JAN./FEB. 2004 VOLUME 106 NUMBER 4 Class Notes

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70 | Linda Jackson, MAT ’73 (Mason, MI; is a professor of psychology at Michigan State U. Currently, she is principal investigator with a research grant for the National Science Foundation studying the social and psychological dimension of information technology, known as the HomeNetToo project. Check out these websites, and www.Home is chief commissioner of the Michigan Supreme Court. In 2003, their son Christopher graduated summa cum laude in engineering physics from the U. of Michigan. Their daughter is a freshman in college. Stan Casper ( and wife Stephanie are still in Orinda, CA. Stan continues as a plaintiff ’s trial attorney with the six-person firm he founded in 1979. Their three children are grown. Jocelyn is a psychologist with a private practice in San Francisco,Nick is in law school at the U. of San Francisco, and Ava is a senior at Wesleyan U.

Jim and Connie Mather Calhoun live in Slidell, LA ( Connie still works at a local nursing home as MDS/utilization coordinator. Recently, she visited with classmate Sandra Savard Goodling (“who looks just like she did as a student nurse”) while Sandra was in New Orleans. The Calhouns are a real Coast Guard family. Jim has been in the Coast Guard for 30 years, and now their eldest son (along with his wife and three dogs) is doing a four-year tour in New Orleans. Finally Connie will have family nearby. Their youngest son, Mike, who loves travel, is doing a three-year tour in Yorktown, VA. Patrick Kelly (Ottawa, Ontario; recently retired from 22 years of teaching. In May 2003, he and wife Angela sailed aboard the wooden tall ship Grace Baily out of Camden, ME. Patrick is currently employed as a first responder/counselor for FGI in the field of critical incident stress management occurrences.

Ed Katz (Thomasville, GA; has been a surveyor for the Joint Commission on Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) since 1998. His wife Mindy received her BA from Monmouth College in Illinois, her MBA from Augusta College in Georgia, and her JD from the U. of Akron School of Law. She has a solo practice in Thomasville. Their daughter Betsy is in the Class of 2005 at the George School in Newtown, PA. Kitty and Chip Reveal (Cote de Caza, CA; have celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary. Their daughter Ginny is a junior at Loyola Marymount U. in California; daughter Adrienne is a sophomore at Goucher College in Maryland; and youngest daughter Danielle is a senior in high school. Recently, after almost 30 years at Robins, Kaplan,Miller and Ciresi, Chip had to retire as a trial lawyer due to a cervical problem. He hopes to transition to a less demanding alternative dispute resolution practice.

As a student of the humanities during her four years at Cornell, Gael Jacobson (North Fayston, VT; rarely cared or yet cares a lot about numbers, but here are a few from her now! In June of 2002 she went to her first Cornell reunion, her father’s 65th! She used the chance to show off Cornell to her then 7-year-old daughter Ahn. They were an anomaly, since people of her (our!) age were attending with grandchildren as old or older than Ahn. But attending Cornell in the late ’60s gave Gael a head start on living on a road (dirt) less traveled. If you knew her then and are traveling anywhere near her road, consider yourself invited to stop by. Greg Hill (Chesterton, IN) found life to be very busy and hectic from mid-2001 into 2003. His company, Bethlehem Steel Corp., was sold to International Steel Group Inc. Bethlehem entered into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October 2001 and all steel-making assets were acquired on Apr. 30, ’03. It was the second largest integrated steel company in the nation and still it could not make it. This has been extremely stressful for all employees, management, bargaining units, and retirees. As Greg sees other companies, large and small, go through this, his comment is,“Don’t let it happen; do all you can to prevent it. People get hurt.”

Kenneth Gilstein (Guilford, CT; has finished his research on concussions in young adolescents (ages 11-14).He presented at an international convention in Berlin, Germany in July 2003, and was to present in Hong Kong in December, depending on the SARS situation.He is beginning to coordinate research projects in concussion/mild traumatic brain injury with emerging departments at Yale and the U. of Florida. And he continues to coach youth lacrosse—seventh grade level this year. Fred Solowey (Washington, DC; is a dad for the first time at the tender age of 53! Benjamin was born in Central America on Oct. 11, ’02, and looks a lot like Fred. Fred says he and wife Kathryn Ries are totally in love with him and that he may turn out to be the first Cornell football player/campus radical in a long time. Fred has had his own labor communications business for the past eight years and remains active in the International Solidarity Union and anti-war work, when he is not changing diapers.

Have a wonderful, safe, healthy, and happy 2004! v Connie FerrisMeyer, 16 James Thomas Rd., Malvern, PA 19355; e-mail,

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71 | We hope that all of our classmates enjoyed a happy and healthy holiday season. We received a nice news card from Elisabeth Kaplan Boas in Chevy Chase, MD, where she lives with better half Art Spitzer. Elisabeth’s daughter Katherine is a journalist at the Providence Journal. Katherine loves living back in her college town (Brown ’02), after having done an internship at the New York Times. Elisabeth’s son Benjamin is a junior at Brown, and daughter Esther is in her second year at the McLean School in Potomac,MD. Elisabeth has been in touch with Betsy Cairns Reveal,Martha Coultrap, Patricia Yuan Zuroski, Mike and Janet Lynn Cornfeld ’72, Naomi Katz-Mintz, Kathy Menton Flaxman, and Dale Cohen. She would like to locate Mary Margaret Linberger. Get in touch with Elisabeth at and with Art at

James Mithoefer ( writes from Ludlow, VT, that he is busy having fun with his grandchildren, ages 4-1/2 and 1. Since February ’03 he has been working at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center as a physician assistant and has been appointed clinical instructor in Emergency Medicine. After hours, he devotes time to building his home and farm in Vermont. Pat Samuels Muhlrad has children, ages 25 and 21. Daughter Samantha ’99 is at BU Medical School, and son Craig loves Brown, where he plays a lot of rugby. Pat keeps in touch with Cara Nash Iason, Rebecca Singer, and Judy Greenhill Weisel. Howard Schatz, DVM ’75, writes about his family. He is the father of children ages 26, 23, 19, 8, and 5. Oldest son Jason ’98 is studying at Rutgers Law School and was lucky enough to walk away from the World Trade Center on 9/11. Son Eric (referred to by Howard as “the traitor,” as he is a 2002 graduate of Dartmouth) is finishing a master’s degree at Dartmouth in engineering management. Andrew ’05 is a student in Hum Ec. Daughters Gabrielle and Sara, 8 and 5, respectively, are not quite sure of their future plans.

