JAN./FEB. 2005 VOLUME 107 NUMBER 4 Class Notes

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90 | Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but Ithaca is so delightful--in June! Winter may be here, but get ready for Fun in the Sun at our 15th Reunion, June 9-12, 2005.Mark your calendars for a fantastic family-friendly weekend. Registration packages will be mailed in March.Here's a sneak peak at what we have planned. We kick off the weekend Thursday night catching the sunset over Cayuga Lake atop the Johnson Museum.Do you remember Breakfast with President Rhodes as an undergrad? He's invited to our breakfast on Saturday. As night falls, we will be dining at Beebe Lake, rockin' to '80s music. But you don't have to wait until June to celebrate with classmates! Join us for the Class of '90 World Tour . . .Destination Ithaca '05. Pre-reunion events are being planned in Boston, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Princeton,Washington, DC, and San Francisco. Details of these events will be on the class website, Contact reunion co-chairs Carolyn DeWilde Casswell ( and Nadine Magac, MBA '01 ( if you would like to host a pre-reunion event in your town.

In the meantime, let's get caught up with our class news. Some time ago, John Hines reported that he had become engaged. But alas, magazine policy prevents us from announcing impending unions (or births) until after the events take place.Well, John and fellow '90 classmember Ka Sin Yeung "sealed the deal" in New Haven, CT, on August 3, 2003. In attendance were classmates GeoffWeinberg and Roman Dreyer. John and Ka Sin celebrated their first anniversary this past summer and are currently house-hunting in the New Haven area. John, please e-mail us again when you have a new home address and a new, ahem, little legacy to report! Wedding bells rang in May of last year for Stephanie Rowe and Scott Simmons of Knoxville, TN. Their nuptials were witnessed by Cheryl Donnelly Burgess '89, Karen Murray, Courtney Stark Vail '91, and Matt Schneider. Stephanie is hoping to reconnect with old friends this summer when she brings Scott to Cornell for the first time.Make your reunion plans with Stephanie at

Penny Smith Eifrig e-mailed us her news and a cute family photo. Penny married a "nice German guy,"Chris, in 1995, had their first daughter Saede in 1999 and second daughter Casie in 2003, and has been enjoying being self-employed in Berlin for over a decade. Regular readers of this column know that I love giving classmates plugs for their businesses, especially when there are Class of '90 perks involved! Penny and Chris's family business is called Knütes, a line of unique Polartec fleece clothing for kids and adults. Go shopping at and Penny promises free shipping for any Cornellians. Just drop her an e-mail with your order! When she's not translating and running the business, Penny is working on a PhD. Visitors to the Eifrigs' home in Germany have included Barbara Hurley, Steve Hawthorne, and Trish Kammerer. Penny tells us that Trish will be visiting again from Hungary, where she is living for a year. Anyone who wants to visit the Eifrig Haüs should do so soon, since they're considering a move to Pennsylvania for next school year!

The family of Scott and Jolynta Beijer just keeps on expanding. Twins Michael and Daniel, born May 19, 2004, bring the running total to five kids! Other families are growing as well, albeit at a somewhat slower pace. Carolyn Johnson Challoner let us know via the Class of '90 website that her offspring count had reached two with the birth of Reed Owen on April 16, 2004. Reed's brother Matthew is 4. Carolyn is project manager at Miller Electric Manufacturing Co. in Wisconsin. Lori Waddell, DVM '93, and husband David Puerto,DVM '93, had their second son,Nicholas Graham, on March 9, 2004. Big brother Alex is 3. Tamara NamDeckey and husband Jeffrey celebrated the arrival of Camille Elizabeth in Newport Coast, CA, on March 30, 2004, giving Isabella a new little sister. Deborah Goldstock Ringel, married to Doug '88, gave birth to baby Danny, who joined siblings Sam, 6, and Emily, 3.

Deborah's report of the members of her Theta book club reads like "Who's Who in the D.C.Metropolitan Area." Anjali Chaturvedi is doing a year-long detail for Senator Dianne Feinstein's judiciary committee; Kate Snow '91 is White House correspondent for "Good Morning America"; Lori Giuffre '91 is a veterinarian; Rebecca Warme Hamilton '91 is a professor at the U. of Maryland; Melissa Fast '88 is a trade analyst; and Christina Guerola Sarchio '91 is a partner at Howrey & Simon.

Other classmates are professionally accomplished as well. Scott Rodwin was elected president of the American Institute of Architects, Colorado North Chapter.He also recently received several national awards for excellence in sustainable residential design. Cynthia Loizides Weber, whose work also entails design, has recently branched into the area of hospital design, particularly in the New Haven area. David Kroll,MBA '96, has assumed the position of Senior Director-Pacific with the Wm.Wrigley Jr. Co. and relocated to Sydney,Australia. Jennifer Agnello Long is the owner of The Red Lion restaurant in Vail Village, CO. She has children Jessica, 7, and John, 5.

