JUL./AUG. 2005 VOLUME 108 NUMBER 1 Class Notes

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70 | Susan Hymes Pross (Tampa, FL; is an associate professor at the U. of South Florida College of Medicine. Her husband Ron is a dentist in private practice. Their son Adam (American U.) is married and living in Pennsylvania; daughter Rachel (Barnard) is married and living in Tennessee; and son Seth is a student at the U. of Pennsylvania. Sue says no Cornellians yet, but there are still graduate school possibilities! Sue recently had a wonderful mini-reunion with Sue Linden Friedlander, Laura Wachsman, and Ida Ellen Schwab. After more than 20 years in Texas, Diana Christopulos is enjoying more seasons and topography in southwestern Virginia. Since 1987, she has had her own consulting business. This followed stints as a college history professor in the 1970s and an executive at the American Heart Association (AHA) national headquarters in the 1980s. Diana lives in Salem,VA, and enjoys family and friends all over the country. She is pecking away at the Appalachian Trail.

Art Litowitz ( and his wife Kit Kimble (U. of Michigan '71) live in New Smyrna Beach, FL, where they are renovating and building an addition onto their home. Art works in a group orthodontics practice in Central Florida and is a part-time adjunct professor of clinical orthodontics at the new graduate school of orthodontics at Jacksonville U. Art is also studying to earn an MBA online at Nova Southeastern U. Their daughter Alaia is in high school and came to reunion for her first visit to Cornell. Art comes from an extensive Cornellian family.His father Robert '40 is retired and enjoys travel, family, theater, investing, and exercise; his brother Budd '71 lives in Plantation, FL, and is in commercial real estate; and his sister Susan '75 lives in Sudbury, MA. Art corresponds with Steven Meyerson, who is medical director of Baptist Hospital in Miami, FL.

Jeff '69 and Ellen Chasen Garrod ( reside in Fairfield, NJ. Their daughter Danielle '02 has completed her second year at Cornell Law School. Both her older brothers, Justin and Seth, are attorneys, so all the children are following in their father's footsteps. Elaine and Jeff are the proud grandparents of Jason Henry Garrod, who was born on May 29, 2003. A future Cornellian, perhaps?

In 2003, John Ashford (Redwood City, CA; moved from Kentucky back California to join the Stanford/V.A. Alzheimer Center. John works at the V.A. as a psychiatrist and is developing a test for screening for Alzheimer's disease (see John says he was only at Cornell from 1966-67, but remembers the gang from the fourth floor of U-Hall 5, the ATO fraternity, and the swim team. Dan and Jill Jayson Ladd '73 are now empty-nesters. David '02, who wants to do comedy, received an MS in TV production from Boston U. Karen '04 graduated from the Ag college in biological sciences and is now at the U. of Miami working on her PhD in animal behavior, specifically manatees. Michael '07 is going into his third year and will continue acting this fall. And Sarah graduated from high school and will be entering her second year at Penn State. Dan works for EDS on the e-Travel contract for government agencies. Jill continues with Capital Women's Care providing ob/gyn services to Montgomery County,Maryland. Dan and Jill live in Bethesda, MD; his e-mail address is

Jack and Nancy Bilson now live in Salisbury, NC. He says that a decision to downsize from 13 rooms and three floors to eight rooms and one floor was done to provide more time for golf and other pleasurable activities. A lot of landscaping was involved, as they moved 500 of their 1,000 plants to their new home! Bob and Diane Marsilius Nicholls (Arlington, MA; enjoyed a reunion with Lani Bishko Durkac and Cindy Johnson O'Malley on Martha's Vineyard in the fall of 2003. She says it is wonderful to be with old friends and talk as though no time has passed. Their son Peter graduated from the U. of Vermont in 2004.He is now doing graduate work at Boston U., where he was awarded the Presidential Fellowship in mathematics. Their son William is at the U. of Montana and loves the West. Last year the boys had summer jobs painting houses on Cape Cod and spent time with their grandparents as well.

After three years in Afghanistan in the Peace Corps, 24 years with Caltex Oil, and five years of consulting, Toby Marion ( and his wife Eileen have set up a business for importing California and Oregon wines to Hong Kong and China. Golden Gate Wine Co. Ltd. is growing and they're having fun (they think!). At the Wines of the Pacific Rim Festival at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in January 2005, they won the Chairman's Cup for Top Red, the Top Pinot Noir (Sanford, from "Sideways"), plus three more gold and 22 other medals. Congratulations! Both their children have graduated from Stanford, son Guy in '02 and daughter Louisa in '04. Guy is working on a PhD in marine geochemistry at the U. of Queensland and the Australian National U. in Australia, and Louisa works for the Inst. for the Study and Development of Legal Systems in San Francisco. Toby and Eileen are permanent residents of Hong Kong, where they've been for nine years. They regularly see Martin Tang and other alums, especially Hotelies. Early this year they saw Jeff Serfass '67, ME '71, who is working on hydrogen energy.

A full report on our fantastic 35th Reunion will appear in the next issue!-- Connie Ferris Meyer, 16 James Thomas Rd.,Malvern, PA 19355; e-mail,

71 | SAVE THE DATE! Mark your calendars for "Home Away from Homecoming" on September 24 in New Haven. This will be a celebration planned around the Cornell/Yale football game. This event was conceived of and planned by the Class of '71 for the entire Cornell community as a way of bringing Cornell to its alumni. "Home Away from Homecoming" will be sponsored by the Class of '71 and the Cornell Alumni Federation in cooperation with East Coast Cornell clubs and other Cornell classes. In addition to the football game, the gathering will include pre-game and post-game tent receptions with Cornell entertainment. Attendance by special guests may add to the festivities—President Jeffrey Lehman '77 has graciously accepted our invitation to attend! Plans call for transportation at specified times to and from the New Haven train station, and directions will be available to those traveling by car. "Home Away from Homecoming" will be an excellent way to reconnect with Cornell friends and create some great memories in a one-day mini-reunion. Save the date and look for more information in future mailings.

Speaking of mini-reunions, on February 19 about 20 classmates got together in the Washington, DC, area. Classmates who attended included Larry Bachorik, Elisabeth Kaplan Boas and Art Spitzer, Kevin Bromberg, Bill Chadwick, Jay and Ann Lichtenstein Cherlow, Mark Ellyne, Ron Freudenheim, Cynthia Friedman Tidwell, Ann McCarthy Glickman, Mark Goldman, Sandy Huffman, Phyllis Norrie Gross, MBA '79, Bob and Nina Gordon Schwartz, Sally Clark Shumaker, Donna Vlasak, and Kathy Menton Flaxman. This gathering was organized by Kathy, Sally, and Elisabeth as a way to bring classmates together—some folks had not seen one another since graduating almost 35 years ago!