Thomas Nally, BArch ’72 ( is planning director of the Artery Business Committee in Boston, a group that represents the downtown business community with respect to the $14.7 billion Central Artery/Tunnel Project, also known as the “Big Dig.” This is the largest, most complex, and technologically challenging highway project ever attempted in American history. In his spare time, Tom serves on a committee in his hometown advocating appropriate development to enhance the community and provide additional tax revenue. He is the father of Michael, 6, a kindergartner.Michael recently told his dad that he loves school, especially extended day, recess, and choice time. Tom hopes that Michael will develop a similar love for the harder subjects later in his academic career.

Another Bostonian heard from recently is Rudy Mitchell ( Rudy’s daughter Laura graduated from Wheaton College in 2002, and son Joel pursues Middle Eastern studies and classics at Harvard. Rudy sees Russell Kent, a pastor in Somerville, MA. Adrienne Altman writes from Sherman Oaks, CA, that she is a “pediatrician in the same practice for 20 years, though the office site is new and creatively hip.”When she is not practicing medicine, Adrienne enjoys dressage horseback riding and has traveled to Germany and Denmark during the past year to horse events.

As promised in the previous column, we will continue to update you on a recent Phi Ep reunion in New York. Mark Katz has been working as a physician with Kaiser Permanente since 1985.He is the coordinator of HIVcare for the entire Southern California region.Mark and his partner Bob have been foster parents to Marcus, age 2, and are nearing final adoption.Mark reports that he had plenty of time in his early days to travel, lecture, read, and sleep, and now in his 50s, he loves being a dad. Don’t worry, Mark, when Marcus is at Cornell, you’ll be able to sleep again!

Jay Goodwin reports that his life has come full circle. “After leaving my hometown of New Rochelle, NY, and living in Ithaca, California, Australia,Washington, DC, and New Jersey, I got married (for the second time) to a wonderful woman I went to high school with and actually re-met at our 20th high school reunion. We were married 14 years ago and moved back to our mutual hometown New Rochelle a few years ago. On the career front, I began as a newspaper reporter, magazine writer, and book author, veered off into corporate sales and marketing for about 15 years, and recently returned to journalism as the first editor-in-chief of a new national magazine that covers homeland security issues called GSN: Government Security News ( I’m glad to have made both journeys, but in each case it’s good to be ‘home.’ ” We wish Jay much luck with his new venture.

It is with great sadness that I report the death of one of our classmates. Hilary Cohen Kolton passed away on Sept. 29, ’03, after a long illness, at home in the presence of her family. At Cornell I spent many hours studying for nutrition exams with Hilary. She was an excellent student and a joyful person. Our sincerest condolences to her husband Robert ’69 and children Jordan and Joanna.

Your class correspondents appreciate all the news you have sent to us—keep it coming. v Linda Germaine-Miller,; and Matt Silverman,

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72 | Special thanks to Gerry Miknis for the following report of a special weekend mini-reunion that he helped organize last summer. The Cornell Football Assn. Ben Mintz Golf Outing held on Aug. 2, ’03 at the Robert Trent Jones golf course at Cornell provided the opportunity for a reunion of 1972 Delta Upsilon fraternity brothers. A remarkable 18 of the 27 brothers that pledged in the spring of 1969 returned to campus for a long overdue reunion. Although many of the guys had maintained contact since graduation, this was for some their first return to the Hill in 31 years. The idea for the reunion started at a fall football tailgate party when Gerry and Scott Schnuck talked about trying to get the DU ’72 class together.

Gerry started the ball rolling early in the spring and managed to contact all the brothers via e-mail (the Internet is a great tool). The list of attendees included: Dr. Rod Clemente (Glen Ridge, NJ), John Dougherty (Marco Island, FL), Tricia and Doug Herron (Columbus, OH), Tom Guba (NYC), Charlie Joyce (Wellsville, NY), Margie and Craig Lambert (Reston, VA), Patty and Bob Mauro (Pittsburgh, PA), Gerry Miknis (Clarks Summit, PA), Dan Miller (St Louis, MO), Jack Moresko, MBA ’76 (Falls Church, VA) and his friend Vicki Smith, Jim O’Hargan (Houston, TX), Dr. Jim Parolie (Flemington, NJ), John Peterson (Melbourne, FL), Dr. Tom Rakowski (Ridgewood, NJ), Scott Schnuck (St Louis,MO) and wife Julie (Mather) ’70, Randy Shayler,MBA ’73 (Fayetteville), Bill Sodemann (St Louis, MO) and Dr. John Yaros (Pittsburgh, PA).

Other DUs who joined the festivities over the weekend included Tony Cashen ’57, MBA ’58, Fred Devlin ’67, Dick Storto ’71, JD ’74, Mark Clemente ’73, MPS ’77, and Dan Leonard ’79. Classmates who returned for the golf outing included Don Jean,MBA ’73, Ed Marinaro, and John Morehouse. Classmates who would have joined the reunion had it not been for other plans included Owen Snyder (Orlando, FL), who was in Ireland on his honeymoon (really,Owen, is that any excuse to miss a CFA golf tournament?), Tom Rowlands (Pittsburgh, PA), who was in New Mexico with his son on a Boy Scout camping trip, and Mike Murphy (San Diego, CA), Craig Scott (Marshall’s Creek, PA), and Skip Daino (Horsham, PA), who had previous business commitments. Tom Edry (Columbus, GA) was attending a wedding in Tennessee. It was a weekend full of laughter, memories, and renewed friendships. Again, special kudos to Gerry Miknis for helping organize the ’72 minireunion and providing us with the details.

