NOV./DEC. 2004 VOLUME 107 NUMBER 3 Alumni Deaths

'20 BA--Morton P.Woodward of Cincinnati, OH, January 14, 2004; retired executive, Procter & Gamble; active in community and professional affairs. Sigma Pi.

'22 LLB--Barton Baker of Brighton,MI,May 2, 1993; attorney.

'23 BA--Ruby Wheaton Naeter of Inver Grove Heights, MN, October 23, 2003.

'24 BS--Edwin R.Harris of Hamburg, NY, December 13, 2003; worked for Erie County Dept. of Social Services; medical massage therapist. Lambda Chi Alpha.

'26, BS HE '28--Elizabeth Farnum Michael of Wyckoff, NJ, April 9, 2002.

'26, BA '27--Hilma HohrathWoodward of Newtown Square, PA, January 20, 2004; crafts teacher; worked for the Women's Service Guild; active in community affairs.

'27 LLB--Sarah J. Baicker of Arlington, VA, August 1, 1981; attorney.

'27 BCE--Irene Moffat Longwell of Palo Alto, CA, January 17, 2004; worked for Nat'l City Co. and Allied Chemical Corp.; computer programmer, Stanford Research Institute; active in community affairs. Pi Beta Phi.

'28 BS Ag--William O. Lutz of Canandaigua, NY, January 23, 2004.

'29 BA--Julia Mehlman Greenhut of Baltimore,MD, November 30, 2003.

'29, BArch '30--George T. Lacey of Binghamton, NY, January 13, 2004; architect; designed many buildings in Binghamton, NY; veteran; active in civic and community affairs. Kappa Sigma.

'29 BS HE--Lillian Myers Reiner of Delmar, NY, January 30, 2004; retired dietary consultant.

'29 BCE--John A. Steele of Tampa, FL, December 11, 2003; vice president and general mgr.,Macmillan Book Co.; active in community, religious, and alumni affairs. Alpha Sigma Phi.

'30--Capt. George O.Gray of Rochester, NY, June 21, 2003; veteran. Sigma Phi Epsilon.

'31 BME--Henry C. Garretson of Turin, NY, November 14, 2002; engineer.

'31 BCE--Robert W.Hillis of Binghamton, NY, June 10, 2001. Tau Kappa Epsilon.

'31, BA '32--Emerson D.Moran of Palm Beach Gardens, FL, January 18, 2004; columnist, “A Different Drum”; veteran. Phi Kappa Sigma.

'31 BS HE--Elizabeth Cheney Quinn of Annandale,VA, January 1, 1987. Alpha Phi.

'32 BS Ag--Major Gen. William B. Keese of San Antonio, TX, December 19, 2003; veteran. Sigma Nu.

'32 BS Ag--Lt. Col. Lewis M.Nutting of Orange, CA, January 8, 2004; retired, Hawaiian Board of Health; veteran.

'32, BS Arch '33--Lt. Sidney F. Scileppi of New York City, December 6, 2003; civil engineer; veteran; active in religious affairs.

'33 BA--Gasper W.Monteleone of Ithaca, NY, April 14, 2004; physician; active in religious and alumni affairs.

'33 BA--Philip F.Pullen of Winthrop, MA,March 25, 2004; retired chief examiner of liability claims, Liberty Mutual Insurance; veteran; active in civic, community, professional, and religious affairs.

'34 MS--Benjamin S. Pomeroy of St. Paul, MN, January 16, 2004; retired professor of veterinary medicine, U. of Minnesota; poultry disease expert; lobbyist,Minnesota Veterinary Medical Assn.; active in civic and professional affairs.

'34 BS HE--Dorothea Heintz Wallace of Hackettstown, NJ, January 18, 2004; worked for Madison Travel Bureau; edited Pan American Cookbook and Heath Village Cookbook; listed in Who's Who in American Women; active in community and alumni affairs.

'35 BA, MA '38--Robert W.Anderson of Washington, DC, June 17, 1998.

'35--William A. Buescher of Scottsdale, AZ, October 3, 2002; hotelier; veteran. Alpha Sigma Phi.