On to news from our classmates. Beth Shapiro Stroul will be honored at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association in August with the "Distinguished Contribution to Child Advocacy Award." She has worked for more than 20 years in the field of children's mental health policy, including serving on President Clinton's Task Force on Health Care Reform and as a consultant to the Subcommittee on Children and Families of President Bush's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health. In addition, she is widely published in the field. Beth resides in Reston, VA, and may be reached at

Charles Staadecker writes from Seattle, where he runs a small real estate company that specializes in bringing new retail and office tenants to the Pacific Northwest. He raised his family on Vashon Island, a small (10,000 people) commuter island just west of downtown Seattle. It is very rural in a region with an explosive population base. Charlie commuted by ferry to his office for 12 years.When youngest child Ben '08 joined oldest child Tess '07 at Cornell, Charlie and his wife moved to a condo in downtown Seattle. His commute is now a six-minute walk to work. Since both children are at the Hotel school, Charlie travels to Ithaca three to four times a year. "Simply put, Cornell amazes me.May you all catch some trade winds and come for a Seattle visit." Charlie may be reached at

Fred Peterson ( and wife Anne recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Fred is president of the Kiawah Island Community Association, a civic organization for 4,000 property owners in Kiawah Island, SC. He recently saw Joel Williams in Saratoga Springs, NY. Kathy Zimmerman Schwartz and husband Robert live in Fairfax Station, VA. They are the parents of two sons, ages 26 and 24. Robert Taylor ( is happy that his four children have all graduated from college and are gainfully employed. He is retired and has moved back to Maine. Jill Rosenfeld ( has two children, ages 12 and 15. She works as a teacher of the visually impaired in Rockland County, NY. Robert Zweben ( attended a Rolling Stones concert with Alan Glickman. Robert enjoys racing Ferraris and attending car events and recently purchased a home in South Beach for the winter. Daryl '07, his youngest daughter, attends the Hotel school.

Tim Harris, JD '74, writes from L.A. that he recently sold his business, TIMCOR, but is staying on as a consultant to promote the growth of the company. Tim and his wife Lani have four terrific children and three grandchildren. They are pleased to report that Brianna '07 plans to do a joint major in History and Spanish, is a member of Kappa Delta sorority, and plays intramural soccer and flag football. Aron graduated from Pepperdine U. with a BS in management. Aron and his wife Stephanie are the parents of three girls, Abby, Paige, and Eve. He works in the business with Tim, focusing on corporate real estate development. Daughter Elizabeth graduated from UC San Diego and has also accepted a job at TIMCOR. Son Sam recently completed his junior year in high school, is a great soccer player, and received top honors in physics from his school. Tim serves on the board of directors of the Temple of Manhattan Beach and on the board for the Boy Scouts. Contact Tim at

If you are reading this column and thinking that we always write about the same small group of classmates, you may be right. But you can do something to change that! Send us an e-mail to update us on news about yourself. Tell us about your work (or retirement), travel, interests, family—we'll write about you! We look forward to hearing from you all.-- Linda Germaine-Miller,; and Matt Silverman,

72 | Neil Comins writes: "My first book, What if the Moon Didn't Exist (1993: HarperCollins) is the theme of the Mitsubishi pavilion at Expo 2005, Aichi, Japan. I've now published eight books, with two more under contract.My publisher tells me that my Discovering the Universe and Discovering the Essential Universe are now the most widely used introductory college astronomy texts in the world." From Larry Kenswil: "After 30-odd years, I'm finally checking in. I'm living in Los Angeles, where I've been since 1980, working in the music business for over 20 years. I am president of eLabs, a division of the Universal Music Group, the largest record company in the world, where I am responsible for new methods of music distribution, such as downloading,mobile applications, and other things that have been a bit newsworthy recently. Of note lately, I testified before the US House Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, where I spoke on copyright reform.My wife Ann Holler and I have been married for 23 years.We have sons Jake, 18, and Sam, 15. I'd love to hear from any long-lost Cornell friends."

Richard Neubauer of Anchorage, AK, expects to travel extensively in the next few years as a member of the Board of Regents of the American College of Physicians. Rich,my predecessor as managing editor of the Sun, plans to attend a Sun reunion in Ithaca on June 11. "This breaks my record of having never attended a reunion of any kind, ever. I'm looking forward to it," he writes.

Shelley Taylor has three Cornell daughters who attended three different colleges. Daughter Carolyn Swerdloff '05 is slated to graduate from the Arts college this year, following Joan '00 (AAP) and Laura '03 (Ag college). Laura had the unique experience of taking a class one year with older sister Joan and another year with younger sister Carolyn. "After nine years of many Cornell visits," Shelley and husband David Swerdloff are preparing for gorge withdrawal. Craig Yunker is in a similar position, with daughter Katherine scheduled to graduate this year from the Ag college, following in the footsteps of older siblings Cyrus '01 and Christian '02. Craig says he is enjoying his experience as a Cornell trustee, and is thrilled to be back on campus on a fairly regular basis. He recently received a letter from Thomas Kelsey, MBA '77, who is stationed in Zagreb, Croatia, as a senior commercial officer with the US Commercial Service. Charles Hardy and Janice (Vigliano), Suffern, NY, have son Richard '08, who is a freshman in the Ag college and a Saturday night DJ for WVBR.

Barbara Montague Lord has spent the past four and a half years in Maui, building a dream home for her family. Husband Pete '70 invents and develops implantable medical devices, their son continues to create successful software companies, and their daughter was planning to be married this spring. Stephen Knauss, ME '73, Tampa, FL, has a new job as a senior geotechnical/materials engineer. Michael Halbert, Valley Stream, NY, retired in 2002 after serving as a senior food inspector for the NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets. Donna Muffoletto Campbell,Winchester, MA, is heavily involved in local cultural organizations. Her daughter Katie is completing her freshman year at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, and son Brian is a freshman in high school.

Stan Fish, DVM '75, and wife Sari became proud grandparents of Menucha Chana Fish on January 2, 2005, and of Jacob Martin Fish on January 3, 2005. "Both grandchildren received their Cornell outfits, including socks and bibs, while still in the hospital." The Fish small fry tempt us to dip our toes into aquatic humor, but we won't take the bait. Stan, a veterinarian, recently attended the Westminster Dog Show and lunched in the Cornell Vet college skybox with Maxine Roeper Cohen and Jonathan May, DVM '80. -- Gary L. Rubin,; Alex Barna,

73 | Greetings and a sincere note of appreciation to fellow class correspondent Danielle Lombardo Trostorff for providing the following two paragraphs of class news.