Marilyn RoccoMandigo is in her 16th year of teaching home economics in the Fulton City School District. Married for 29 years, she and husband Daniel ’71 have three children: Kristy graduated college as a mechanical engineer; Danielle ’05 is a junior majoring in Science of Earth Systems and Communication; and son John is spending his senior year of high school in Australia. The Mandigo family has been in dairy farming for 30 years. Dr. Joyce Jaffe Reynolds of Palo Alto, CA, left Genentech in 2001 and established an independent practice as an organizational development consultant. In 2002 she affiliated with GEO Group Strategic Services Inc., which has a Web-based interactive strategic action system that is especially effective for ad execution with geographically dispersed groups. She is now managing director of the Northern California area. Joyce has three teenage boys, two in high school and one a junior at George Washington U. She enjoys attending various Cornell activities sponsored by Cornell Silicon Valley and is most appreciative of the dedication and hard work by CSV Executive Director Shannon Murray ’94. Proud parents Gary Wolf and wife Bonnie (Grad) ’71 are happy to have son Alexander Wolf ’06 in Arts and Sciences at Cornell. Last year Alexander lived on the same floor and wing of Clara Dickson Hall where Bonnie spent one year. Gary’s architectural practice in Boston is busy with educational and residential projects, one of which received a preservation award from the Massachusetts Historical Commission in 2002.

Kirk Forrest of Tulsa, OK, is VP and general counsel at Sam’s Club, the $33 billion wholesale club division ofWal-Mart Stores Inc. in Bentonville, AR. Kirk reports that it is an exciting opportunity to build and lead a firstrate legal staff. He also serves on the company’s seven-member executive committee. Daniel Knauss, the oldest child of Stephen Knauss,ME ’73, and Beth (Brunger) ’75, graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical College with a BS and his pilot’s license. Daughter Amanda transferred from Florida St. U. to U. of Florida after two years. Stephen and Beth continue to swim. Beth volunteers and researches genealogy. Stephen referees soccer games. He says it’s a wonderful way to get exercise if you can stand the abuse.

Christine Creighton Laubin writes from England, where she works at the Maria Montessori Training Organization (AMI) in London, training adults to work with children. Christine remains very grateful for the child development training received from the College of Human Ecology, particularly from Lee C. Lee and Clara and Alfred Baldwin. Christine is married to David ’70, BArch ’73, who works full-time as an artist. Daughter Sophie, 25, is the National Museum of Ireland’s paper conservator. Son Max is studying international relations and politics at Southampton U. Daughter Lucy, 18, has finished secondary school and hopes to train in architecture at either Oxford Brookes or Kingston U. Christine says that if all she wrote sounds very tidy, in reality it is not. But, she exclaims, life is good! Dr. Gail Povar reports that husband Lawrence Bachorik ’71 was promoted to the Federal Senior Executive Service in 2001. He is busy coaching daughter Alexandra’s soccer team when not running the FDA’s Public Affairs Office. Alex is 15. Son Justin is a sophomore at Brown. Gail is happily surviving as a general internist for adolescents to geriatric patients. She remains busy in medical ethics and health policy activities as well.

June Feeks Brooks of Eugene, OR, writes with great sadness to tell of the death of her husband David (Yale ’71) in December 2002. She and Dave were high school sweethearts. They married at the end of June’s sophomore year and she took her junior year off so that she could live in New Haven while Dave completed his senior year. They returned to Ithaca for June’s senior year. June says that the couple lived a charmed life. June continues, “We have two wonderful sons, Christopher, 25, and Adam, 21. Dave was a physician who loved his work.We had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling and had, in fact, just spent the summer of 2002 in Australia. Dave was a wonderful athlete and continued to run, play tennis, and ride his bike everywhere.He was in excellent physical health, but unfortunately he was struck by depression last year. In spite of counseling, treatment, an adjustment of his work schedule, and lots of support from family and friends, he was not able to continue to fight.He chose to end his life the week before Christmas 2002. Depression is an illness that is much misunderstood. It is also an illness that is not always acknowledged.”

June says that with the love of her family and friends, she is doing OK. She continues to teach special education full-time, and it has been her lifeline through the toughest times. June reports that she was just blessed with a visit from her Pi Phi roommate Nancy Drews Harding after a 19-year absence and has also been in touch with her other roommate Dr. Debbie Kondis, who now lives in Nashville, TN. June would love to hear from any other old friends. She can be reached at Our deepest sympathies go out to June and her sons. Send news to v Alex Barna, alexander.; or Gary Rubin,

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73 | Madeleine Kleiner,Hilton Hotels Corp. (Beverly Hills) executive vice president, general counsel, and corporate secretary, was honored with the diversity award at the annual Assn. of Corporate Counsel 2003 October meeting in San Francisco. Madeleine has an outstanding program for both in-house hiring and outside counsel assignment of legal matters to firms of minority and women attorneys. Dr. Caren Rosenfeld Goodman has been appointed chair of the Anesthesiology department at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital in New London, CT.

With our 30th Reunion a smashing success, I can’t help realizing what a small world it is and how interesting and diverse our class is. Did you know Ted Goodwin and Marcia Wasserman were born on the same date and in the same hospital in the Bronx? Or that Wayne Merkelson, JD ’75, our Class Council officer, went to Stuyvesant High School with my husband Alex? Our class is spread out across the 50 states and around the world. Classmates traveled from up and down both coasts and as far away as Hong Kong to join in the reunion activities.

Dick ’76 and Sheila Kennedy Holtzman, MBA ’74, were unable to attend Reunion, but were missed. They were in the process of moving to Kaui, HI. And as luck would have it, I missed them when I was in Kaui in July. Irene Yesowitch, the 30th Reunion co-chair and chair for our 35th (who is soliciting ideas for reunion activities and events), guided me through the Sonoma wine country when I was visiting San Francisco in October. Claudia GaillardMeer is still on the faculty at Rutgers U.—29 years! She was disappointed to miss our 30th Reunion, but was able to spend some time on campus during the five years her son Jonathan ’02, MPA ’03, was a student. “Jonathan is now attending Rutgers Law, so we don’t have to go nearly as far to see him.”

George Mitchell had another successful year apple-farming, just a few miles from Cornell. He has a wealth of Cornell class memorabilia and I, as class historian, am in the process of compiling an interesting portfolio of facts and moments for another column and our next class reunion. Greetings from New Orleans and Happy Mardi Gras! v Danielle Lombardo Trostorff,; and Phyllis Haight Grummon, or

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74 | Make sure these dates are in your calendar: June 10-13—our 30th Reunion! You will be receiving information shortly, and in advance of that, you can contact John Foote at or check out our class website,, for details.