'35 MD--John Cannon of Williamsburg, VA, January 31, 2004; physician.

'35 BA--Ruth Marcus Coplan of Washington, DC, November 30, 1998. Sigma Delta Tau.

'36--Philip E. Leon of Cleveland, OH,March 18, 2001. Zeta Beta Tau.

'36 MS--Ray W. Lynch of Oklahoma City, OK, October 1, 1999.

'36 BA--Constance Lebair Percy (Mrs. Joseph H. '34) of Rockville,MD,March 24, 2004; public health statistician; worked for the American Cancer Society and Nat'l Cancer Institute; founder, Int'l Assn. of Cancer Registries; active in professional and alumni affairs.

'36, JD '43--Charles Swan of Elmira, NY, November 7, 2003; attorney. Chi Phi.

'36 BS HE--Catherine Bower Voegeli of Indiahoma, OK, April 11, 2002. Husband, Albert H. Voegeli '38.

'37 BME--Thomas R.Heyward of Pittsburgh, PA, December 1, 2003; executive. Delta Phi.

'37 BS Ag, PhD '43--William F.Royce of Seattle,WA, January 26, 2004; fisheries expert; former associate dean, U. ofWashington College of Fisheries; former director,Woods Hole Fisheries Laboratory; author; furniture maker; active in professional affairs. Alpha Zeta.

'37 BA--Mary Bull Shaffner of Durham, NC, January 2, 2004; former executive secretary; poet; active in community affairs. Alpha Omicron Pi.

'37--Nathaleen W. Switzer of Ithaca, NY, January 24, 2004.

'38, BA '39--E.Michael Meyer of New Hartford, NY, and Boynton Beach, FL, August 19, 2003; president/CEO, Utica Merchandise and Paper Co.; active in civic, community, professional, and religious affairs.

'38 BS EE--S.Harry Monson of Coronado, CA, December 11, 2003; owner,Monson Welding Sales; veteran; active in community, professional, and religious affairs. Theta Xi.

'38, BS Ag '39--David N. Russell of Marion, NY, December 31, 2003.

'38 BS Hotel--Gert H.W. Schmidt of Jacksonville, FL, December 26, 2003; television broadcaster; chairman, Nat'l Assn. of Broadcasters; hotelier; founder, Florida Tractor Co.; veteran; active in civic, community, professional, and alumni affairs. Phi Kappa Tau.

'39 BA--Jane Watt Lamberton of Keuka Park, NY, November 22, 2003; active in alumni affairs. Delta Delta Delta.

'39 BS ME--Robert Mann of Pittsburgh, PA, January 22, 2004; part owner,Mann Engineering Co.; active in civic, community, religious, and alumni affairs. Sigma Nu.

'39 BME--Ralph McCarty of Phoenix, AZ, July 21, 2003; retired engineer. Sigma Nu.

'39 MD--Equinn W.Munnell of New York City, January 21, 2004; obstetrician and gynecological surgeon; emeritus professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center; active in community and professional affairs.

'39 BA,MD '43--Frank P. Sainburg of Bakersfield, CA, December 22, 2003; retired physician.

'39 BS Ag--Victor W.Weidman of Springfield, MA, January 30, 2004; worked in marketing,Merriam-Webster Inc.; veteran; recipient, Bronze Star; active in civic, community, and religious affairs.

'39 MA, PhD '54--Charles B.Wheeler of Columbus, OH, January 29, 2004; English professor, Ohio State U.; poet; author, The Design of Poetry; veteran; active in community affairs.

'40 PhD--Lester E.Hanson of St. Paul, MN, February 1, 1985.

'40 MS--L. David Hawley of Clinton, NY,March 1, 1985.

'40 BS ME--The-Chang Koo of Kissimmee, FL, July 9, 1998; mechanical engineer.

'40 BS Ag--Ralph S. Lash of Sarasota, FL, September 12, 2003. Alpha Gamma Rho.

'40--Donald C. Riker of Ithaca, NY, January 30, 2004; retired postman; bus driver, Ithaca City School District; active in community and religious affairs.

