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Some Enchanted Evenings

In the time of COVID, watching sunsets on Libe Slope offers comfort and (socially distanced) community


Watching sunsets on Libe Slope is a beloved tradition for generations of Cornellians. But during the COVID-19 pandemic—when so many recreational activities are off-limits—it has taken on a special poignance, as socially distanced groups gather nightly to enjoy the summer weather and a taste of togetherness, safely apart.

UPDATE: These photos were taken in mid-summer. When students return to the Hill for fall semester, the University’s COVID safety plan will include additional requirements regarding the wearing of face coverings while on campus.

Photos by Allison Usavage

Taken from the top of Libe Slope, looking westward over the valley and lake, a handfull of students watch the sunset, scattered sparingly across the hill.

Three students wearing masks hang out at the top of the slope in the early evening hours.

A view of separated groups of unmasked students watching the sunsest, with Willard Straight Hall in the background.


Sunset viewers on the slope, with Johnson Art Museum in the background.

Two masked students stand atop Uris library photographing the sunset.


A bicyclist leans against his ride as the sun sets over the opposite side of the valley.