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CAA travel program
  • Over winter break, my girlfriends and I got together for a Mexican feast. But when it came to ordering, it was almost comical. Two of us (including me) are dairy free, two are gluten free, and one is a vegetarian who eats fish if she thinks she needs protein. So five out of seven of […]

  • I like Cornell. I mean, I really like Cornell. When I see campus tour groups, I want to shout at them all to come here (though I refrain, because that would probably scare them away). My friends back home have called me out for constantly talking about Cornell; my sister has heard so much about […]

  • Elaine Koretsky ’53 & Laurie Hart ’86

  • Jane Bessin ’79 & Amanda Telford ’91

  • Paul O’Shaughnessy ’79 & Joe Desena ’90

  • During their junior year of college, many people reach a milestone: they turn twenty-one. And in college, being twenty-one is different from being twenty—because you can drink legally. This is my junior year at Ithaca College, and most of my friends have already turned twenty-one. But my birthday isn’t until April. And while not being […]

  • A student’s take on winter break

  • CAM intern Jennifer Pierre ’13 reflects on the swim test

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