Alisa and I will see you in Ithaca! We'll be the ones rockin' around Beebe Lake with the big hair, Benetton, and shoulder pads--NOT! --Carole Moran Krus, clm42@cornell. edu; and Alisa Gilhooley,

91 | The past few months have been busy for the Class of '91. Classmates have been celebrating births, weddings, and new jobs, and in our spare time, we travel! We trust that as we ring in the New Year our fellow Cornellians will find much peace and happiness in 2005. However, before we become too entrenched in our New Year's resolutions, let's take a moment to reflect on the joyful events that befell our class over the past year.

For many, the New Year symbolizes rebirth, so it seems fitting to begin our recap by announcing the future generation of Cornellians! Jacqueline Zar Varona and husband Hector happily announce the birth of their second child, Jake, who was born last August. Big sister Isabella, who turned 2 in July, is happy to have a little brother. Michael Babcock and wife Amy, who reside in Brewster,NY, also have a new family member, as their son Jack was born in November 2003. Steve Goodweather of Houston, TX, writes that baby daughter Ella, born in December 2003, never ceases to delight and amaze her parents.

Rebecca Donovan Brown married husband James in June 2003 on Nantucket Island. Several Cornellians were in attendance to toast their nuptials, including Susie Skoglund Young and husband Brian, and Val and Cathy McKee Sribar with their newborn Ryan. Judy Zuidema also joins the new parent club as she announces the arrival of Anna. Judy and her husband Marco live in Italy, where Judy works for Diesel Spa Jeans & Fashion Retailer as the interiors architect for all US projects.

Several other classmates have been trotting 'round the globe. Andrea Belusko Hertzendorf, husband Michael, and family Caitlin, Cassidy, and Cade are stationed in Taegu, South Korea, for the next two years. Ina Kurcz writes that 2004 has been a very exciting year. She got engaged, quit her job, sold her apartment, and moved to Australia for seven months in order to travel extensively. Prior to leaving for the Down Under, she stopped by Scottsdale, AZ, to join her travel buddy Liz Rosenfeld for some quality time on the hiking trails and in the spa.

Kim Jordon Stone adds that she and husband RC are wrapping up an extended three-year European honeymoon courtesy of the US Navy. Both Kim and RC are stationed in Italy, where Kim serves as a family physician. She mentions that she bumps into classmates wherever she goes. In Bahrain, she ran into Mollie Finch Hunter, who lives there with her husband John, also in the US Navy. Kim and her husband also met Loretta Dougherty and Fred Gallo '90 in Ireland last July for a wonderful week of companionship.

Sharyn Talman married husband Robert last Labor Day weekend. Present at her wedding were classmates Amy Salman Meese with husband David, and Traci Kissel Helton with husband John. Sharyn lives in Wayne, NJ, where she is the vice president for human resources for Saint Barnabas Health Care System at Irvington General Hospital. But wait . . . there's more! Sharyn wasn't the only Cornellian to celebrate the end of summer with a plunge. Class officer Eric Bluman married Trimble Auger in Maine. The many and merry celebrants included fellow officers Paul Hayre and wife Jeannette Perez-Rossello. Paul noted that Eric was resplendent in his Nantucket Reds--apparently a New England tradition!

Class officer Corinne Kuchling recently accepted a marketing position at TransACT Communications, an educational software firm in Greater Seattle. In the vein of "having her cake and eating it too," she also was able to proceed with her plans for a three-week vacation during which she visited friends in Oxford and Paris, and then attended the wedding of fellow Cornellians Jay Cammermeyer '93 and Kendall Fisher, JD '96, at Martha's Vineyard last September. Over a dozen Cornellians were in attendance, and a great time was had by all despite the storms brought on by Hurricane Ivan.

Congratulations are due to Kimberly Schleman Selzman, who wrote to tell us that she completed her electrophysiology fellowship and took an assistant professor position at the U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where she lives with husband Craig. Shannon Bessette has also pursued a career in academia. She recently received tenure and was promoted to assistant professor of anthropology at Jamestown Community College in New York. Beyond her career, she keeps busy as the vice president of the Board of Directors for the Chautaugua County Humane Society.

David Berman issues an update from New York City, where he has been teaching English as a Second Language for the NYC Board of Education. Currently, he is teaching middle school students who hail from China, Hungary, Honduras, and Peru (to name a few). He and his wife Diane have been married for five years and have sons Ilon and Aaron.He reports that he is still in touch with Ben Goody, Nora Endlich '93, and Elliot Austin '92. Mike Baudendistel recently joined XOS Technologies, a sports technology firm located in Sanford, FL.Mike has taken the position of regional sales manager for the West Coast, PAC 10, and NFL--a great fit for a former Big Red football star whose team won the Ivy League championship twice during his college career!

