later, I found all the murals had been torn down and were in a junk heap behind Lambda Chi. I asked my son Steve '80 (and now a member) about it.He calmly explained that the "brothers" did not want them any more and they were on their way to the dump. Unable to make anyone understand their value, wife Joan (Noden) '50 and I put them in our wagon and brought them home to Greenwich. After a time in our garage, I took them to Port Chester, NY, to the Cartoonist Hall of Fame. They were gleefully accepted.

Another Spring Day innovation was the Syracuse-to-Ithaca Bike Race of Hotel Ezra Cornell, which was recorded in the New York Times--to the unhappiness of Dean Howard Meek--and, of course, the Apollo contest, which Day Hall did not view as "cleaning up." I must report that Robert "Bucky" Lewis was back on the Hill and could run for Apollo again!

We will get back to the other news when we get organized. Possibly, we will return to "Obtuse Observations." You claim you miss them.Well, some of you! Stay well. Stay happy. Be proud to be a '49er. -- Dick Keegan, 179 N.Maple Ave., Greenwich, CT 06830; tel., (203) 661-8584; e-mail,


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