Marcia Clark Arem (Merion Station, PA; is a pediatrician, and her husband is a tax attorney. They have daughter Hannah '06, a junior at Cornell majoring in anthropology. She is spending her second semester in Argentina. Older son Nathaniel is employed with Deloitte and Touche in Philadelphia, and younger son Jake, a tenth grader, was a Pennsylvania state champion in geography in eighth and ninth grade. Thomas Quinn (West Chester, PA; will have his first novel, The Lion of St.Mark, published this summer. It is historical fiction set in Venice during the Renaissance. David Bachman (Mt. Pleasant, SC; was recently appointed director of the Division of Adult Neurology at the Medical U. of South Carolina. He is also serving as chair of the section of behavioral neurology in the American Academy of Neurology.His wife Marjorie Rath '73 is a board member of the South Carolina Center for Birds of Prey. They have sons Daniel, a sophomore at USC, and Mark, a senior in high school.

Karen Ball,MS '75 (Columbus, OH; is a project manager with PMI certification. Ann Prezyna (Seattle,WA; was recently promoted to acting regional counsel, EPA Region 10. Her life history in one chapter: "Ann of Lake Union" was recently published in Staying Afloat: Life Aboard Houseboats, Barges, and Liveaboards by Jeri Callahan. She also just purchased 103 acres along the San Pedro River in Palominas, AZ, from the Nature Conservancy. She and husband Gordon Lewis visited Peter Willing, PhD '78 and wife Jan in Bellingham,WA.

Thank you to Delta Phi Epsilon sorority sister Melanie Rodin Polk (Rockville, MD; for responding to my challenge in the Nov/Dec 2004 issue by sending me her news.Melanie is the director of nutrition education at the American Inst. for Cancer Research in Washington, DC. She does quite a bit of public speaking and media interviews around the country, mostly on diet and cancer risk.Her daughter just graduated from Indiana U.Melanie recently took a vacation trip to Tuscany and Umbria.My challenge remains out to sorority sisters Abby, Amy, Debbie, Ellen, and Vicki to contact me with their news.

Congratulations to Susan Arones (Santa Fe, NM;, who writes that after living in Manhattan for 30 years, she finally decided to make a radical move to the Southwest and to change careers as well. Formerly a business development director at MasterCard and JP Morgan/Chase, she is now in a graduate program to become a psychoanalyst, specializing in creative expression. It took me more than five years to adjust as a result of my move to the Midwest after 11 years in Manhattan (some would say I never adjusted!), and I wish her all the best in her new calling and surroundings. Denise Meridith (Phoenix, AZ) reports that since retiring from the Dept. of the Interior, she has been CEO of Denise Meridith Consultants, a public and community relations firm, and the Leadership Consortium, a nonprofit that helps organizations recruit, support, and retain leaders of color. She is also a columnist for the Phoenix Business Journal.

Jean Buist Earle (Chatham, NJ; and husband Terry '72, MPS '74, have children Morgan, 14, and Abbey, 10.Morgan was born with a brain injury and is doing very well after three major neurological operations. Jean was on "Good Morning America" for her pioneering medical roles and has done a lot of special needs healthcare advocacy work. She is director of financial administration for ECLC of New Jersey, and Terry is director of community relations for Sunrise Assisted Living. Jean mentions that at periodic reunions of the Earle family, you can count a total of 23 Cornell degrees. Friend Sheila Kojm, MILR '75 (Bedford,MA; is a pre-kindergarten teacher at Arlington Children's Center in Arlington,MA, where she keeps in shape chasing after 4- and 5-year-olds on a daily basis. Husband Louis Stuhl, PhD '78, is now president of ChemMotif Inc. Son Benjamin Stuhl '05 plans to pursue his PhD in physics next fall at the U. of Colorado, Boulder.

My husband Gerry Greenberg continues as head of the mergers and acquisitions group at his downtown Cincinnati law firm, which is good because both our children plan to be in school forever! As I write this column in mid-April, we are finalizing plans for attending son David's graduation from Cornell on May 29, where we will rendezvous with the above-named friends Sheila Kojm and Louis Stuhl, who also will be celebrating the graduation of son Benjamin. In my column last year, I reported that we had triumphed in the Super 8 Motel graduation lottery; now I also happily report that after pressing my telephone's redial button for two hours straight on a designated Sunday morning in January, we obtained a dinner reservation for Saturday of graduation weekend at The Heights Cafe & Grill. Of course, that was not confirmed until David appeared there in person to fork over $20 cash for each person in our party on a certain prescribed weekday in February during a prescribed two-hour time period. Seriously, folks, I am not making this up! David, a history and government double major, plans to attend law school (where could he possibly have gotten that idea?).

Daughter Allison, a junior molecular biology major at Princeton U., returned from her fall semester abroad at King's College in London with a much more relaxed attitude toward the stress of a science major at Princeton (as well as a British boyfriend!), and will be staying at Princeton this summer to do research for her senior thesis. Unfortunately, that means that her cat will continue to wake me in the middle of the night all summer as well as during the school year! Since her research fellowship last summer at an allergy and immunology lab, Allison has decided she wants to pursue a combined MD/PhD, preceded by a year or two of lab work. Early retirement is now definitely off the radar screen.-- Pamela S.Meyers,; Phyllis Haight Grummon, or

74 | "Who's got me beat in our class for having their first child so late?" asks Gary Canter from Portland, ME; he started at 48. Gary and Annegret Baier, a German- born percussionist, performer, and music educator, are parents to Johanna, 4-1/2, and Noah, 2-1/2. Gary adds, "I celebrated the ten-year anniversary of my college/career consulting business," College Placement Services, and says he stays in touch with old roommates Jess Wittenberg, Tom Mueller, MS '76, and David Janower, as well as old Main Line buddy David "Batboy" Moriah '72.

More '74s are going out on their own. Kathy Bernhard of Port Washington, NY, left Arrow Electronics after nine and a half years to launch a consulting practice, KFB Leadership Solutions, focused on executive and leadership development and talent management. After 25 years with DuPont in corporate management and marketing, Sami Khan, ME '76, of Greenville, DE, now has his own company that manages companies for private equity firms. Conversely, Sandra Smith, MS '80, in Plainsboro, NJ, writes, "I celebrated my 25th anniversary at Bristol-Myers Squibb. I'm enjoying a new project in oncology clinical research—a new drug for chronic myelogenous leukemia." She adds, "Our 13-year-old son Mike just started piano lessons last summer and gave a holiday recital.My husband Keith Doney and I are very proud of him." From Yardley, PA, Sven Strnad writes, "When the agricultural products research facility for which I work was closed by its new German owners, I transitioned from being a terrestrial ecotoxicologist to a fifth grade general ed teacher.While many of the corporate perks are gone,my life has much more meaning now."