Last March, Cornell professor Mariana Wolfner was recognized as a 2002-03 Stephen H.Weiss Presidential Fellow. The award recognizes excellence in teaching and advising, and outstanding efforts toward instructional improvement and development. After receiving her PhD from Stanford and doing a post-doc at UC San Diego,Mariana joined the genetics and development department (Biological Sciences), where she has been a member of the faculty since 1983. She lives in Ithaca and can be reached at

In June 2003, John Alexander, MBA ’76, won Ernst and Young’s Technology Entrepreneur of the Year award. He was among 24 distinguished entrepreneur finalists. John is president of the CBORD Group located in Ithaca. Also noted in the Ithaca Journal last June was Joe Laquatra, PhD ’84, who was named to head a New York State consumer program to promote energy-saving incentives for homeowners, landlords, and builders. Joe is a professor of design and environmental analysis in the College of Human Ecology and lives in Freeville, outside of Ithaca.

Tom Reahard made his local newspaper in Scottsdale, AZ. The Arizona Republic ran a story on Tom’s participation in the US Tennis Association’s National Grass Court Championships for 30 and over. Tom took up tennis a few years ago after a lapse of 35 years. He is owner of Symmetry Software Corp. and, a travel website for the city of Scottsdale. Tom lives in Scottsdale with wife Cathy, son Tom, who is at the U. of Colorado, and daughters Elizabeth and Laura.

Last summer several classmates enjoyed courses at Adult University (CAU): Lynn Santeler Anderson took Great American Trials, Jaclyn Spear took Great Battles Past and Present, Deborah LinkerMoriah, BA ’76, took Un-Natural History, Louise Thomas took Introduction to Fly Fishing, and Sandy Sears took Cayuga Lake Paleobiology. Another piece of news involving Sandy Sears:With the support of the Cornell Club of Greater Hartford, Sandy has launched a program called Operation CU Through. The program’s goal is to support Cornell alumni on active duty overseas in any branch of the service or who have immediate family serving overseas. If you have alumni information to share, send it to If you have questions, contact Sandy at or (860) 643-5087.

Rob Swanson and wife Merily participated in the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge for two days last August. They were among the group of 4,000 cyclists who biked 179 miles from Wellesley, MA, to Provincetown, MA. The PMC is a fund-raising event for cancer research and is the single largest contributor to the Jimmy Fund at the Dana Farber Cancer Inst. in Boston, raising nearly $15 million. Lynne Moskowitz Glasser, MAT ’75, mentioned in this space exactly a year ago, has a new e-mail address:

Reunion planners who were in Ithaca the weekend of September 6 gathered at the Ithaca home of Ann Goodwin and husband Norm Krause and enjoyed meeting President Jeffrey Lehman ’77 and wife Kathy Okun. The group included class president Kristen Rupert, VP Mary Berens and husband Paul Feeny, reunion co-chairs John Foote and Carolyn Gregg Will, Joan Saltsman Oelschlager, Jaclyn Spear, Mi O’Connell, Betsy Beach, Marleen Pasch, Jim Tull, Loren and Tom Colbert, and Ellie Hobbie. Last September Mort Bishop, John Foote, Brian Beglin, Larry Gill, and Ned Weigel ’75 visited Sigma Chi cook and confidante of 26 years Harry Nash at Harry’s home in Maudlin, SC.

Christopher Reeve was awarded the Lasker Public Service Award in September 2003. Chris, who is chairman of the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation and a leading advocate to increasing financial support of medical research aimed at spinal injury, was honored for transforming his personal tragedy into public service. The award jury stated, “The combination of Mr. Reeve’s dedication to educate himself about the scientific and political aspects of research and his renown as an actor has allowed him to wield tremendous influence with government officials and the public.”

Ezriel Kornel was named President of the New York State Neurosurgical Society. The Society represents the interests of all neurosurgeons in the state in regard to both socio-political issues and general clinical issues. Ezriel is a neurosurgeon in private practice with the Neurosurgeons of New York in White Plains, NY. He also serves as director of the Inst. for Neurosciences at Northern Westchester Hospital Center, the first in the area to open a Center for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery. Ezriel resides in Bedford, NY, and in his spare time he enjoys playing the violin.

Cary Frumess ( continues to work with individuals, couples, and groups in his psychotherapy practice in New York’s Greenwich Village. His wife, Dr. Leslie Kushner, ’GR, is director of research in the urology department at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Hospital. Their daughter Jeannine is sophomore in the drama studio at the LaGuardia High School for Music and Art and the Performing Arts. Andrew Peck, who lives in New York City, was elected President of the New York Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America (MWA) and to the Board of Directors of the National MWA. He was also elected to the Hall of Fame of Berkshire Hills/Emanuel Camps, of which he is a board member.

Judy Urman Elbaum is the president of the Assn. for Retarded Citizens of Essex County (NJ) Foundation. The Foundation provides financial and other support for 1,200 persons with developmental disabilities, including Down’s Syndrome. Judy recently edited a book graduentitled The ARC Family Diaries, which is moving compilation of stories of persons and families affected by developmental disabilities. The book’s publication and the work of the ARC was favorably reported on in the New York Times, the Star Ledger, and other media. It available on Amazon. All proceeds benefit the ARC Foundation. Judy was honored at the ARC’s gala dinner on Nov. 19, ’03 in West Orange, NJ. Judy’s son Lawrence is an ’02 ILR grad.He just began his second year at Brooklyn Law School.

Bruce, MD ’80, and Michelle Weiss Korf moved from Newton, MA, to Birmingham, AL, where Bruce is working at the U. of Alabama, Birmingham. Michelle is still doing work for WGBH in Boston. v Betsy Beach,; Linda Meyers Geyer,; Steve Raye,

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75 | This has been a very interesting year for all of us. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am just not ready to receive my AARP card! Turning 50 does have its advantages, but I would have been more than happy to postpone it awhile longer. I was able to take stock of “turning 50” by seeing lots of classmates. (Lucky for the column because I was lacking in e-mails from all of you; send news to your correspondents at the addresses at the end of the column.)

I went to a number of Army lacrosse games this spring to see Mike Kamon ’04, the co-captain son of Mark and Ting Magill Kamon (, play in his last year. Mark is president of Dynamet Inc., a supplier of titanium alloy products, in Washington, PA. Ting continues her quilting while traveling to lacrosse games and helping daughter Emily graduate from high school and prepare for entering Miami U. of Ohio. Eldest son Jake is working and living in the Washington, DC, area. Ting told me that it was a great spring to see other Cornell (DU) cheerleaders at various Army games. Dr. Carl “Buzz” Berasi ( was snowbound in Colorado in March, but drove nonstop for 21 hours back to Ohio for the Army-Ohio State game. He brought wife Louise, daughter Lauren, who is now a freshman at Notre Dame, and sons Carl, a junior, and Steven, a sophomore, who both play football at the high school. Carl practices orthopedic surgery in Columbus and is in the process of building a physician-owned hospital. He stays current with the Big Red football team by helping recruit players.

