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CAA travel program
  • CALS prof Anurag Agrawal studies the monarch butterfly, including its stunning—but increasingly threatened—seasonal migration

  • Nagin Cox’s conservative father didn’t support her NASA dreams—but that didn’t stop the 1986 alum from reaching for the stars

  • Witnesses to History: In archived interviews from 50 years ago, Cornellians reflect on the Straight takeover

    PLUS: Monarch butterfly maven, history of the gig economy, and ‘first-generation Martian’ Nagin Cox ’86

  • A list of deaths reported to us since the previous issue

  • An ILR prof chronicles the decline of secure labor and the rise of the gig economy

  • Glorious to View: The Hill’s evolution seen from the sky, ‘Today’ show producer Libby Leist ’01, wrestling champion Kyle Dake ’13, and Sagan’s ‘lost’ lecture

    Download the full issue from our eCommons archive.

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