'40-41 GR--Reuben O. Schlegelmilch of Springfield,MD, January 22, 2004; engineer; technical director, research & development, US Coast Guard; also worked for IBM; veteran; active in community, professional, and religious affairs.

'42 BA--Margaret Miller Manning of Trumbull, CT, January 2, 2004. Husband, George R.Manning '42.

'42--Carolyn Cotter Minugh (Mrs. Louis) of Carle Place, NY, December 14, 1996.

'42 MD--William T.Mosenthal of Norwich, VT, November 26, 2003; clinical professor of anatomy and surgery, Dartmouth Medical School; surgeon; veteran; originated concept of intensive care in the U.S.; active in community and professional affairs.

'42 MD--Franklin Robinson of Woodbridge, CT, August 9, 2003; physician.

'42 BS Ag--Charles H. Smith of Lakeland, FL, October 16, 2003; accountant; veteran; active in community and religious affairs.

'42 BS Ag, PhD '52--Robert S. Smith of Ithaca, NY, January 25, 2004; professor emeritus, agricultural finance, Cornell U.; chairman emeritus, Tompkins County Trust Co.; active in civic, community, professional, and alumni affairs. Acacia.Wife,Mary (Morgan) '43.

'43 BEE--Charles W.Hooper of Homestead, PA, June 12, 2003; retired engineer and businessman.

'44, BS Ag '48--John S.Grim of Rhinebeck, NY, January 27, 2004; aquatic biologist; owner, Northeastern Biologist Inc.; veteran; active in civic, community, professional, and religious affairs. Alpha Gamma Rho.

'46 BA--Marilyn Mayer Devine of Malverne, NY, January 21, 2004; high school teacher; active in religious affairs. Kappa Delta.

'46, BS Ag '47--Lewis H. Lichtman of Tampa, FL, October 27, 2003; sales manager.

'47 DVM--Cecil D. Cooper of Lemoore, VA, December 14, 2003; veterinarian. Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

'47 LLB--Lawrence E. Lagarenne of Monticello, NY, January 17, 2004; attorney.

'47 BS Nurs--Martha Merrill Tawse of Sun City Center, FL, January 14, 2004; registered nurse; active in community, professional, and religious affairs. Husband, Robert W. Tawse, MD '46.

'47, BS Ag '49,DVM '53--Erwin B.Winokur of White Plains, NY, November 1, 2003; veterinarian. Phi Sigma Delta.

'48-49 GR--Mary Flanagan Coffin of Tucson, AZ, October 14, 2003. Husband, John F. Coffin III '50.

'48--Robert E. Latham of Naples, FL, October 10, 2003. Beta Theta Pi.

'48 BS Ag, MFS HE '49--George Reingold of Fayetteville, NY, January 17, 2004; bacteriologist, Continental Can Co.; veteran; active in community, professional, and alumni affairs. Tau Epsilon Phi.

'48 BME--S. Robert Simonds of Atherton, CA, February 3, 2004; retired engineer. Chi Psi.

'48, BME '49--Stephen L. Trilling of Chappaqua, NY, January 17, 2004; vice president of manufacturing, Identification Product Corp.

'48 LLB--Frank Vetro of Slingerlands, NY, October 19, 2002; attorney.

'49 BS HE--Elaine Rosenfeld Cines of Columbus, NJ, February 2, 2004; active in alumni affairs.

'49 JD--Ivan E.Hayes of Albany, NY, October 27, 2003; attorney.

'49 BS Ag--Walter G.Hillis of Delhi, NY, December 21, 2003; pastor, Plymouth Congregational Church. Cayuga Lodge.

'49 BS ILR--Ruth Singer Kobrin (Mrs. Raphael G. '50) of Ojai, CA, October 3, 2000.

'49 BS HE--Helen Sorhus Mack of Port Charlotte, FL, July 2, 2003.

'49 BA--Samuel A.Minier of Elmira, NY, February 23, 2002; partner,Minier Brothers. Tau Kappa Epsilon.