Attending the always competitive Army-Navy game were Scott Keenum ’76 and Jay ’73, ME ’74, and Debbie McCoy Paxton ( Debbie and Jay are moving again, as Jay is now the Commanding General of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, CA. Their son John lives and works in Virginia, while son Andrew is a freshman at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL, and daughter Carolyn is a high school junior. Debbie was in Ithaca this summer visiting with her nursing school roommate, Debbie Stuart Nelson ’73.

I was able to attend the Rutgers game, along with Jim Thul (, wife Lorna, and son Garrett, who plays lacrosse in New Jersey and was one of the ball boys for the game. Daughter Lauren is a senior in high school and plays volleyball and basketball. Jim is VP of Thul Machine Works. Also at the game were Mark Clemente ’73, MPS ’77, and Dan Brammel ’76, wife Kathy Jones ’77, and daughters Karen and Kristen, who both attend Rutgers. I ran into Joe Wasilewski ’74, wife Susan, and son Matthew, when they attended the Bucknell game, traveling from Virginia to West Point to see fellow Cornellians. Jim Seeley, JD ’79 ( and 2-year-old son Robbie went to the Hobart game. Jim is an attorney at Bond Schoeneck King in Syracuse, NY. He and wife Beth Wright ’76 also have a 10-year-old daughter Faith.

This summer, during the Eastern Seaboard/Midwest Blackout, I spent a long weekend away from it all with Lynn Arrison Harrison (, Karen Lauterbach (, and Abbie Smith, MBA ’79, PhD ’81, to collectively celebrate our 50th birthdays. Lynn works at the law firm Nusbaum Stein Goldstein & Bronstein in Succasunna, NJ. Son Ridgely just graduated from Union College, where he was captain of the men’s swim team, captured several honorable mention All-America honors during the year-ending NCAA swim meet, and is now assistant coach. Daughter Katie is a sophomore at Middlebury College, where she plays on the softball team, and son Willie is a senior in high school, where he plays soccer and hockey and runs track. Lynn and husband Chip ’74 live in Hackettstown, NJ. Karen is at the Research Triangle Inst. in Chapel Hill, NC, where she is the director of communications, information and marketing. Husband Mark Powers ( is a pulmonologist with the Durham Chest & Allergies Group in Durham.Mark celebrated his 50th by competing in a triathlon. Their son Luke is a junior at Vanderbilt, and Kyle is a senior in high school and plays soccer. In 2001, Abbie took a year away from Chicago and was named a fellow by the Harvard Business School.While in Boston, she started to take lessons on the soprano sax and tried her hand at writing music. Abbie returned to U. of Chicago Graduate School of Business where she teaches and concentrates her research in corporate governance, executive compensation, and performance measurement. She must be extremely busy these days! I received a press release that announced her election to the Board of Directors at Ryder System.

I saw Bob “Bullit” Brennan, ME ’76, and wife Claire this summer at a high school graduation party for his son Shane, who is now at Marist College. Son Michael is a junior at Delaware, and daughters Kaitlyn and Meghan are in high school. The Brennan family can be reached at Bullit told me of a surprise 50th birthday party that he attended in the spring for Cornell roommate Nick Makes, ME ’76 ( and wife Patti (they were born in the same hospital on the same day!). Nick is with Turner Construction Co. in Milford, CT. Nick and Patti’s son Matthew ’04 and daughter Katie ’06 were there, as well as Patti’s sister Susan Rapkowicz ’77. Another Cornell roomie, Bruce Shutts, was there from Wellesley, MA, where he works for Geltex Pharmaceuticals.

Over the summer, I went to a party at the home of Mark Clemente ’73, MPS ’77. It was like a Cornell/Clemente reunion. Brother Jeff ’70, MBA’72, came the furthest from Japan. Closer to Mark’s home in Glen Ridge, NJ, were brother Jonathan ’78 and wife Judy Davis Clemente ’80, brother Dr. Rod Clemente ’72, and friends Steve Corbo ’78, Dan Brammel ’76 and wife Kathy Jones ’77, and Bill Totten ’73. From our class,Mark’s sister Laurie Clemente Milnor ( came from Alton, IL, for the occasion and also to celebrate a girls’ 50th birthday weekend with classmates Jeanne Fattori Reinig ( and Mary Baumann Pesaresi (, who drove down from Ithaca for the event. Laurie owns Shoptalk in Illinois. Jeanne recently moved to Basking Ridge, NJ, works with the Special Olympics, and has sons Scott ’04 and Christopher at Cornell and Georgia Tech, respectively.Mary works at the Alumni Affairs Office at Cornell.

Bill Hoffman ( sent me pictures of a week-long 50s celebration this summer on Keuka Lake for a group of DUs and families. Bill and wife Barbara recently moved to Haddon Heights, NJ. Bill also received a promotion and is now chief of the Environmental Programs Branch for the US Environmental Protection Agency. He now supervises the wetlands and environmental impact statement functions in EPA Region III. Bill said that he took part in diving operations during the recovery efforts from the space shuttle Columbia accident. Jack Brewster ( brought wife Debbie and family from Philadelphia, PA. Their son Nonni is a freshman at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA, and will be playing football for them. Daughter Katie is a junior in high school and Maria is in kindergarten. Jack retired from the Navy, just finished his MS in Education and MA in Classics and is now teaching Latin to K-5th graders at a public school in West Philly (I am not sure whether the Navy has sufficiently prepared him for teaching elementary school children!). Also there were Steve Adams from Columbus, OH (, Benny Peyton from Adams Center, NY, where he works for Peytonbilt Construction,Mark Dewey ( and wife Kim from Byron, NY, where they own Dewey Produce, Jim Seeley and Beth Wright, Crawford Pierce and wife Debbie, from Elmira, NY, where they own Pierce’s Restaurant (, Luciano Rossi from Princeton, NJ, and Steve Bigalow from Houston, TX (

