The 1954 Collection

Cornell’s “FJ” sailboats out on Cayuga Lake

The FJ sailboat sailing on the lake.

One of the new FJ boats was recently christened “Class of 1954,” after the class’s notable achievement in the history of sailing at Cornell. In 1954, the team qualified as one of ten schools invited to compete in the spring at the Large Yacht Championship Regatta. Racing with a crew of seven ’54 classmates for … Continue reading Cornell’s “FJ” sailboats out on Cayuga Lake

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Mervyn Kowalsky and Nancy Sonn’s wedding on Oct. 2, 1954 at Watermargin

Historical of Mervyn Kowalsky

My parents met at Cornell and were married on Oct. 2, 1953 in Watermargin. My father, Mervyn Kowalsky ’54, BS ILR ’53, graduated from ILR, and my mother, Nancy Sonn ’56, was attending what is now Human Ecology. She got her degree much later (1980) from CALS.

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Cornell 150th in Bermuda

Bermuda charter 150th

Sesqui celebration, Port O Call Restaurant, Hamilton, Bermuda At possibly the smallest 150th gathering, Chris Downey ’90, C. Michael Wellman MBA ’14, and Bob Forness ’87 represented the financial and reinsurance industries. Lindsay Liotta Forness ’84 was the sole Hotelie. Walwyn (Idwal) Hughes ’54 and David Wingate ’57 mesmerized us with tales of fisheries, birding, … Continue reading Cornell 150th in Bermuda

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