Melisa Levitt recently became employed at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts after working with them for three years as a freelance consultant on healthcare and technology projects. She manages cross-functional initiatives in the arenas of preventive health, support for chronic disease management, and new technology implementation. She adds that last year's Boston-area Cornell Women's Brunch was wonderful and presented her with a great chance to connect with old friends and meet current students. She remarks, "It's amazing that the Class of 1991's ‘Cornell Experience' has been going on for 17 years! It has been great to continue meeting fabulous Cornellians of all ages in the years since graduation."

From regional alumni clubs to Zinck's Night to Reunion--there are many ways to reconnect with your former classmates.Maybe you've found a nugget of interest within this column.We hope that you are inspired to write to us and share your news as well! -- Corinne Kuchling,; Dave Smith,; and Nina Rosen Peek,

92 | Howdy, Class of '92! I've been awful busy since I last wrote to you. I'll give you the short report. I was on the "Today" show with Katie Couric talking about stay-at-home moms reentering the workforce. It was fun and also a great opportunity to plug the parenting magazine that I co-founded. Speaking of the magazine, we were nominated as a finalist for a Stevie Award for Women Entrepreneurs in the category of Best Company Website of the Year. Exciting, eh? I am also featured as Working Mother magazine's "Stylish Mom" in the November 2004 issue, and I was interviewed about my media company, WilPower Enterprises Inc., on OK. I've plugged enough. I'm still chasing my four kids around, writing, singing,modeling, and desperately seeking a minute to take a pottery class. I'll keep you all posted on that one. Now I'll give your other classmates a chance to get a word in edgewise. On to more news!

Carl Oronsky writes that he has several bits of happy news to report: "Most importantly,my wife Jodi and I had a baby boy, Isaac Joshua, on September 19, 2003. He's a great kid--even nice enough to sleep through the night at 10 weeks! I also have a new job and title. I am now HR director for a small plastics manufacturer just outside of San Francisco.And finally, after five long years, I graduated two months ago with an MBA from San Francisco State U. Safe to say I am done with school for a long while!"Congrats, Carl! Randall McMillan reports, "In my role at Island Def Jam, this is the time of year when we are busy getting together our new album releases for the fourth quarter."He has been actively working on the legal aspects of new album releases by LL Cool J, Ashanti, Ja Rule, Jay-Z, and R. Kelly.

Seth Isenberg ( started a new position in September with SAP America Inc.'s consulting arm as the manager responsible for mid-markets in the Pacific Northwest. "I love it.Great job! Great company!" he exclaims."My daughter Beryl is 6 months old, and my son Fisher is now 3.My wife Amber and I are staying very busy with them here in scenic Portland, OR.We took a pack trip with the kids, using llamas, into the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness Area for a week at the end of August before I started my job. Incredible. Eric Wagner and I stay in close touch, especially about my Red Sox vs. the Yankees in the ALCS. I'm also active in the Cornell Club of Oregon and Southwest Washington."

Habiba Tunau ( tells us, "After 12 years my husband Kenton Spencer '93 returned to Cornell to visit.We were impressed by its beauty, the number of new dorms, and upgrades like RPU--which now looks very high-tech with all the flat-screen TVs.We happened to be in the neighborhood, so to speak, after a job interview in Elmira." Shortly after graduation,Habiba moved to Los Angeles to be with Kenton (they've now been married for ten years). After the last major Northridge earthquake, they moved to Charleston, SC, where Habiba attended medical school and had their first son. "We were excited to leave the hurricanes behind and return to NYC, where I completed residency training in internal medicine and had two more babies along the way."After taking a year off to be a stay-at-home mum to three young children, Habiba is returning to work full-time as an internist for a multi-specialty group in Elmira. "I look forward to getting involved with Cornell and helping to inspire any future doctors. I also look forward to hearing from any old [no offense--she meant ‘former'] classmates."

Michelle Struble Bouton's news was practically jumping off the page. Here's what she told us: "Tons of news! My husband and I have two beautiful children: Megan Noelle, born Dec. 9, 2002, and Matthew Robert, born Jan. 27, 2004. I quit my job after Megan was born and was surprised to find out that I was pregnant again! With two kids only 14 months apart, life here is busy and exciting.We just relocated from Buffalo, NY, to Cleveland, OH, where my husband Scott will be working at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in the ER.Moving here has reunited me with my friend and fellow Cornellian (and class correspondent) Carole Moran Krus '90. She has made the move to a new city so much more enjoyable."

