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Cornell Alumni Magazine
401 E. State St., Suite 301
Ithaca, NY 14850

Phone: 607-272-8530
Fax: 607-272-8532

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I want to… Email Phone
Update my address 607-272-8530 x1033
Advertise in CAM Sandra Busby 607-272-8530 x1023
Submit a book I wrote Click here to tell us about your book  
Ask a question about class notes Alexandra Bond 607-272-8530 x1025
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Submit an obituary Laura Britton 607-272-8530 x1028
Inquire about my subscription 607-272-8530 x1033
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Contact the webmaster Shelley Stuart 607-272-8530 x1033

Our Staff

Position Name Phone
Editor & Publisher Jenny Barnett
607-272-8530 x1031
Senior Editor Beth Saulnier
607-272-8530 x1030
Class Notes Editor Alexandra Bond
607-272-8530 x1025
Advertising Representative Sandra Busby
607-272-8530 x1023
Art Director Jennifer Kloiber Infante
607-272-8530 x1032
Assistant Art Director Lisa Banlaki Frank
607-272-8530 x1026
Accounting Manager Barbara Bennett
607-272-8530 x0
Assistant Editor/Media &
Circulation Manager
Shelley Stuart
607-272-8530 x1033
Administrative Coordinator/Editorial Assistant Laura Britton
607-272-8530 x1028