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July / August 2010
Legacies 2010
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Friday, 10 July 2009

The 3,748 undergraduate students who entered the University in fall 2009 included 530 who are known to be the children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren of alumni. The information for the following lists was compiled from data provided by the descendants of alumni during the admissions process. Additions and corrections to the lists are welcome. Please send revisions to: Cornell Alumni Magazine, 401 East State St., Suite 301, Ithaca, NY 14850; fax, (607) 272-8532; or e-mail, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Descendants of Cornellians in the upcoming freshman class (entering in fall 2010) will be listed in July/August 2011.

According to the information supplied, two students who entered the University in 2009 are fifth-generation Cornellians: Michael Rivlin is the son of John M. Rivlin ’78 and Susan M. Eschweiler ’78, BArch ’79, grandson of Peter Q. Eschweiler ’55, MRP ’57, and Pauline (Symonds) ’53, great-grandson of A.C. Eschweiler Jr. 1915, and great-great-grandson of A.C. Eschweiler 1891; Robert Rogg is the son of Oskar H. Rogg ’81, grandson of Oskar G. Rogg ’59 and Anne (Barringer) ’59, great-grandson of Benjamin L. Barringer ’33, LLB ’35, and Anne (Allen) ’36, and great-great-grandson of Benjamin S. Barringer, MD 1902, and Emily (Dunning) 1897, MD 1901.

Seventeen students who entered in 2009 are the great- (or great-great-) grandchildren of Cornellians. Greatgrandchildren: Warren Acker [William L. Acker 1905]; I. Maria Calderon [Manuel Ayau Samayoa 1917]; Mitchell Chisholm [Theodore T. Odell, MS ’26, PhD ’34]; Gilman Conant [Ralph W. Conant 1909]; Kyle Dake [Merrills L. Dake ’26]; Julio Gerlein [Enrique L. Gerlein ’29]; Raven Hickson [Walter Sturrock 1916]; Jonathan Kwok [Rui Feng, MS ’22, PhD ’24]; Gordon Middleton [Gordon K. Middleton, MS ’20, PhD ’30]; Lindsey Patterson [Robert Fenton Patterson ’26]; Kayla Rice [Percy D. Kraft 1912]; Cassady Rupert [William P. Rupert, MEd ’36]; Ellen Wahlig-Cole [Mary Bishop Wahlig ’30]; Kae-Lynn Wilson [Raymond F. Sawyer ’33]; Michael Wodka [Harry Jayetz 1916]. Great-great-grandchildren: Devin Hartling [Mario G. Menocal 1888]; Thomas Leger [Frank P. Ufford, PhB 1896, and Bertha (Tierney), PhB 1896].

Eleven students who entered in 2009 are both grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Cornellians: Daniel Adelson [Stephen J. Adelson ’55 and Ellen (Gussman) ’58; Herbert Gussman ’33 and Roseline (Nadal) ’34]; Ellen Benson [Keith W. Benson Jr. ’46; Keith W. Benson 1919]; John Goff [Jane Shanklin Warter ’54; George R. Shanklin ’22]; Aleksi Lee and Olivia Lee [Tsai Hwa Lee, MEE ’51; Kung Lee, MCE 1917]; Allison Livingston [Jean Baldwin Harries ’53; Warner F. Baldwin 1920]; Mark Malin [Arthur J. Newman ’43, MS ’44; Hyman W. Geshevski 1919]; Jessica Mesick [George E. Mesick Jr., SP Ag ’47-49, and Geraldine (Hanks) ’49; Elton K. Hanks ’26]; Steven Sholes [Stuart F. Sholes ’47; Jay D. Sholes 1911]; Meredith Stone [David B. Stone ’52; Imogen Noyes Stone ’25]; Daniel Zagnoli [Robert W. Naylor ’50; George W. Naylor ’22].William Cadwallader is the grandson of William B.P. Cadwallader Jr., DVM ’62, and Jean (Kitts) ’62, the geat-grandson of Harry W. Kitts, PhD ’48, and Marian (Potter) ’36, and the great-great-grandson of Wilburn H. Potter 1918, DVM 1918.

Five students who entered in 2009 are both children and great-grandchildren of Cornellians: Erin Boyd [Steven D. Boyd ’83; Harry M. Olmstead ’35]; Cole–Gabriel DuMond [James H. DuMond Jr. ’67; Roscoe C. DuMond '42]; William Randle [Stuart A. Randle ’81 and Anne (Abbott) ’83; Lester B. Knight Jr. ’29]; Amanda Tremaglio [Carl J. Tremaglio ’83 and Victoria (Mather) ’84; Irene Green Mather 1919]; Frances Ziesing [Jo Klingenstein Ziesing ’82; Alfred M. Saperston 1919, LLB 1919].

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