And hearing from classmates makes my life a little more enjoyable. No, really! I know it sounds corny, but it's true.Hearing good things infects me with a smile 100 percent of the time. Don't you want to inflict a smile on your classmates? Write in and let's all get smiley! Write to us! Until next time: Be a light, and be well. -- Wilma Ann Anderson,; Renee Hunter Toth,; and Debbie Feinstein,

93 | Happy 2005, everyone! As we head out of 2004, it amazes me to think that it was 15 years ago that we were freshmen! Somehow I still think of myself as a recent college grad, but perhaps we are not really so "recent" anymore. College friends I met freshman year have now become long-term friends who remain an integral part of my life. It's amazing how four years of college can affect your life for many years to come.

With that musing, it's on to the news. The mailbag is a little thin this time around, but I look forward to my next column when all your News and Dues forms should be flowing in. Please remember that you can always send your most recent news via e-mail to either of your correspondents so that the most up-to-date information gets into the column.

Allison Waxberg e-mailed that she married Marc Milgrom '94 at a ceremony by the sea in Monmouth Beach, NJ, on September 5. Even though the couple both attended Cornell, they didn't meet until after graduation at a gathering for the Young Entrepreneurs Association at the Cornell Club in Manhattan. Cornellians in attendance included Tammi Miller Fox '94, Russell '88, BArch '88, and Marni Runyon Kriegel '90, and Loren Altshuler Sapira '89. The couple lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Allison continues to work as a product designer for Lifetime Hoan in Westbury, NY, a company that makes kitchen gadgets and housewares for KitchenAid and Cuisinart. Prior to changing her career to design, Allison had worked as a skin scientist in the cosmetics industry.

Joyce Dietrich married Christophe Lanham on August 28, 2004 in Baltimore,MD. Also in attendance from the class were Daisy Delogu, Cindy Wei-Yi Tung, Abigail Wilentz, and James, MD '97, and Kara Gaetano Babashak. Joyce and Chris live in Baltimore, where Joyce practices as an internist and pediatrician at a local primary care clinic. Joyce added that Cindy gave birth to baby Josephine on April 18. Cindy and her husband live in Demarest, NJ. Abby, Cindy, and Joyce were roommates all four years at Cornell.

Finally, Susan Kim sends in the following update. "Aloha! It's been over 10 years since graduation and I just wanted to share some news of the last couple years of my life. 1) I moved to the beautiful island of Maui. I surf and paddle and am learning how to garden. 2) I got married to a wonderful man named Scot, and we have a pet cockatiel named Phineas.And 3) I started my own business as a personal and professional life coach ( I do workshops and seminars locally, but as a phone coach I have clients from all over the world--from Hawaii to New York to Europe! My clients are professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to enhance their lives and their careers. I love what I do as a coach, but more importantly, when I'm not working, I live on Maui! A hui hou (Until we meet again)!"

If you haven't already done so, please pay your class dues and send us your news! Have a happy, healthy, and safe new year!--Yael Berkowitz Rosenberg,; and Erica Fishlin Fox,

94 | Send news to --Dineen PashoukosWasylik,; Dika Lam,; and Jennifer Rabin Marchant,

95 | Happy New Year! Six months and counting now till our big 10th Reunion! Several columns ago, we initiated an idea to help get everyone excited for June 9- 12 and we're kicking it off in this column as a way to start the new year and the official countdown.

What we asked was for you to let us know (when you send your news updates) who you'd most like to reconnect with at reunion. In this issue and the next two, we'll be printing those responses so you can get your old gang back together in time for the June festivities!

And speaking of festivities, we have another wave of weddings among our classmates! Scott Klein writes in that he was married July 18 in Santa Monica, CA, to a Wharton grad ("the Ivy geeks that we are!") and that he also attended the wedding of Joseph DiTalia in Woodbury, NY, on September 25. Joe works for Citigroup and recently got his executive MBA from Columbia. Scott has been working as a business and systems analyst at American Honda Motors in Torrance, CA, for the past two years. Scott writes that he is looking forward to reunion and "for all those bettors who thought I would still be a wild bachelor when the 10-year came around . . . well, at least you would lose money on the bachelor part!"

Another classmate who recently lost his bachelorhood is Jed Axelrod, whose October 9 wedding to Maria Granda in St. Pete Beach, FL,Matt French, ME '96, and I had the pleasure of attending. Both Jed and Maria are doctors in Buffalo, NY, Jed halfway through his residency in orthopaedic surgery and Maria a practicing pediatrician. Also in attendance: groomsman Todd Hodgman who, at the time of this writing, was working for a pharmaceutical startup called Healthology in New York City and had recently celebrated his own one-year wedding anniversary (July 12, 2003); and Jason Nicoll, a lawyer for a hedge fund in Orange County, NY, and his wife Laura Welch '96, who have a 2-year-old daughter Katherine. Michelle Johnson Coon ( got married in April 2003 to a friend from graduate school and has been living for the past five years in Washington, DC, doing policy research. She "would love to hear from Cornell friends and family."