Lila Miller Dum, DVM '77, of New York City received the 2004 Hills Animal Welfare and Humane Ethics Award from the American Animal Hospital Assn. (AAHA). She's editor of the textbook Shelter Medicine for Veterinarians and Staff (2004) and teaches an Issues and Opportunities in Shelter Medicine course at Cornell's Vet college. Dena Goodman of Ann Arbor, MI, was elected president of the Western Society for French History. Roberta Frank Palestine of Potomac,MD, has a dermatology and plastic surgery practice in Bethesda and Germantown. "Our age (53 plus or minus) is the most common for these procedures," she says. Daughter Sandra, 23, lives in Calgary, while son Mark, 20, is finishing junior year at the U. of Colorado. Author, author: Ron Pies of Lexington, MA, recently wrote a short story collection, Zimmerman's Tefillin, and a poetry collection, Creeping Thyme. In San Francisco, Mark Schwartz writes that his third joke book, The Joke's On Us, is due out from C.C.Marimba in Berkeley. James Grossman of Chicago, VP of research for the Newberry Library, was co-editor and project director of the recently published The Encyclopedia of Chicago (U. of Chicago Press) with more than 1,400 entries detailing Chicago's past. The American Library Assn.'s Booklist said the 1,104-page tome will be "the definitive historical reference source on Chicago for years to come."

Some of us refuse to act our age. "I'm still playing rugby after 28 years (ouch!),"writes Ray Kase, whose older son Patrick is a freshman at Pitt, while younger son Andrew played junior high school football and basketball and tried high school rugby. "I play ice hockey in what is supposed to be a non-checking league," says Marlane Juran of Morgantown,WV, who reports she took a cheap shot hit,"went ballistic," drew double minor penalties, then afterward asked a teammate "about the other fellow's name so I could apologize and he [teammate] said, ‘Oh, he's an older man . . . in his 50s.'""Our daughter Carlie's a freshman at the U. of Michigan.When do we play them in hockey?" asks Larry Kleinman of Westport, CT. Cornell has a home-and-home (2004, 2005) series with Michigan State, but Cornell coach Mike Schafer '86 has said he'd only play at a school such as Michigan if the opponent reciprocates, while Michigan coach Red Berenson has implied he can't afford to play at smaller-arena schools and Lynah Rink has 2,800 fewer seats than Michigan. "I had a year off skiing after tearing a quad in a league soccer game,"writes Rodger Engebrethson, ME '75, who's approaching 30 years with Shell Oil, managing engineering groups at three refineries. "It's fun to do, quite a challenge, and keeps me engaged in using skills Cornell prepared me well for," he says. Roger adds that former 211 Eddy St. roommates Rick Litman and Gary Rathbun discovered they now live near each other in St. Paul. "We spent Thanksgiving holidays 2004 in Salt Lake City skiing at Alta and Snowbird," says Eliott Miller of Hewlett Harbor, NY. "Best skiing in 20 years."

Steven Piekarec of Vienna,VA, manager of office automation, networking, and electronic communications for the AFL-CIO, has a busy Cornell life outside work: board member of the Cornell Club of Washington, programming committee member, player on a Cornell softball team (13-1 in 2004), and Cornell rep to the Ivy Singles Social Club. He traveled to Antarctica in 2003, then Spain and Portugal in 2004. Here's one charity keeping up with the cost of tuition: the Financial Women's Assn. of San Francisco, whose president is Shelly Porges, MPS '77, doubled its membership in the past year, and has raised more than $800,000 for women's scholarships. She's planning a move to Washington, DC, this summer; "I'm looking forward to meeting D.C.-based Cornell alums." Cary Frumess, New York City, continues his private psychotherapy practice in Greenwich Village for individuals, couples, and groups; wife Leslie Kushner, PhD, continues as director of research in urology at Long Island Jewish Hospital; daughter Jeannine was one of 125 finalists for the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts (NFAA) awards.

Paul and Elizabeth Williams Spector '73 in Chardon, OH, report that children Katherine (Yale '99) and Scott (Wesleyan '04) are, respectively, global head of energy strategy, JP Morgan and sixth grade teacher in New York City public schools. "Alas!" lament Ruth (Seligson) and David Epstein '73, in listing family news on the class news form.We're not sure if it's a comment on the lack of Cornell legacies or the cost of putting them all through schools: "Alex, Duke '02; Elizabeth, Stanford '04; Katherine, Princeton '08;Marianne, Dartmouth '08." Henry and Jean Dunlap Webb, PhD '78, write, "We continue to enjoy retirement from the US Dept. of State since 2000. As a former diplomatic family, we still enjoy travel, especially in the US and Caribbean.We moved to Fleming Island, FL, from Wisconsin, but still maintain our home on the lake as a summer house.We're active in the Cornell Club of Greater Jacksonville."

Irene OvittWerner of Fayetteville, NY, says she has now spent 23 years as an ED (emergency department) physician at the same upstate New York hospital. "I'm interested in cutting back on professional (paid) activities and getting into medical volunteer work."Husband Fred "Bud" '72, ME '75, is a bioengineer at SUNY Upstate Medical U. in orthopedic research. Irene reports that Ann Maples Yonker received a library science degree and is working in her field in a Kansas City, KS, school. Ann is married to Steve '73, ME '74, and they have four sons.

Dues (thank you), no news, came in from Pamela Lipkin, Linda London Barron, Anne M. Pincus, Mark Trevithick, and Nancy Newcomer Vick. Please e-mail news to any of us; we'll pass it along to whoever writes the next column. This issue's report comes mostly from the class news form that accompanies the yearly dues mailing; by summer that pipeline is dry.-- Bill Howard,, Betsy Moore,; Steve Raye,

75 | By the time this column appears, we'll have already celebrated our 30th Reunion! A full Reunion Report will appear in the Sept/Oct issue of this magazine. News that has traveled the farthest comes from Phil Ionta, who is still working in Saudi Arabia for Aramco. He remarks that expatriates are no longer able to go on desert camping trips and have to be incredibly vigilant in planning trips to the local markets and stores. He traveled to the US while looking at colleges with his son, and met up with Mike Markovic, who is a semi-retired telecom VP in Washington, DC. Phil also saw Doug Murken, who practices law in San Francisco, and Steve Allen, who lives in Tacoma,WA. He also spoke with John Kubota, who has an engineering practice in Boulder, CO, and Susan Lindstrom Newman, MBA '76, who lives in Silver Creek, NY.

I received notes from our classmates in the South. Dorothy Alderman St. Clare resides in Asheville, NC, where she recently came out of semi-retirement. She obtained her sales and broker's licenses in real estate and is selling for Century 21. Dorothy also participates in a ministry for hospice. She notes that her personnel management skills from the ILR school continue to serve her well. Also in North Carolina is Beth Michaels Gaffer, who lives in Raleigh. She, too, is in real estate, which she really enjoys. She encourages classmates who are moving to Raleigh to give her a call. Patricia Hicks Solomon lives in Augusta, GA. She earned the Woman of the Year award in 2003 from the American Business Women's Association. Congratulations! Sandra Sheradin Schempp lives in Athens, GA. Her son Adam graduated from Yale and is now at the U. of Virginia Law School. Younger brother Peter attends Georgia Tech. Sandra continues her education, having just completed an Educational Specialist degree. Her recent professional endeavors include service as a naturalist for the Princess Cruise Line in Alaska, giving lectures on flora and fauna.