'49 BS ILR, JD '52--Jack Sheinkman of New York City, January 29, 2004; former president, Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union; attorney; veteran; chairman, Americans for Democratic Action; active in civic, community, professional, and alumni affairs.Watermargin.

'49--William L.Whitney of Verona, NY, February 14, 2004; blacksmith; veteran; recipient,Medal of Valor.

'50 BA--Joan Gleason Barry of San Francisco, CA, April 17, 2004.

'50 BS ORIE--Robert R. Eck of Stephenville, TX, February 4, 2004; retired engineer.

'50 BS Ag, MS Ag '56--Zlata Demerec Hartman of Baltimore,MD, September 3, 2003; retired biological research assistant, Johns Hopkins U.

'50 BS Ag--Wybe Kroontje of Blacksburg,VA, January 20, 2004; professor emeritus of soils,Virginia Tech U.; founder,Warm Hearth Retirement Community; served with the Dutch Resistance; active in civic, community, and professional affairs.

'50 BA--W.Yale Marshall of St. Paul, MN, December 12, 2003; musical director,Minnesota Singers Theatre; first general manager, Center Opera; composer; author of Singing Fluent American Vowels and a three-volume rhyming dictionary; active in community, professional, and religious affairs.Theta Xi.

'50 BS Ag--George F.McCormick of Alden, NY, January 12, 2004; retired high school agriculture teacher and coach; veteran.

'50 PhD--S.William Pelletier of Athens, GA, February 21, 2004; emeritus director, Institute for Natural Products Research, U. of Georgia; art collector; active in professional affairs.

'50 BEE--Herbert J.Winegar of Doylestown, PA, October 29, 2003; retired assistant general counsel, AT&T Bell Labs; attorney; veteran; active in community and professional affairs.

'51 PhD--Anacleto G.Apodaca of Reston, VA, November 9, 2001.

'51 BA--Carmen F.Arcuri of Utica, NY, February 8, 2004; general mgr., Utica Transit Authority; asst. director,Mohawk Valley Economic Development; deputy director, Utica Anti-Poverty Program; veteran; active in civic, community, professional, and religious affairs. Alpha Phi Delta.

'51-52 GR--Janet Goldrich Kohn of Washington, DC, January 19, 2004.

'51 MS--Charles A. Lewis of Albuquerque, NM, December 19, 2003; horticulturalist; proponent of therapeutic gardens; worked for Morton Arboretum; director of Sterling Forest Gardens; veteran; author; active in community and professional affairs.

'51 MD--Robert J.McKenna of Corona Del Mar, CA, January 13, 2004; surgical oncologist; president, American Cancer Society; veteran; taught at the U. of Southern California; author; active in community and professional affairs.

'51 BA, MD '54--Robert E. Shope of Galveston, TX, January 19, 2004; expert on viruses; professor of microbiology and immunology, U. of Texas Medical Branch; built the World Reference Center for Emerging Viruses and Arboviruses; emeritus professor, Dept. of Epidemiology and Public Health, Yale U.; author; active in community and professional affairs. Chi Psi.

'52--Augustus T. Evans of Shuqualak, MS, January 9, 2004. Beta Theta Pi.

'52 BA--Rosemary Hearn Karplus of Emeryville, CA, January 6, 2004; educator. Husband, Curtis M. Karplus '52.

'52 BA--David Kleitman of Los Altos Hills, CA, February 24, 2004; vice president for R&D, Signetics; radio and TV personality. Alpha Phi Omega.

'52 BS HE--Doris Albertson Lawrence of Westbrook, CT, January 5, 2004; retired nurse; active in community affairs.

'52 BA--Jeanne Fletcher Nugent of Litchfield, CT, February 9, 2003.

'52 BA--Malcolm W. Pennington of New York City, September 28, 2003; instrumental in bringing Kikkoman soy sauce to America; chairman, board of directors, José Limon Dance Foundation; veteran; author; theatrical producer; owner, Grand Prix racing team; active in civic, community, and professional affairs. Tau Kappa Epsilon.

'52 BS Chem E--Charles A. Spiller of Liverpool, TX, November 6, 2003; engineer. Phi Kappa Sigma.