This past April, Stephen Przynosch (, a family medicine doctor in Toledo, OH, married his now-wife Tammy in her hometown of Ann Arbor, MI. Steve's brother Robert '96 was his best man, and brother David was the other groomsman. Longtime friend and fellow Cornellian Toshiki Matsui, a dentist in Washington, DC, who was also married not long ago (August 2003), was also in the wedding. Stephen Koster, MPA '96, and his wife Ana Lydia (Rodriguez) '96 made the trip up as well. Steve and Ana recently celebrated the birth of their first son, Alexander Louis. Classmate Dave Beck ( writes that he attended the May wedding of Jim Wilson in New Jersey, along with classmates Mike Kuhse and Cornelius Jackson. Dave works for Wrigley in Chicago, where he is managing a team responsible for launching new confections products while he completes his MBA in the evenings at Kellogg.

In the "better late than never" category, Eric Sherman sent news of his December 15, 2002, wedding to Nancy Eisenstein, attended by classmates Kaushik Datta, Jeff Glickman, Ira Kaplan, Jon Marston, Elyse Michelson, Randi Rivner, Scott Sanderson, and David Zeitlin, as well as Steven Berg '89, Eric Golus '92, Jodi Krantz '96, and Ross '96 and Beth Rubenstein Goldstein '97. Eric and Nancy live in Manhattan, where Eric is an actuary at New York Life Insurance Company. The couple just had a baby boy, Jared Evan, on June 2.

More new Cornell parents are fellow Manhattanites David and Elissa Tolle Lefkowitz, who welcomed son Noah Matthew on August 20.Moving from downstate to upstate New York (literally, they moved from Huntington, Long Island, to Lake Placid in July 2003) is Matthew Norfolk (, whose wife Darcy gave birth to their first child, Rowen Matthew, on July 2.Writes the proud new dad,"He is the joy of our life and a huge Cornell lacrosse fan."Matt, now a country lawyer, also says that the family will be attending the 10th Reunion in June and that he would love to see his fellow ATO brothers, as well as his teammates from the men's lacrosse team.

In Chicago, Michelle Wasserman and husband David Smith had a baby girl, Yael Brianna, on August 15. David works as an attorney while Michelle is ABD (all but dissertation) in clinical psychology. Finally, in news of the Classmate Rich and Famous . . . Marshall Hudes, the owner of a pizzeria in Dallas, TX, was spotted on reality TV as a contestant on "The Amazing Race 5." Get the full scoop on how he and his teammate, brother Lance, did at

That's all for now.Watch your mail and e-mail IN-boxes for more reunion updates and registration information! -- Alison Torrillo French,; Abra Benson, Class website,

96 | Happy New Year! I am writing this column in October while on assignment in St. Petersburg, Russia--a place so unbelievably gray and wet this time of year that it makes London (my home these days) look like Tuscany. Did I mention that the Internet connection at my hotel is slower than the Russian bureaucracy and more expensive than a Faberge egg? Almost enough to make me wish for a nice wait (and a little glaring at anyone who appeared to be taking too long) in the computer room at Uris Library . . .

OK, not quite.

Anyway, brace yourselves,my friends, for the Nearly All Wedding column (favors not included). But first, a bit of non-wedding news. Christina Paulitz writes from Pensacola, FL, that she is currently working on a master's degree in computer science at U. ofWest Florida. After much pleading for news on my part, Amanda Ripley writes: "Lisa Green has finished her PhD and started a healthcare policy consulting firm in D.C. Becca Kornfeld is doing PR for the MS Society in New York, so donate early and often. Aileen Gariepy is a chief resident at Thomas Jefferson U.Hospital in Philadelphia. Tamar Duvdevani is clerking for a judge in New York.After years of consulting and business school, Gavin Leung got his dream job working at a toy company. OK, so it meant he had to move to Florida, but he gets to play with toys! As for me, I have returned, reluctantly, from France and am back at Time in New York, writing about homeland security, the presidential election, and other American curiosities."

And, also thanks to Amanda, we have news of . . .Wedding One: A hearty band of U-Hall 2 alumni gathered in San Diego this past spring for Sabrina Falquier's wedding to Philippe Montgrain. Alan Bowes, Tamar Duvdevani, Aileen Gariepy, Amanda Ripley, and Becca Kornfeld were all there to represent. Sabrina's husband, a fellow doctor, is, luckily, as kind and goofy as his new wife. They work long hours, but in their free time they get to walk on the beach, so it's all good.

Wedding Two: In August, Madeline Infante married Konstantin Huypen in Pittsburgh, where they're living. Guests included Christie Kaefer, Christine Lydon, Chris Rakov, ME '97, Brad Romine, Demetrios Kotsikopoulous '95, Yulun Yang '97, Sara Kaminski '97, and Laurie Mandell '97.Wedding Three: Christine Lydon married Chris Rakov Oct. 16 on Long Island. In November, they'll move to Virginia Beach, where Chris is stationed with the Navy.