Traveling up the eastern seaboard, we run into Glenn Berger, who resides in Washington, DC.His oldest son, Aaron, was accepted to the Arts college, Class of 2009, and becomes a fourth-generation Cornellian. Great news! Moving northward, we hear from William Haner, ME '76, State College, PA. Bill retired from the Army in 2000, then earned his MBA from Penn State.He works in the finance dept. at Minitab.His wife Janet works in the Int'l Programs office at Penn State. In New Jersey, just one town over from me, is Fran Melton-Levine, who lives in Short Hills. She is a tax manager for an investment firm, but she and husband Marc '74, DVM '78, and daughter Amanda are heavily involved in training seeing-eye dogs. They are now raising their third dog.Wonderful work!

Crossing the Hudson River, we have quite a bit of news from New York. Neal Haber continues as an attorney, specializing in employment law.He has also served on the Croton-Harmon board of education.His wife Suzanne (Heller) was the principal of their synagogue's religious school, but now works at the Mount Pleasant Public Library. Their son Alex '08 is in Arts and Sciences, and younger son Greg just completed his freshman year of high school. Debra James, JD '78, lives in NYC, where she was recently re-elected to a second ten-year term on the NYC Civil Court. She has also been a justice by designation assigned to the NYS Supreme Court (civil term). RobertWalder, JD '78, lives in Pelham, NY, where he reports that oldest son Jonathan '06 is completing his junior year at the ILR school. He recently met up with U-Hall 5 mate Bob Killian, MBA '77, after a 27-year absence. Mary Tuthill Schwartz is in Brewster, NY. Her older son just graduated from Brown, and her younger son just completed his freshman year there. Jeffrey Huth has returned to the US after six years in England and Germany with his firm. He has settled down in Hopewell Junction, NY. His older daughter completed her sophomore year at Muhlenberg College, and the younger one is in the midst of college applications. Julie Ann Racino is president and principal of her homebased business, Community and Policy Studies. She has published widely in the field.

Up in the New England area, we hear from Michael Foster, JD '78.He lives in Westport with his wife Liz (Carter) '76. They just celebrated her 59th birthday and among the guests were Don Polakoff and wife Karen (Klein) '76, Irv Zatz, ME '76, and wife Janet (Share) '76, and Ilene Sherwin Cooper '76 with husband Mitch. William Crowell has a three-and-a-half-acre home/horse farm in Harwich, MA, where he has been in a solo law practice for 27 years. His daughter now works for JPMorgan/Chase, having graduated from Duke. His son is soon to graduate from Villanova, and he and his wife Dru still have a fourth grader at home.

Mary Keefe Valladares lives in Harvard, MA, where she has a private psychotherapy practice in Nashua and Acton. She and husband Julio '73, ME '74, have two children, Amelia, who is completing the ninth grade, and Jason, who is in third grade. Sheila Bonde was recently named the Royce Family Professor of Teaching Excellence at Brown U., where she has taught since 1984. She holds an NEH Collaborative Fellowship, and resides in Providence, RI. Nadine Salley, MS '79, writes from Tilton, NH. She and husband George and family recently returned from a two-week visit to Turkey. She was thrilled by the wonderful culture and rich history of that country, not to mention the delicious food and friendly people. She was able to visit the hometown of her grandfather. AnnWilliamson Cohen lives in Nashua, NH, and proudly notes that her daughter will be graduating from Cornell. She, like many of our classmates whose children have attended Cornell, has enjoyed seeing campus life through another set of eyes.

Traveling to the Midwest, we hear from Mary Alice Curry Bankert, who lives in Birmingham, MI. Her daughter Elizabeth '03 now works for UBS Bank in Stamford, CT, as a compliance officer. Younger daughter Kathryn is in Princeton, NJ, with Rosetta Marketing Group.Mary Alice is now the major gifts director/planned giving director for Hospice of Michigan. She is in her 24th year of interviewing applicants to Cornell. Elyse Byron writes from Willowbrook, IL, that her 9-year-old son Ryan is into basketball, soccer, and baseball. She herself is in her 26th year of business selling new medical technology and has managed to earn a high red belt in Tae Kwon Do. Tom Fisher has been recognized as one of ten Minnesotans changing the world in Minnesota Monthly. Congrats! He has published several books on architecture, including Salmela Architecture and Lake/Flato Architects. He has two daughters, one who attends the U. ofWashington, studying architecture.His younger daughter is in ninth grade in St. Paul. He recently connected with Mark Strauss, Marc Levoy '76, MS '78, Al Syphers, BArch '76, and Jon Ross, BArch '76.

From the Lone Star State comes a lone piece of news—from classmate Walt Borges of Austin. After 24 years in journalism, he returned to school as a graduate student in political science at the U. of Texas, Dallas. His Monday class day begins just after he has traveled 200 miles from home, having dropped his oldest daughter off at school! The UTD faculty includes Ted Harpham, PhD '80, and he recently spoke with Eric Lichtblau '87 at the New York Times.

Rex Griswold lives in Mesa, AZ, with his wife Mary Ellen. They have just celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary! Rex is still on the city council. He encourages Cornellians to visit his restaurant, Anzio Landing Italian Restaurant. Chuck Gruye,MBA '77, lives in Lafayette, CA, where he is chairman and chief investment officer of a money management group. Chase Hensel lives in Fairbanks, AK. He is consulting, having been a psychology professor for two years (he notes he never took a psych course!) and was promoted to associate professor, never having had a tenure-track position. His wife Phyllis Morrow, PhD '87, is dean of the Liberal Arts college at the U. of Fairbanks. He sees Vicki Rieder and her newly adopted daughter Tanya.

It is so wonderful to hear from so many of you.We enjoy celebrating your proud moments, both professionally and personally, so keep writing!-- Karen DeMarco Boroff,; Joan Pease,; Mitch Frank,; and Deb Gellman,

76 | Thanks to all of you who responded to my e-mail plea. I received an amazing amount of news. So much, in fact, that I will be able to pass it along to the next correspondent. Ellen Rieser was the first person to respond and she wrote that her news never got into the magazine, including her escape from the Financial District on 9/11. She took her sixth grade son Anson for his first visit to Cornell last summer. Aside from being deeply impressed with the "super cool nanotechnology" and space science programs, he enjoyed playing the hour-change on the chimes and skipping rocks along the waterfall pools in Cascadilla Gorge at sunset. Other highlights were fresh strawberry ice cream at the Dairy Bar and an experimental apple tasting from the Plant Science building's famous apple vending machine. Nice to know that the same stuff she liked as an undergrad is still "boffo" over 30 years later!

