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CAA travel program
  • The Law School’s clinics give students hands-on experience—and help needy clients navigate a legal system where justice isn’t necessarily for all

  • Lauded for mentoring up-and-coming social scientists, Tom Gilovich does revelatory research on the psychology of our everyday world

  • Alum pens a novel set during his senior spring, when the Vietnam conflict roiled campus

  • Veteran banker Vik Dewan ’76 is the unlikely leader of America’s oldest zoo

  • Researchers use online networks to study human behavior at a once-unimaginable scale

  • Former undercover cop Christian Saffran applies his investigative skills toward earning an MD-PhD

  • Science advocate and TV star Bill Nye ’77 wants to stop climate change, restore respect for scientific literacy—and watch Big Red baseball games online.

  • Alums’ documentary revisits the 1969 Straight takeover.

  • After chronicling the New York subway’s microbial makeup, researchers take their project worldwide.

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