Keep those e-mails and letters coming. Add news about classmates and get-togethers. v Deb Gellman,; Karen DeMarco Boroff,; Joan Pease,; Mitch Frank, mjfgator

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76 | When I started writing this column after our 5th Reunion, I had so much news to choose from I would end up writing from News and Dues forms that were nearly a year old. Now the news is more current, but there is not as much to choose from. So, a not-so-subtle plea for more news! Ann Rosovsky Beaton wrote that it is hard to believe, but as of June 2003, her eldest, Eric, has just finished his junior year at Cornell. He spent the spring semester in the Cornell-in-Washington program, where he interned at the Surface Transportation Board, a place that allowed him to combine his lifelong interest in trains with his government major. Her second son, Greg, is a junior at Hunter College High School, so that means they are facing the college admissions process again. Their youngest son, Andrew, finished up fifth grade at the Rodeph Shalom School. Ann is an associate professor at the SUNY College of Optometry, helping to enlighten future optometrists about molecular biology, histology, and microbiology.Husband Neal (Harvard ’75,Harvard Law ’78) is a partner at Holland & Knight, his previous firm, Gilbert Segall & Young, having merged two years ago.

Don Fanelli sent a note to say that all is well in New Jersey. He is approaching his 24th year as a dentist, and is in a family practice in the Meadowlands area. His son is entering his junior year at Lehigh U.; daughter Lauren ’03 graduated from Cornell with a BA in English and is attending American U. to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing. She hopes to become a professor. Linda Noonan can hardly believe that daughter Madeline is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences. They have lived outside Boston for the past 18 years and Linda has been an active volunteer and worked part-time for a nonprofit. This has been a busy year for Steve Krumenaker, ME ’77. He wrote that he married Donna in April 2003, and they moved to a new home in Montville, NJ. Steve now works in NYC for Avaya as a senior application sales specialist.

Cal Cohen writes that, despite doing premed at Cornell, he became a physician. He is busy working on treatment research for HIV infection. He says he still misses ZOBO Funn Band concerts the most. John Rodis, “the Greek,” wrote that after two years as chair of the ob/gyn department at Stamford Hospital in Stamford, CT, he moved into a new position as senior VP of Medical Affairs and Chief Clinical Officer on July 1, ’03. He encourages any Cornellians in Fairfield County to give him a call. John still lives in Farmington, which is 72 miles from work, with wife Marytherese and daughters Alexandra, 13, Katrina, 11, and Anna, 8.With a three-hour commute daily, if anyone has any books on tape, he would be happy to “read” them.

In 2002, Carla Holder found herself restructured out of a job and took a position with Columbia U. as interim director, capital. Since the woman that she was filling in for is back from maternity leave, she is looking again. She is going to Harp conferences and to the beach to help fill the time. Deborah Stinson is enjoying consulting work. She provides mental health services and training to Head Start and daycare programs. She is also keeping her foot in the child welfare and youth services area by developing fund-raising plans and proposals for nonprofits. A personal highlight has been forming a committee for children with special needs at her son’s school. Parents and staff attend. Son David just graduated from elementary school and Thomas is in third grade.

Roberto Plaja moved to Milano, Italy, at the end of 2000 to run the fixed income department of Sanfaolo IMI Asset Department.He left at the beginning of 2003 and is now exploring various alternatives in the US and Europe. In February 2002, Fred Kaplan joined World Imports Ltd. as CFO and is teaching introductory finance as part-time faculty for Penn State U. In June 2003, daughter Erica completed her freshman year at George Washington U., where she was a varsity cheerleader, while son Jeffrey finished second grade. Kim Ouellet Chen is committee chair, Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network (CAAAN) committee 333 (Boston South Shore), and director of the Cornell Club of Boston, as well as editor of the Cornell Club of Boston newsletter. Her daughter Sophia “Gee Gee” Chen attended Cornell’s six-week high school program in the summer. In 2002, she attended the three-week honors program for high school sophomores and absolutely loved it.

Classmates attending Adult University (CAU) recently were Meryl Kaynard (Landscape Design workshop), Marilyn Shaw (Moments and Lapses in Architecture), and Marjorie Silberman (Legacies and Landscapes of the Adirondacks). v Lisa Diamant,; Karen Krinsky Sussman, Krinsk54; Pat Relf Hanavan,

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77 | In honor of the inauguration of our classmate Jeffrey S. Lehman as the 11th president of Cornell University, we are devoting this column to him and printing the reports from two classmates who were in attendance that historic day.

From Class President Kevin Brew: In early September I received an invitation to participate as an alumni delegate in the inauguration of President Lehman. I was very honored and excited to represent the Class of ’77 at this grand event. I became even more excited when the response card asked for my cap and gown size. Unlike so many of my overachieving classmates, I haven’t had the occasion to put on a cap and gown since our graduation from Cornell 26 years ago.

On Inauguration Day I arrived on campus for registration after a five-minute drive from my home in Ithaca and found myself rubbing elbows with alumni delegates from as far away as Hawaii and with academic representatives from colleges and universities throughout the world. At lunch I sat down with an old Ithaca friend,Mollie Pulver ’80, who had moved five years ago to Little Falls, NY. She is the president of the Ag college Alumni Assn. and was representing that august group.We were soon joined by my classmate Lisa Lipner Hunter, BS ILR ’79, whom I hadn’t seen since our 25th Reunion. Lisa was representing the ILR Alumni Assn. She became president of this group in June. After lunch we lined up to get our cap and gown. Luckily I had brought my camera so I could show my 7-year-old daughter Michaela how intellectual I looked. I also have pictures of Michaela from last May’s Cornell graduation —she’s wearing the regalia of our friend Monica Valcour, PhD ’03, who was receiving her doctorate.

We set off for the Arts Quad to await the start of the inaugural procession. This was truly a déjà vu moment—waiting around the Arts Quad in cap and gown. The memories were flooding back. The only things missing were the two bottles of champagne I had with me 26 years ago. The procession started as the bells chimed in the McGraw clock tower.We started in front of Goldwin Smith and walked around the perimeter of the Quad. Then we marched past the reviewing stand where the University Trustees, noted dignitaries, and our very own Jeff Lehman stood. Jeff was beaming! What a treat to watch.