Wedding Four: Afra Afsharipour married Diego Valderrama '95 on Oct. 8 in San Francisco--in the room where the UN charter was signed, in fact.Afra works as a lawyer for Davis Polk and Wardwell. Diego is an economist with the San Francisco Federal Reserve. Best man was Eric Feliberti '95, and bridesmaids included Elizabeth Bard and Jennifer Chou. Another bridesmaid, Stephanie Gunther Afsharipour,married Afra's little brother in August, thus keeping Cornell in the family. Other Cornellians in attendance: Betsy Levine and Jessica Andrews.

Wedding Five (courtesy of the New York Times): Robert Cunjak married Susan Dunn on Aug. 7 in New York. The couple met at Harvard, where they both got MBAs. Robert is an assistant VP of Sankaty Advisors, the bond investment affiliate of Bain Capital, where he invests in companies that deal with oil and gas, environmental services, and health care. Susan is an analyst in Harvard's real estate group.

Please, please, please send your news. Not only can you see your name in glorious, bold print, but I will absolutely owe you one for saving me from my Cornell-honed last-minute racing-around to dig up something to turn in. You can put it on my tab, OK? -- Courtney Rubin,; Sheryl Magzamen,; and Allie Cahill, For updated class events, news, and resources, visit

97 | Due to the inevitable time delay between when I write this column and when you read it, I am currently enjoying a beautiful fall day here in Chicago, while some of you will have snow (and possibly lots of it) on the ground when you read it. Think warm thoughts and read about the latest adventures of your classmates!

Eunny Carl Cook ( writes of a number of visitors to her home on the beautiful island of Maui. Rachel LavemanManne and her husband Eric visited Eunny in April 2003 while on their honeymoon and enjoyed the surf. Katie Fallon won a free trip anywhere and chose to visit Maui--and Eunny--and also learned to surf. A number of other Cornellians have also visited and joined, as Eunny called it, the "Maui Surf Club"! When not entertaining guests, Eunny is teaching money management seminars through Mass Mutual at U. of Hawaii,Maui.

Moving up on the job ladder is Oliver Delgado, who was recently promoted to regional director of SCORE!'s New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia centers. SCORE!, a division of Kaplan Inc., announced that Oliver will be managing the performance of 20 of SCORE!'s after-school centers for children in grades K-10. Also having career success is Cristian Castillo-Davis ( Having graduated from Harvard U. in Fall 2003 with a PhD in organismic and evolutionary biology, Cristian founded Gene Merge Inc. to promote and sell his genomic software and database for analysis of genetic data. He is also doing a second post-doc in the Dept. of Statistics at Harvard. His education and entrepreneurial work has taken him to many countries and prestigious universities to present on his work.He has also been published in numerous scientific journals, including Science, Genome Research, and Molecular Biology and Evolution. Congratulations to both Oliver and Cristian on all of their hard work!

As usual, we wanted to update you on all of the weddings taking place around the country. Thanks to the New York Times for the following three updates.Wedding bells chimed for Douglas Cullen and Rachel Nelson on May 25, 2003. The couple was married in Washington, DC, and resides in New York City, where Doug is a senior sales executive at Video Network Communications. Also tying the knot in 2003 were Catherine Vuong and Bobby Lee. They exchanged vows on June 15 in Tarrytown, NY. StefanMarcus joined his partner Jonas Karp for a commitment ceremony on May 31, 2003 in New York City. The couple both work in Manhattan, where Stefan is an analyst with Morgan Stanley and Jonas is an associate at the law firm of Brown Raysman Millstein Felder & Steiner.

Celebrating a fall union were Chris Braceland ( and his bride Christine Aman on October 4, 2003. They were joined by a number of Cornellians, including classmate Andrew Cahalane. Chris and Christine ran into fellow Cornellian and honeymooner Dan Bilzor '95 while in Hawaii.Venturing to Kauai, HI, for their August 2003 wedding were Mei Lee Gallagher ( and Doug Purvis.Mei Lee and Doug live in Chandler, AZ, where Mei Lee works for Amersham Biosciences and is working on her master's in bioengineering at Arizona State U. Doug is an engineering manager at Motorola and also a master's student at ASU in materials science. Despite their busy work and educational schedules, they still have time to enjoy leisure activities, such as scuba diving, snowboarding, hiking, and spending time with their two dogs. Their chihuahua Petey won third place out of 100 other chihuahuas in the 2003 Chandler Cinco de Mayo races.Way to go, Petey!