'53--George W. Jaeger of Naperville, IL, November 19, 2003. Phi Delta Theta.

'53, BS Ch E '54--Sachiyuki Masumoto of Hilo, HI, December 31, 2002; active in alumni affairs.

'54 BS Hotel--Robert S.McCarthy of Millwood, NY, November 30, 2003; hotelier.

'54 PhD--Mathias H.J.Weiden of Chapel Hill, NC, February 28, 2004; research scientist in insecticide chemistry; gardener.Wife,Marie (Foley), GR '53-55.

'54--Bernard S. Zubkoff of Chevy Chase, MD, June 1, 1976.

'55 BS Ag--Dennis J.Murphy of Phayao, Thailand, formerly of Middletown, RI, November 11, 2003; former State Director of Natural Resources; retired high school teacher; former farmer; veteran; active in civic and community affairs.

'56 BME--Robert G.Nagler of Annandale, VA, February 4, 2004; engineer; worked on national defense for System Planning Corp.; worked for Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Viking, Voyager,Mariner, and other space exploration programs; active in community and professional affairs. Delta Tau Delta.Wife, Carolyn (Haring) '58.

'56-58 GR--James L.Woods of Kensington,MD, February 7, 2004; former First Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense for African Affairs; int'l business consultant; veteran; negotiated peace in Angola and Namibia; active in civic and professional affairs.

'57 BS Hotel--Capt. D. Steven Kuntz of Lillian, AL, January 24, 2004; veteran. Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

'57 PhD--Charles E. Lenz of Omaha, NE,May 9, 2003; engineer; worked for General Electric, Rockwell International, and Union Pacific Systems; taught at U. of Hawaii, U. of Nebraska, and U. of California; author; art collector; active in professional affairs.

'57 PhD--Keith F. Schertz of Bryan, TX, January 9, 2002; professor, Dept. of Soil and Crop Sciences, Texas A&M.

'58 PhD--Richard J. Day of Lakeland, FL, September 3, 2002; research specialist,Monsanto.

'58 BA--Harry W. Lutrin of Oakland, CA, December 28, 2003; ob/gyn; director, Public Health Service for Africa; active in community and professional affairs.

'58--Frederick G.Mugler of Driggs, ID, February 10, 2003. Lambda Chi Alpha.

'58, BA '59--Nancy Johnson Stevens of North Andover, MA, January 11, 2004; taught English and English as a Second Language; choral singer; active in community affairs. Husband, Robert D. Stevens, PhD '59.

'58, BS Nurs '59--Mary Savage Webber of Tucson, AZ, formerly of Ithaca, NY, February 26, 2004; former director, Center for Religion, Ethics & Social Policy at Cornell; social activist; anti-racism educator; manager, Civano Homestay; registered nurse; active in civic, community, and alumni affairs. Delta Gamma. Husband,William B.Webber '54, MD '60.

'59 MS--Juan B. Santa Maria of Rodriguez, Rizal, Philippines, June 1, 2003; engineering consultant.

'60 BS Hotel--Jay P. Okun of Englishtown, NJ, January 22, 2004; owner, Highway 34 Investment Co.; active in community, professional, and alumni affairs.

'60 MA--Henry D. Shapiro of York, PA, January 21, 2004; professor emeritus,U. of Cincinnati; expert on Appalachian history and culture; chair, Cleveland Arts Prize literature committee; author; active in community affairs.

'61 DVM--George B. Salzmann of Sunbury, PA, December 23, 2003; veterinarian; partner, Sunbury Animal Hospital. Alpha Psi.

'62 JD--Stephen F.Owen of Bethesda, MD, February 27, 2004; attorney; also worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission; active in professional affairs.

'62 LLB--Leon S.Wilson of West Caldwell, NJ, June 24, 2001; attorney.

'64--Patricia Ey Mayhew (Mrs. Ronald F. '61, DVM '63) of Stockton, CA, January 13, 2004.

'66 MS Ag--Grace E. Palmer of Philadelphia, PA,November 12, 2003; education director, Briar Bush Nature Center; science teacher, Springside School; director of education, Philadelphia Academy of Nat'l Sciences; active in community, professional, and religious affairs.