From there it was up Tower Road to the cavernous Barton Hall, the site of so many fine concerts during college and the place I took my daughter to play on rainy days as an infant. Behind me sat fellow Ithaca resident and classmate Laurie Robinson, Cornell’s Director of Development. Another distinguished Cornell alumnus, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg ’54, had the honor of introducing Jeff Lehman to the standing-room-only crowd, and with much pomp and circumstance, Jeff was inaugurated as the 11th president of the university.

As the crowd exited the building I ran into Ellen GobelWalsh ’76 and our class treasurer Elaine Mead Alexander. Both Ellen and Elaine live in Ithaca and have daughters enrolled at Cornell. Elaine recently put her restaurant, Coyote Loco, up for sale so she could enjoy more of living and less of working. Her husband John ’74, MBA ’76, is a Cornell trustee. Ellen is Cornell’s Director of Regional Offices for Alumni Affairs and Development. She is responsible for getting me involved as an alumni volunteer. I returned the cap and gown (I really wanted to keep it) and headed home to check in before coming back for dinner and “Andy and Ezra’s Excellent BIG RED Adventure.”

At dinner I met up with the president of the Cornell Club of Hawaii, Cynthia Odegaard ’78. Cynthia flew in for the inauguration and brought with her two fresh flower maile leis, which she gave to Jeff that morning. One was sent by our classmate Sabrina Toma, who had given one to Jeff (his first) at our graduation in 1977. The other was from the Cornell Club of Hawaii. I learned over drinks later that evening that Cynthia was, like me, a rugby player in college, and we shared a few rugby songs in honor of the occasion.

After dinner it was back to Barton Hall with Mollie and Cynthia to see “Andy and Ezra’s Excellent BIG RED Adventure.”This was quite a show. Over 500 students participated and every facet of the university was honored on stage. There were student singing groups, dance troupes, international organizations, and sports teams. Student representatives from each of the colleges marched in a humorous procession that was a funny contrast to the formal procession on the Arts Quad just hours earlier. The most surprising event of the evening was the live satellite video call from the International Space Station by NASA astronaut Ed Lu ’84. The call was broadcast on a 20-foot screen that left Jeff almost speechless—everyone was amazed by the technology that pulled this off. The show ended with the men’s hockey team hoisting Jeff on their shoulders and skating him around the stage (they were on in-line skates). Of course the grand finale was the singing of the Alma Mater, a song that Jeff sang with a huge smile on his face.

From Jan Rock Zubrow, classmate and member of the Cornell Board of Trustees: The inauguration of Jeff Lehman was a very emotional experience for me. It caused me to reflect upon the extraordinary leadership that Cornell has had over the years. Cornell is an even stronger university today than it was 26 years ago when we graduated. As a classmate of Jeff ’s, I felt like a proud sibling basking in the success of a beloved brother, sharing his joy. As I tell my fellow trustees, the Class of ’77 was truly an outstanding class, and anyone of us could have been president of Cornell!

Send news to vHowie Eisen,; Lorrie Panzer Rudin, rudin@erols. com (home) or

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78 | George Corneil is living in Toronto, Canada. He’s married and has two teenagers who are very active in sports and the arts. He’s vice president at the Royal Bank of Canada, but manages to squeeze in some time to play “old-timers hockey” with fellow Cornellians Kevin Fullan and Jeff Schmalz ’77. Diane Elliott (, who is living in Irvine, CA, celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary with Donald Strenk this year. Their eldest child,Michael ’07, entered the College of Engineering this fall. Chris Crowley is enjoying life with two growing kids and a 20-acre farm in Washington with dogs, horses, llamas, and chickens. He’s doing some political consulting and building wind power projects.

After 22 years of living in Manhattan, Stephen Kesselman, JD ’81 ( and his wife and three children moved to Old Westbury,NY. Stephen joined one of the largest law firms on Long Island, Ruskin Moscov Faltischek PC, to continue his corporate litigation practice. His wife Alison Schecter is a cardiologist and faculty member at Mt. Sinai Medical Center. Laura Howes ( is an associate professor of English at the U. of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN. She has also served as director of a new academic outreach program in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. She and husband Charles Biggs and daughter Mary escape north when the summer heat gets to them.

Joel Spellun, MD ’82, says his practice is busy and if there are any gastroenterologists looking for a job, give him a call.He and his wife have two children and a new dog; his mid-life crisis has revolved around exercising and he’s contemplating the Boston Marathon. Kim Friedman Landau ( is president of the Hebrew Academy Day School in Albany, NY. Son A.J. is in his first year of high school, and Justin just celebrated his bar mitzvah. Husband Michael is busy with his endodontic practice and tinkering with his five cars, one go-kart, and multiple bicycle parts. Lesley Gudehus (, who lives in Memphis, TN, has been doing a lot of writing and recently interviewed cancer patients for issues of the Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation magazine.

Laurey Howe Czekaj ( of Union, NJ, wants to know if she is the first grandmother in the class. Courtesy of her stepson Michael, she is the proud grandma to Summer, 4, and Shannon, 3. She is a newly minted empty-nester since her daughter Claire, 20, is a junior math major and baton twirler at the U. of Delaware, and daughter Katie, 18, headed off to Rutgers U. this past fall. Mark Levenson ( writes from Manhattan that he married AnneBeth two years ago, and their son Zally just turned 1 year old.Mark’s production of S. Ansky’s The Dybbuk has won national awards and will play in Atlanta, Boston, and New York next year. Charlene Moore Hayes ( says that she left North Carolina State U., in Raleigh, where she was the associate vice chancellor for human resources, to begin employment with Johns Hopkins U. in Baltimore. She will be the vice president for human resources there.

If you’re in the throes of making summer plans, you might want to consider taking some courses, with or without your family, at Cornell’s wonderful summer program. Here’s are some classmates who attended Adult University (CAU) last summer: Gail Ferstanding Arnold, Vivian Tom Bennette, Henry Farber, Laurie Letvak, MD ’82, David Levine, Tom McCarthy, Joan Passiatore Popolo, Carol Lind Rattray, and Marie Sciortino Venezia.

