Cornell 150th in Bermuda

Bermuda charter 150th

Sesqui celebration, Port O Call Restaurant, Hamilton, Bermuda

At possibly the smallest 150th gathering, Chris Downey ’90, C. Michael Wellman MBA ’14, and Bob Forness ’87 represented the financial and reinsurance industries. Lindsay Liotta Forness ’84 was the sole Hotelie. Walwyn (Idwal) Hughes ’54 and David Wingate ’57 mesmerized us with tales of fisheries, birding, and the environment in Bermuda.

Gordon Middleton ’14 and Christian Shaw ’14 of non-profit Plastic Tides, who were in Bermuda to collect water samples and raise awareness of plastic pollution.

From left to right, back row: Michael Wellman MBA ’14, Bob Forness ’87, Chris Donnelley ’90, Walwyn Hughes ’54, David Wingate ’57, Gordon Middleton ’14.

Front Row: Lindsay Forness ’84, Christian Shaw ’14.