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CAA travel program
  • Professors Nicolas Buchon and Praveen Sethupathy ’03 team up to study intestinal biology

  • Physics professor Julia Thom-Levy, vice provost for academic innovation, on the University’s efforts to “create vibrant and challenging opportunities for learning” by pursuing novel teaching methods

  • Vice Provost connects the dots to shape academic experiences

  • Husband-and-wife physicists Jie Shan and Kin Fai Mak on their “atomically thin” materials research.

  • Cornell’s Trustees Aim for the University’s Long-Term Health

  • A bonus issue of the University’s Ezra magazine: Dr. Augustine M. K. Choi on collaboration, clinical care and consensus building

  • Collaboration across (baseball) fields leads to Amazonian rivers

  • Collaborative Startup will Monitor Pathogens in Hospital Settings

  • From Nicole DelToro ’91 and Susan Rodriguez ’81, BArch ’82

  • A conversation with Fred Van Sickle, VP for Alumni Affairs and Development.

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