This past June 26 saw Kristin Perkins ( tie the knot with Nick Mesires in Jenkintown, PA. Of course, whenever two Cornellians join together in matrimony, you get a crazy reception full of classmates! Contributing to the festivities were groomsman Andy Fitzpatrick and his wife Jeni (Orendorff), both MBA '03, groomsman Dave Tipton and his wife Donna (Paribello), JoelWeiman and Erica Shingara, Scott Zuchorski,Matt Sabanosh, Wendy Miller, Allison Dubois, and James and Maria Zavala Trujillo. After a honeymoon in Greece, Kristin and Nick returned to Boston to continue their studies for their PhDs in biomedical sciences at Boston U. School of Medicine and Tufts U. School of Medicine, respectively.

Finally, on a personal note, I want to congratulate my husband (and classmate) Josh Carter on completing his first marathon. Josh ran the Chicago Marathon on October 10, 2004.While I think he has gone crazy, he is already talking about trying more marathons in the future.

Send updates! Stories about you, your kids, your pets. Your favorite Cornell spot.What do you really miss sometimes? (Mmmm . . . Hot Truck.) What do you hope you never see/do again? (Organic Chemistry!) We'll take it all!--Sarah Deardorff Carter,; and Erica Broennle Nelson, Class website: http:classof97.

98 | Happy New Year, classmates! Jonah Proujansky-Bell, aka Jonah Probell, is doing well. Jonah founded Ultra Data Corporation ( in 2003 to design microprocessors to be used inside next-generation consumer video products such as DVD players and satellite receivers. The company has grown to seven people and will soon have things to sell! Elizabeth Min-Jung Choi wants you to enjoy! After graduation, she went to NYU for her master's degree in broadcast journalism. She is currently a producer at CNN in New York, where she writes and produces business news pieces. In June, Lisa Diane Held was awarded the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM). Since then, Lisa has been doing an internship at Delaware County Memorial Hospital.

That same month, Maria Mastri married Ben Scrivens in Rochester, NY. Cornell '98 couples in attendance were Adam and Michelle RothmanWilen, Amy Steves and Brian Kelley, and Amit '97 and Danielle Nedwetzky Rao. Danielle and Amit traveled to London back in July. Danielle is a practicing dentist in Massachusetts, and Amit continues to work for an engineering testing company in Boston. They relayed that Janet Yu is practicing dentistry in Manhattan. Erin Dodd has been a star in submitting news. During the day, Erin works as a development officer at NYU. By night, she is pursuing her master's in arts administration. She and Heather O'Dea were planning an excursion to Saratoga back in August.We never heard back if she won or lost loose money on the horses.We wish her the best of luck this year.

One day in May, an ecstatic Kara Levi Zlotnick graduated from the U. of Illinois, Chicago with a PhD in clinical psychology. She is currently doing a postdoctoral fellowship in the pediatric psychiatry dept. at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Husband Matthew '97 is a senior resident in anesthesiology at the same hospital. The couple lives in NYC and is in touch with Josh Hecht, Margot Kornblith Nadel, and Lauren Israel Siegal. Lauren became a mother back in November. Lauren and husband Steve had baby boy Daniel. He was reported to be very cute. Renata Araujo and husband Jaime Estupinan '94, PhD '00, welcomed their first daughter, Ana Gabriela, on May 15, 2004. In that same month, Renata also received her MBA from Columbia U. She is now taking some time off to be with the baby. She keeps in touch with Ianthe Nelson Sarrazin and got to see her over July 4 weekend.

Yu Hin Felix Lau got married at sunset in Sonoma Valley, CA, on September 17. The wedding was attended by Karen Tang, Lester Wong, ME '99, Jonathan Yu, Wai Kwong Sam Lee, MS '98, Chun-Tsung Terence Choy, MS '98, and Richard Ng '96. Felix is a consultant and enjoys married life in Jersey City. The couple honeymooned in Italy after the wedding. Jonathan Yu has lots to do. As an actuary working at AIG, Jonathan continues to be busy preparing for his actuarial exams. Best of luck! Juan Felipe Rincon recently graduated from Georgetown U. with a master's degree in communication, culture, and technology. Juan Fe currently works for Nextel in Northern Virginia and spends a lot of his free time building sets for local theatre.

And that's all the news from 2004.May the new year bring you joys, take you to new adventures, and push you to new heights! Don't forget to share them with us.We are just a "send" button away. Looking forward to all your stories! -- Erica Chan,; and Gregg Herman,

99 | Get Real, '99ers! Nowadays, with the flick of a switch at prime time you can trade spaces, faces, and spouses. Big Brother is watching while we beat "The Apprentice," bate "The Bachelor," and thrive on "Survivor." But the best reality check is at Real World, Cornell. This is the story (true story) of several hundred Cornellians who graduated in 1999 and took the world by the reins in their pursuit of grad school, good jobs, and great things!