In 1976, Deb Mainville Eldredge, DVM '80, was in the Ag college and Animal Science, then got her Vet degree in 1980. She has two books coming out this year, both co-authored. One is The Everything Guide to Dog Health with Kim Thorton and the other is Cancer and Your Pet with Margaret Bonham. Barry Schoenfeld has opened his own marketing consulting firm, based in Los Angeles, working on strategic planning and business development for ad agencies.

As our class turned 50 (most of us) last year, Craig Holm, MBA '78, celebrated the year by purchasing a 1970 GTO. His freshman roommate, Rob Simon, has offered him three times the purchase price, but Craig is holding out. After graduating, Philip Corey Rubin worked for prestigious architectural firms based in Chicago. Since 1985, Philip has enjoyed his own architectural design practice, Corey Design Studio, which originated in Dallas, and is now based in San Francisco.He is trying to expand his business to Palm Springs, where he plans to "retire" eventually in a few years with his domestic partner of 12 years, Cliff White. They have been flying back and forth between San Francisco and Palm Springs every four to six weeks. Philip's portfolio includes many custom residences as well as renovated vintage residences. Once in a while, he gets to enjoy a light commercial or office project such as a prototype showroom for Bill Blass, fabric showroom for House and Home, and the West End Cabaret. He has been very active in the deaf community, co-founding and serving as a board member in many organizations such as Chicago Theater for the Deaf, Cultural Society of the Deaf, Deaf Action Center, Deaf Gay and Lesbian Center, and others. He is an avid traveler and plans a China trip. He is interested in meeting deaf Chinese people and learning more about how they live culturally, socially, and professionally.

A mini-Cornell reunion was held at the bar mitzvah of Neal and Ann Rosovsky Beaton's son Andrew in April. Along with Ann was her son Eric '04 and his girlfriend Rachel Shaw '04, Dale Brodsky Bernstein and husband Gary '75, Jeryl Dansky Kershner, and Rachel Simon. Merys Cohen Mechlin and husband Michael '75 weren't able to attend. Also invited were Nancy Wolfert Kirshenbaum and husband Steve '73. Rachel's parents Tony, ME '77, and Marilyn Tebor Shaw graduated from our class, although they didn't know each other at Cornell. Ann's second son, Greg, opted for Duke over Cornell, where he was a freshman this year. Chris McGrath retired from the Navy after 21 years, spent seven years in the private sector, and now has decided to go back to school to work on a doctorate in organizational psychology. In addition to working on his studies, he will be performing research at the Naval Medical Research Lab this summer in Pensacola, FL.

A professional artist living in Boston, Anne Silber has a solo show of her work at the Carney Gallery at Regis College. In addition, her work is in numerous museum and corporate collections around the US and has been seen on the sets of dozens of feature films and TV series. Linda Disselkamp is married to an ABC News cameraman and they will celebrate their 20th anniversary with a Mediterranean cruise. They have lived in Vienna,VA, for 15 years. She practiced law for ten years, but gave it up to spend more time with her kids. Linda has been a legal editor for legal publisher BNA for 12 years. They have twin boys, who spent time on school break doing college tours with Linda while her husband stayed home with their 7-year-old daughter. The boys are not interested in Cornell, but their daughter is and wants to be a vet. Linda's current job is flexible and allows her to telecommute—even when she has medical problems such as arthroscopic surgery on her knees. Isn't getting old fun? Also, it has allowed her to participate in kids' school activities.

Hoping to attend our 30th Reunion next year, Brian Boland sent some information. In May 2002, he relocated his career again—from Manhattan to Charlotte, NC.He serves as VP and assistant general counsel to Wachovia Corp. and to the Treasury Services Risk Management Group of Wachovia Bank NA.When Brian isn't working he's traveling or keeping busy. He maintains residences in Charlotte,Middletown, NJ, and Ireland. The lady in his life lives in Westchester. His third passport is filled with travels to South America, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean. He is blessed with good health and feels like graduating from Cornell was a recent event. Larry Ben wrote that his son Andy will be attending Cornell (A&S) this fall with the Class of 2009.

Bruce Piasecki, PhD '81, said it's been a long time since he replied to our column. His daughter asked him why Cornell is such a special place and "why did you and Mommy go there?" She is 8. After finishing his PhD, Bruce started the American Hazard Control Group. As he was growing the company, he received and then shed tenure, first at Clarkson U., and then as the director of RPI's Master of Science program in environmental management. Bruce Reisch is still working at Cornell's Geneva Agricultural Experiment Station, researching grapevine breeding and genetics. He has some formal teaching responsibilities this year and enjoyed getting back to the classroom. His wife Kim (Stone) '84 and their three children (one going to college in September) are all doing well. -- Lisa Diamant,; Karen Krinsky Sussman,; Pat Relf Hanavan,

77 | The news forms I've been reading are starting to show a trend to reporting on leisure activities and thoughts of retirement. For example, John Molinda mentions it several times. But the closest he's getting to a regular game of golf is watching his oldest daughter, Jenny, 15, play. After Jenny tore her second ACL playing soccer, she switched to golf, and after only three months she became a better golfer than he is after 30 years. John and his wife Gail's younger daughter, Jackie, 13, plays soccer and basketball on a nationally ranked team, requiring lots of travel. In fact, on the way back to his home in Pittsburgh from a trip to the Northeast regional soccer tournament in Rhode Island, John dropped in on classmate Stu Soffer in Branford, CT. Stu treated the Molindas to a barbecue and a dip in the Long Island Sound. Just after John left, their roommate Ken Koenig, ME '78, and his family arrived from Saratoga, CA.

John did try to retire, though. After growing his company, Strategic Energy, to be the most profitable non-regulated (that is, competitive) retail electricity supplier in North America, he cashed in his equity and decided to "retire"—or at least switch careers. Inspired by the enormously fun career of classmate Bill Nye, John thought he would enjoy teaching high school physics. But some colleagues instead talked him into making another run at building an energy company. So plans for teaching have been put on hold.

Stephen Fitzmaurice of Amherst, NY, reports that his golf game actually got a little better this year. But it doesn't sound as if he's planning to retire soon. Stephen was recently promoted to COO at One HSBC Center in downtown Buffalo, and was named chairman of the Waterfront Action Group at the Buffalo Niagara Partnership. Aside from the Bills' record and the lack of a hockey season, Stephen says things are good in Western New York. His wife Nancy has a new job as Human Resource Director at North American Carbide. Daughter Nina, 16, is starting to get serious about college, and son Steve, 12, never sits still. Stephen sees Kevin Townsell '78 from time to time. Kevin runs the Festival Grounds at the Pier and is reopening his very popular Shannon Pub in a new location.