By the way, some of you may be wondering if it is an optical illusion or whether the classes of 1977 and 1979 (among others) seem to get more space than we do. Broad hint: class column lengths are determined by how many class members are magazine subscribers—a bonus that comes with your class dues. So pay your dues and send us your news! v Eileen BrillWagner,; Pepi F. Leids, pleids

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79 | Greetings from York, PA, and the new home of the Gould family. It has been an interesting and challenging six months for us as we get acquainted with a new state, new schools, new teams, and new jobs. For the most part our relocation has gone well and we are comfortably settled in. Bob has been marketing manager at Snyder’s of Hanover for about a year now and we joined him in our new home in Pennsylvania this summer. Brandon, our son, spent three weeks at Cornell this summer taking Democracy and its Discontents, taught by Nick Salvatore. He enjoyed the course and college life, but after three weeks in Class of ’26 Hall, he was glad to return to air conditioning and home cooking.He is now busy preparing college applications and will thankfully be done by the time this column is in print. Bob and I enjoyed being back on campus and visiting with Brad and Mary Maxon Grainger, MPS ’87.

Allison is a sophomore and is still swimming year-round for North Baltimore Aquatic Club. She is working hard to keep up with the many high caliber athletes she swims with, and hopes to swim in college someday. I recently accepted a position as a health educator with Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center in York. I will be teaching and developing youth programs on various topics for one of the premiere health education centers in the country. I am really excited about this change from solely focusing on nutrition.

Jordan Schell-Lambert, ME ’80, reports that his daughter Rachel is a proud member of the Class of 2007,majoring in Plant Science and taking advantage of many activities on campus, among which are a dance troupe and the Sailing Club. There are three legacies, including a trustee’s daughter, in her five-person unit in one of the new dorms! Jordan has been reestablishing contact with Alpha Delts from ’79 and ’80, including JeffWeiss, David Hahn ’80, and Steve Ritchey ’81.He also met up with fellow OR&IE Franklin Koh, who is a consultant in an information technology firm.

Randy Allgaier writes that he would love to hear from other Alpha Delts! He has been living in San Francisco for more than 15 years.He and his partner Lee Hawn celebrated their 15th anniversary this past September in the Languedoc region of France. Randy has been busy as a consultant on healthcare policy and nonprofit management. He recently completed a project for the National Association of People with AIDS and the Kaiser Family Foundation on HIV/AIDS and Medicare. He has also been appointed by San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown to the HIV Services Planning Council of San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin counties. Mayor Brown also appointed him as his representative to the Communities Advocating Emergency AIDS Relief (CAEAR) Coalition, a national advocacy group advocating for Ryan White CARE funding for AIDS programs. Randy was also the founder of the California Alliance for Pride and Equality (CAPE), which is California’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender organization, and is a member of the Board of Governors of the Human Rights Campaign. The nation’s largest gay and lesbian organization, the Human Rights Campaign provides a national voice on gay and lesbian issues. Randy can be reached at

From the East Coast, Marcie S. Gitlin ( writes that she is now happily ensconced as executive assistant to the president of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. The Museum, an actual tenement building on New York’s Lower East Side, is a national historic site, the only such urban building accorded that honor, whose mission is “to promote tolerance and historical perspective through the presentation and interpretation of the variety of immigrant and migrant experiences on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, a gateway to America.”Marcie writes that it’s a wonderfully vibrant, collegial, and committed institution. She assists the president with her many activities, represents her when required, and also leads weekly tours. Please do visit! On the personal front,Marcie still lives on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, volunteers as a “conversation partner”with nonnative English speakers, and is planning a return visit to Burma in January 2004.

Elina Hum Pratt ( writes that in November 2002 she relocated her tax law practice from Washington, DC, to Alexandria, VA. There are two lawyers in her firm, the Pratt Law Group PLLC. They service clients in the areas of estates, trusts, and probate law, business law, and IRS controversy and collections. Elina and husband Ted live in Manassas, VA, home of the Civil War battlefield. Ted has been a beekeeper since 1996, and the honey he produces won blue ribbons this year, the fifth year in a row. They travel to beekeepers meetings often, but missed the meeting in Ithaca last year. Laura Schuett has been appointed by County Executive Scott Walker to serve on a 13-member Lakefront Task Force. The task force will draft standards and criteria for further development on Milwaukee’s Lake Michigan shoreline.

In March 2002, Michael Curran (mcur retired from McLagan Partners after 19 years (and two acquisitions). He writes that a year on the beach proved to him that he should be careful what he wishes for in terms of early retirement. Earlier this year, he joined MGMC, a start-up consulting business focused on compensation in the financial services industry.He feels that starting from scratch is a scary proposition, but even more rewarding when you succeed.

It is only six months until our 25th Reunion, and the class is busy preparing for the biggest and best gathering of alumni ever. As part of this effort, regional pre-reunion events took place this fall in numerous cities including Ithaca, DC, Houston, NYC, and Philadelphia. University-wide events are scheduled to take place in NYC,Washington, Boston, and Chicago in April or May. Jeff Berg, MBA ’81, and wife Debra Paget hosted the first of nearly ten regional pre-reunion events on October 12 at their home in Westchester County, NY. Nearly 20 classmates and spouses attended, including Sandy Anderson, Jean Mischenko Condon, Ginny Groton Goelz, Steve and Sue Stein Klubock, Dan Mansoor, MBA ’80, and Joyce Rothschild ’80, Brian and Heidi Miller, Rich and Dana Sherman Novitch ’83, Anne Marie Reilly, Peter Robert, ME ’81, and Tom and Sally Van Leeuwen. Everyone had a great time and many agreed to get a block of seats together for the Cornell at Yale hockey game in New Haven on November 7.

Cornell research about reunion participation shows that there are three primary reasons why classmates return for reunion: to see other classmates, to see the campus, and “because someone asked them to come!” Brad and Mary Grainger would like you to know that you have such power over your classmates! Please consider getting in touch with your freshman dorm friends, your former lab partners, your Straight Break buddies, your friends from sports or clubs or Greek life, your Cornell friends from the first place you lived after college, etc. If you need to find an updated address for them, check out the online alumni directory on the website.

You’ll also find that the website features electronic postcards which might be a fun way to send messages to friends you want to encourage to meet you on campus next June 10-13 for our very special 25th Reunion! If you need help locating someone, feel free to contact Mary or Brad at or (607) 257-3268, or class VP Karen Mineo at or (609) 520-2025. You can also communicate with your class correspondents about locating long-lost friends and sending other news. Use the class e-mail address, or contact us directly. Please keep your news coming so we have lots to write about before reunion. v Kathy Zappia Gould,; and Cindy Ahlgren Shea,

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