Dream Job. Move over, Connie Chung. Jamie Roth has been on assignment since the start of 2004, reporting for WFSB-TV, the CBS affiliate in Hartford, CT. From Arkansas to Alabama to her home sweet home of Connecticut, Star Reporter Roth has spent the past five years live on the scene, covering everything from politics to crime to education. Swapping D.C. for NYC, Melanie Gracye Acostavalle daydreams of her chance to be in hot pursuit of that perfect scoop while attending Columbia U.'s Graduate School of Journalism.

The Simple Life? If they moo, she will come. No, not Paris and Nicky--Caroline Barnum, recent graduate of the Ohio State College of Vet Med in June '04. Caroline is currently completing her internship at OSU in farm animal medicine and surgery. And who said the life of the house cat was simple? Heather Hillman, associate veterinarian at Gansett Animal Hospital in East Providence, knows that taking care of our companion felines is anything but. Heather took her new role as Rhode Island's pet savior after finishing up her small animal medicine and surgery internship in Rochester, NY, this past July.

The Apprentice. How exactly do you make real hair resemble a toupée? Stacey Cintado's in the know, working for Altria while completing her MBA part-time at NYU's Stern School of Business.Meanwhile, do-gooder and good friend Laura Commike, a candidate of Stanford U.'s MBA program, spent her summer in Chile with Endeavor, a nonprofit dedicated to stimulating and supporting entrepreneurship in global markets.Working 9 to 5 and then some, Penny Bougadis Tsekouras juggles her role at Morgan Stanley with her part-time MBA at NYU. The one to really look out for is international boardroom haunt Christine Ng, who worked briefly in London for Credit Suisse First Boston. Earning her MBA at NYU along with Tim Bush '98 and the rest of our class (or so it seems), Christine left the suit and heels behind during her recent trip to Latvia, where she and her boyfriend visited his home and went mushroom picking and hiking. If you ask me, all these fine business folk should up the stakes, turn the tables, and fire Trump for a change!

Newlyweds. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey aren't the only ones living happily ever after. Especially after this summer! Janae Aubrecht and Christopher Barrett married on June 27, 2004 at the Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola at Boston College in Chestnut Hill, MA. The reception was held at the World Trade Center in Boston, filled to the brim with Cornellians, including maid of honor Rebecca Orlando '00 and bridesmaid Tara Weaver, not to mention the bulk of the bride's family who all made the Big Red their alma mater throughout the years. A few weeks later, these newlyweds made the pilgrimage back to Ithaca for Tara Weaver's wedding to Christopher Bobble on July 17, 2004.

For Love or Money . . . especially in medicine and business! Med-residents and B-schoolers mixed, matched, and got hitched this past summer. In May '04, Melissa Crawford married Robert Kennedy, escorted down the aisle by familiar Cornell faces in their wedding party including Rachel Barrett, Michaela Rosenholz, Lex Smith, Jon Miller, Jason Bobby '00, and Jim Monagle '98. The Kennedys honeymooned in Italy, and now live in NYC, where Melissa, a graduate of Stony Brook Medical School, is a pediatrics resident at Mount Sinai Hospital, and beau Rob works as a senior regional business analyst at TAP Pharmaceuticals.

Matthew and Erin O'Hare Lindenberg tied the knot in the company of friends and family on Independence Day this year in Rockleigh, NJ.After honeymooning in Hawaii, the couple settled down in NYC, where Erin is a second-year pediatrics resident at Montefiore Children's Hospital, while Matt, who received his MBA from the ever-popular NYU (the B-school of champions), has jump-started his new career as a marketing executive at American Express. Don't leave home without it! American Express consultant, Rhiannon Fernald Bakk-Hansen started work with the credit card mogul in July, where she deals with construction litigation and capital asset depreciation and allocation. Rhiannon married her husband Erik in October 2003, whom she had met while on co-op in Chicago. The couple spent their honeymoon down under in New Zealand, and have since enjoyed married life together in Illinois.

The Amazing Race. These folks hit the floor running and aren't stopping anytime soon--from Cornell to med school to the aisle, some holding two receptions, and a honeymoon to boot! Our forerunners include Troy Gorman, who married his Vanderbilt med school sweetheart Darcie Reasoner in March '04. Troy and Darcie graduated shortly afterwards and are now hard at work in their respective residencies at the U. of Utah Affiliated Hospitals in Salt Lake City.Also keeping up to speed, Neil Fernandes married his U. of Texas Southwest Medical School sweetie Devin Mitchell in Dallas on May 29, 2004, holding a dual reception in Dallas and Napa Valley, CA.Around the same time he said his vows,Neil managed to graduate from med school, complete his internship in internal medicine at the Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, and then in July, start his residency in radiology at the U. of Texas. They're all winners in my book. But Neil might take the cake here.

Well, folks, it certainly doesn't get any better than real life! Keep sending us news!--Melanie "Keepin' it Real"Arzt,; Jennifer Sheldon, jls33@cornell. edu; Jess Smith,


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