John Longstreet is enjoying himself at ClubCorp and had a superb golf outing (there's golf again!) at the Firestone Country Club with classmate Mark Woodworth, MPS '78, and fellow Cornellian Keith Barr '92. Both of John and his wife Brenda's children are at Cornell. Liz '08 just finished her freshman year in the Hotel school, and John III '07 finished his sophomore year. Both are working at the Statler. Last summer, Brenda and John had a mini-reunion at classmate Kevin O'Donnell's terrific Old Tavern at Grafton. Also there were Greg Norkus, MS '87, and his wife Kate and MarkWoodworth, MPS '78, and his wife Mary Kay. Brenda and John then spent a few days in Ithaca with John '74, MBA '76, and Elaine Mead Alexander at their home on Cayuga Lake.While there, the Longstreets became the proud owners of a lake house just south of the Ithaca Yacht Club.With both kids at Cornell, Brenda and John take every opportunity to go stay in their home on the lake.

Bill Nye was mentioned almost as frequently as golf in this latest batch of news forms. David Laks mentioned that he had a great dinner with Bill in Seattle, where Bill kept him in stitches all night.While in D.C., David also had dinner with some other classmates—Kathy Burchard Stack, Marcia Cohen Lidman, and Howard Fox. Furthering his link with Cornell, David reports that his oldest daughter is in the Ag college. Ross Stefano, MBA '78, is another classmate with major ties to Cornell. Ross and his wife Janet got married in 1977 in Anabel Taylor Hall, and both of their sons graduated from Cornell—Nick in '02 and Chris in '04. They also have daughter Mari, who just finished her freshman year at the U. of Rochester. On the business front, Ross sold his company TicketsLive Corp., a ticketing software company, to in 2000. He then invested in Brady Systems, which sells and services weighing and food systems, and is now president of the company. Ross and Janet live in Manlius, NY.

Eileen Harrsch Campbell has moved into the "not so big house" phase of life and has moved into a vintage cottage in downtown Lake Forest, IL. She is near some great bike trails and can walk to Lake Michigan every night. Eileen is still in real estate, but now also volunteers at the local Open Lands, which is a land preserve. She teaches outdoor nature classes to kindergarteners and first graders. Eileen also spent much of last summer traveling in the western US, hiking and canoeing. Robert Paliotti has been a professional photographer for almost ten years. His interest in photography was inspired by an around-the-world journey that lasted 15 months and included 20 countries. He also spent one year in Vietnam and had two solo exhibitions of his work displayed in Hanoi. One of his photographs was featured on the cover of a Vietnamese magazine. Asia is Robert's favorite area of interest and he now resides in Bangkok, Thailand. Robert says, "When visiting another country I try to immerse myself in the local culture and discover the things that are important to the people that live there daily. By interpreting what I find interesting and unique and blending in a local perspective, I believe I capture images that are genuine and often timeless. It is interesting to note that the very customs and events that on the surface seem to make us very different are in fact the thread that binds our human spirit together."You can view his photos at I recommend visiting the website; there are some amazing shots.

As you can see, classmates are doing things that some of us just dream of.Whether it's taking time to give back to the community, travel the world, or improve our golf score, it all causes me to think about possibilities. Please send me or Howie news about the things that are important in your life.--Lorrie Panzer Rudin, lorrie_b_rudin@fanniemae. com; or Howie Eisman,

78 | Cindy Fuller, PhD '92, makes her home in Seattle,WA. She is teaching nutrition at Seattle Central Community College and has also taught at North Seattle Community College. Cindy is doing some freelance writing and editing assignments as well. She, Julian Vrieslander, PhD '81, and the two cats are comfortable and enjoy the culture of the area. They have season tickets to the symphony and are members of the art museum. Cindy and Julian have traveled throughout the Northwest, with stops at the Olympic Peninsula,Victoria, BC, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Baker. They spend the Christmas holidays in Florida. John DePolo has joined RTI Int'l, the nation's third largest independent research and development organization, as director of recruitment services.He is responsible for leading its recruitment team and guiding strategic planning aimed at expanding its workforce. He has more than 25 years experience in the human resources field.

David Bilmes and his son Elie, currently a high school junior, spent time at Cornell last summer. David took a Shakespeare class with Bruce Leavitt, and Elie spent three weeks in the high school student program. He lived on West Campus and took a Government course taught by Isaac Kramnick. They are looking forward to returning to Cornell's Adult University (CAU) on campus again this year. Sarah Beran Steinberg, ME '79, and husband Robert (Rockville, MD) have lots of education news to report. Their son Aaron is at Yeshiva U., where he was the junior class president and an English major. Daughter Lauren will be attending Cornell in the Engineering college. Sarah graduated from the U. of Pennsylvania with a PhD in higher education management. She is an associate dean at Johns Hopkins U., and Bob is the director of benefits at Aspen Systems Corp.

There were several other classmates who took advantage of the offerings of CAU on the Cornell campus last summer. David and Janice Levine took a course on Islamic Law. Laurie Letvak, MD '82, took The Wine Class, and her companion Barry Shoot attended Too Close To Call: Eight Great American Presidential Elections. Barbara George Lewis participated in The Eclectic Ethnic: A Culinary Workshop. CAU on campus is a popular program. Other participants included Joan Passiatore Popolo, who took a course called Designing, Building, and Selling the American Home, and Debra Hyman Rathauser, who took Sculpture Studio: Interpreting the Human Figure. Vivian Tom Bennette also took the sculpture class with Cliffith Bennette. Marie Sciortino Venezia, a former fellow Mary Donlon resident took up fly-fishing. How many fish have you caught,Marie?

Patricia Stone Ortenberg (Menlo Park, CA; and her husband Charles '77 have two children, David, who attends Cornell, and Richard, 14. Patricia has a business called Stone-Quarre and deals with medical claims management. She keeps in touch with many friends and is going to Napa for a girls' break with Renee Brown Holt '77. Lori Rothman (Glenview, IL; works for Kraft Foods as a research principal. She is married to Mark Knickelbein. Randy Strongin Weiss lives in Centerport, NY, with her husband Cory and three daughters, ages 10, 14 and 16. Holly Rosenthal Bernstein ( and her husband Howard live in Blauvelt, NY, with their children Bradley, 14, and Joelle, 11. Holly has recently developed, patented, and launched a new natural sleep product that can be taken anytime, even in the middle of the night. Look for or ask for it in drugstores.

Laura Day Ayers, MBA '86 ( and her husband David '80 live in Chester, NJ. Their daughter Kathleen is in high school and very involved with soccer and golf, along with a variety of other school activities. She will attend the summer college at Cornell this year. Laura has been volunteering with CAAAN for several years. She reports that the high school seniors she meets are "truly amazing—intelligent, creative, talented, and athletic." She's glad she's not the one applying to Cornell today! Laura traveled to Boston last year and had dinner with Kathy Morris Duggan. She also saw Nancy Brass '80 and Nancy Twombly '80 on the same trip. Nancy Kilmer DuBois ( lives in Plano, TX, with husband David. Their son Chris graduated from Boston U. in film production and is currently working for 20th Century Fox TV on an upcoming series, "The Inside." Their daughter Elizabeth is a marketing major at Texas Christian U. and is a member of the Delta Gamma sorority. Daughter Julie is dancing with the Orlando Ballet. Nancy works part time at a local dance studio. She handles all the costuming needs as well as costuming needs for Texas Christian.