'68 BA--Sarah Betsy Fuller of Brooktondale, NY, April 21, 2004; lead attorney for the case which established right of Native Americans to practice their religion in NY state prisons; active in improving prisoner treatment; faculty member, Cornell U. Law School; attorney, Prisoners Legal Svcs. of New York; director, Syracuse U. public interest law clinic; Fulbright Scholar, Technical U. of El Salvador; part of a Six Nations delegation at a UN inquiry into the status of Native Americans; worked in the civil rights division, US Dept. of Justice; staff attorney for Navajo and Hopi nations; active in the sanctuary movement; author; active in civic, community, professional, and religious affairs.

'68, BS Ag '69--Jonathan H. Smith of Watertown, NY, February 12, 2004; medical transcriptionist.Watermargin.

'69 MD--Robert G. Donovan of Harwich, MA, November 16, 1999; physician.Wife, Susan (Kenney) '68.

'70 JD--Roger F. Stolte of Rochester, NY, June 14, 2002; attorney.

'70 MS Ag--Hans-Joachim Wiehler of New York City,March 17, 2003; botanist; active in religious affairs.

'71, BA '74--William S. Owen of Madison, WI, February 27, 2004; theatrical designer,Madison Opera; active in community and professional affairs.

'71 MS--Richard W.Wepfer of Clinton,MO, August 18, 2003; Presbyterian pastor; active in religious affairs.

'72 MPA--Jerry M.Westling of Winfield, PA, January 14, 2004; president and CEO, Albright Care Services.

'73 PhD--Robert W. Johnson of Uniondale, NY, September 28, 2002; professor, Hofstra U.

'74 BS Ag,MAT '76--Harry J. Ryan of Gansevoort, NY, February 18, 2004; BOCES teacher; veteran; active in community affairs.

'75 BS HE--Susan Gunlogson Holcomb of Syracuse, NY, January 30, 2004; asst. director of services, Onondaga Co. Dept. of Mental Health; active in religious affairs.

'77 PhD--Stephen J. Galluzzo of Bloomington, IN,May 3, 2001; food scientist.

'78 BS Hotel--Kenneth A.Mogil of Pleasantville, NY, December 28, 2003; partner,Mogil Organization; active in alumni affairs.

'78 BA--Kimberly K. Paterson-Lang of Wallingford, PA, February 23, 2004; physician; medical director, Conneaut Valley Health Center; taught at Temple U. School of Medicine; medical missionary; active in community, professional, and religious affairs.

'80, BA '82--Timothy H. Ling of El Segundo, CA, January 28, 2004; president & COO, Unocal Corp.; former partner,McKinsey and Co.; research geologist; active in civic, community, and professional affairs.

'85 DVM--Susan Overmeyer of Poughkeepsie, NY, February 6, 2004; accountant; veterinarian. Alpha Psi.

'87 ME--Samuel R. Paniccia of Clinton, NY, October 10, 2002; engineer.

'87 BEE--Paul A.Rosenthal of Harrison, NY, February 4, 2004; CIO, Royce Hosiery Mills; active in community affairs. Chi Phi.

'92 BS Ag--Leslie G. Bluman of Jamesville, NY, formerly of Boston, MA, July 10, 2003; clinical research coordinator, Dana Farver Cancer Institute. Alpha Phi.

'95 BA--Capt. Richard J. Gannon II of Escondido, CA, April 17, 2004; captain, U.S.Marine Corps; company commander, 3rd Battalion, 7th Regiment; killed in action in Iraq.

'00 MBA--Stephen T. Case of Brooklyn, NY, February 21, 2004; architect; senior editor, architecture at Rizzoli Publications; founded two multimedia and interactive learning companies; co-founder, Duuplex website design services; Fulbright scholar who studied Eero Saarinen's work.

'05 MBA--Tiffany Quininqueka Burns of West Point, NY, January 11, 2004; MBA candidate, Cornell U.; captain, U.S. Army;West Point graduate; active in community and professional affairs.

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