Robert Trisciuzzi ( lives in Brooklyn with his children Liana, 16, and Edmund, 13. Robert's wife Patricia succumbed to cancer three years ago. He is a VP of structured trade finance at Anz Investment Bank and involved with the dynamic trade and investment ties developing between Brazil and Chile with China and Southeast Asia. Fraj Lazreg ( lives in New City, NY, with wife Donna. They have two children. Chad has a master's degree in education, and Sonia is studying in Argentina and will graduate from NYU in 2006. Fraj's money management business is growing and will expand to states other than New York, Georgia, and Michigan. He reports that classmate Moncef Braham manages a textile operation in Tunisia. Gloria Fusillo ( still runs her own company in metro New York producing video for internal corporate communications, as well as an occasional segment for broadcast news. Gloria went on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon with her 14-year-old son James. She highly recommends it as a break from the everyday mother/teenager communication dynamic of "nag and grant." The most gratifying moment of the trip came when James commented, "Mom, every day is like a postcard."

Mike Bernard became disenchanted and stopped teaching after four years. He is now working for the Air Force Research Laboratory as a senior systems research analyst. Gail Nickse ( has been married for ten years to Fred Griffeth. They are both professional vocalists and they perform in one of Boston's premier dance bands, Blue Heaven. Gail has been in the financial services industry as a financial writer. She is now a certified financial planner and would like to have her own practice offering financial planning services for lifetime wealth management.

Please send your latest updates to me so I can include them in future columns. -- Pepi F. Leids,

79 | The big news, that most of you have probably heard but merits repeating, is that our class president, Jeff Berg, ME '80, MBA '81, has been elected to the Cornell University Board of Trustees! Congratulations, Jeff! We know from experience that you will do an excellent job on behalf of all individuals who make up the Cornell community.

I (Cindy Ahlgren Shea) spent a wonderful afternoon in New York City in April catching up with Kappa Kappa Gamma sister Caryn Cosentini '78 ( Caryn is a senior VP at Bank of America and serves as a private client advisor to high net worth individuals. She married Joseph Maida several years ago, and is the stepmother to three wonderful individuals,Michael, 27, Emily, 22, and Liz, 22. They live in Stamford, CT, as does Caryn's sister, Cathy Cosentini Bonczek '81. Cathy and husband John have children Peter, 3-1/2, and Jamie, 2. Cathy is the Director of Development at the Stamford Museum.

Madeline Licker Feingold ( is living in Berkeley, CA. She and her husband Bruce have daughter Aron, 18, and son Gabriel, 14. Dennis Conway ( is living in Rutherford, NJ, where he teaches audio and video production and mass media courses at Kean U. in Union, NJ. Dennis is also the moderator of Kean's chapter of the National Broadcasting Society. In April 2005 he served as the moderator and as a panelist at the Broadcast Education Association convention for a panel entitled, "Should reality shows be taught in a college writing curriculum?"Dean finishes his note by stating, "And no, I don't have the answer!" Judy Fisdell-Lempel ( is a teacher at the Temple Israel Center in White Plains. She and husband Steven live in Scarsdale with their children Howie, 17, and Robin, 14. Daniel Mansoor,MBA '80 ( is the president of Goodworks Group, a nonprofit/philanthropy organization based in NYC.He and his wife Joyce Rothschild '80 have children Jesse, 7, and Emma, 2.

Anna Cognetto ( married her partner Charity Gray in a civil ceremony in New Paltz, NY, on March 20, 2004. They have been a couple for 14 years. Anna's youngest daughter, Jesica, has been in Costa Rica working with farmers to improve their irrigation and community development. Anna has been selected twice to be included in Who's Who in American Teachers. She is the coordinator of the Disaster Mental Health Services for the Dutchess County Chapter of the American Red Cross. Marita Doyle ( retired from the Visiting Nurses Service of New York City, where she served as the Patient Services Manager.Marita writes that after 30 years with VNS she is enjoying retirement but still misses the daily contact with co-workers. Chris Cochran ( of Argyle, NY, recently got together with Mark Bauer, Rob Mealey '77, and their families at Rob's Lake Bomoseen,VT, home. Chris writes that Mark has plans to open a gourmet caramel popcorn stand in the greater Buffalo area this summer.

Jim Gould ( and his wife Kathy are living in Farmington, CT. Their daughter Courtney is a sophomore at Tulane U., and their daughter Caroline '08 is a freshman at Cornell and in the Navy ROTC. Son Jimmy is doing well as a sophomore at Farmington High School. In October 2004, Jim graduated from Columbia U. with an MPH. He is still the Farmington High School debate coach. Susan Stein Klubock ( and husband Steve are living in Chappaqua, NY, with their daughters Emily '08, 18, and Lisa, 16. Emily is a freshman at Cornell and is a third-generation Cornellian. Susan is an accounting manager with Gaston & Associates Inc. in Mt. Kisco, NY. She also volunteers as the treasurer for the Willowbrook Swim Club and does interviews for Cornell.

Judy Krell Freedman ( and her husband Marc are living in Cherry Hill, NJ, and have children Amy, 19, and David, 15. Amy is a freshman at Penn State and David is a sophomore in high school. Judy is the Group Director of Public Affairs for the Campbell Soup Co. and volunteers as a board member of the Girl Scouts of Camden County. Seth Agata, JD '82 ( and his wife Gail live in Kinderhook, NY. Seth serves as legal counsel to the Committee on Codes of the NYS Assembly, and Gail works for an Assembly legislative commission. Their son Adam is 15 and a starter on his high school tennis team. Seth enjoys cross-county skiing and collecting stamps and coins in his spare time.

Judith Goldberg-Berman, MD '87 ( is chief of her division of endocrinology at Greenwich Hospital. Her husband Michael is a real estate developer and works for Brookfield Properties in NYC. Judy has published articles in the field of obesity. Judy and Michael have children Allison, 12, Julia, 10, and Rachel, 6, who all attend the Soloman Schechter School in White Plains, NY. Jane Kornfeld Bessin ( is deeply involved with fundraising as the Director of Development for Stanford U.Her husband Bob left his high tech executive position to become a high school science teacher. They have two children, Julie, 16, and David, 13. Julie is very active in basketball and theatre, and David enjoys roller hockey and baseball.

Please don't forget to e-mail us at so that we can all keep in touch. Also, you can write to us directly.-- Cynthia Ahlgren Shea,; Kathy Zappia Gould,; and Cindy Williams,


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