Alumni Deaths

'21 BS Ag--Grace H. Smith of Denmark, ME,May 8, 2001.

'24-27 GR--Elizabeth Buss Becker of Schenevus, NY, October 17, 2005; seamstress.

'30 BS Ag, PhD '38--Fred C. Baker of Lee's Summit, MO, December 15, 2005; active in alumni affairs.

'30-31 GR--Monroe M. Sweetland of Milwaukie, OR, September 10, 2006; former Oregon legislator; newspaper and magazine publisher; former political director ofWestern states, Nat'l Education Assn.; veteran; promoted Bilingual Education Act of 1968; active in civic, community, and professional affairs.

'35-37 GR--Erben A. Jenkins of Westhampton Beach, NY, August 10, 1988.

'36 BEE--Henry S. Godshall Jr. of St. Simons Island, GA, February 24, 2006; retired Scott Paper executive; veteran; active in civic, community, professional, and alumni affairs. Kappa Sigma.

'37, BS Ag '42--Frederick J. Boomhower of York, PA, June 25, 2002.

'37 BS HE--Helen Cothran Clark of Mount Dora, FL, September 3, 2004.

'37, BS Ag '38--Henry P. Finlay of Bradenton, FL, April 11, 2006; retired stockbroker; veteran. Delta Tau Delta.

'37--Michael G. Fritz of Dobbs Ferry, NY, July 12, 1995.

'37--Constance Seely Lane of Flanders, NJ,March 25, 2004; retired director, Roxbury Public Library; active in religious affairs.

'38 BS Ag--Arthur F. Burdin of Lodi, NY, September 9, 2006; retired senior probation officer; active in alumni affairs.Wife, Lena (Hunt) '44.

'38 BME--L. Bruce Darling of Naples, FL, formerly of Rochester, NY, April 1, 2006. Sigma Nu.

'38 MD--Elizabeth Stout Rausch of Windermere, FL,May 25, 2006; physician.

'39--John A.Horan of Sebastian, FL, July 29, 2006; sales manager, Ames Rubber Corp.; veteran; active in religious affairs. Delta Chi.

'39 BA--John R.Macdonald of Phoenixville, PA, June 9, 2006; production control mgr., Phoenixville Steel Corp.; active in civic, community, religious, and alumni affairs. Cayuga Lodge.

'39 BA--Lewis E. Rossiter of Glencoe, IL, April 10, 2006. Beta Theta Pi.

'39--Karl H. Zornig of Largo, FL, August 25, 2006; retired Colonel, US Army; business mgr.,Montgomery County, MD, public schools; veteran. Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

'40 MA--Elizabeth Currie Berten of Durham, CT, September 10, 2006; high school teacher of French, English, and Latin; active in civic, community, professional, and religious affairs.

'40--Nils G. Brekke of Sun City Center, FL, August 22, 2006.

'40 BA--Robert D. Brennan of Geneva, NY, July 14, 2006; businessman; active in alumni affairs. Phi Delta Theta.

'40-42 SP Ag--James F. Hoag of Hoosick Falls, NY, September 10, 2006; retired from Oak Mitsui; farmer; highway superintendent; active in civic, community, and religious affairs.

'40--Helen Greenberg Scolaro of Staten Island, NY, January 9, 2006.

'40 BME--Thomas M.Ware of Wilmette, IL, August 21, 2006; former CEO, Int'l Minerals & Chemical Corp.; industrial engineer; active in civic, community, and professional affairs. Delta Kappa Epsilon.

'40 BA--MichaelWaslenko of Melbourne, FL, September 24, 2006.

'41--Catherine Grant Benton of West Hartford, CT, formerly of Unionville, CT, September 6, 2006; former Farm Bureau employee; active in religious affairs.

'41--Gerald L.Wells of Albion, NY, April 1, 2006.

'41 BS Ag,MEd '48, PhD '51--James S.Wittman Jr. of Waynesville, NC, September 4, 2006; professor of sociology, Louisiana College,West Georgia College, and Western Kentucky U.; veteran; active in community, religious, and alumni affairs.

'42 BA--Laura McIntire Bowling of Gloucester, MA, February 19, 2006. Alpha Omicron Pi.

'42--John C.Holley of Lake Placid, NY, June 7, 2006. Psi Upsilon.

'42 BA, JD '47--Gen.Myron S. Lewis of East Rochester, NY, September 6, 2006; special asst. to the Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs; staff judge advocate and chief of staff, 98th Div.; commanded 4th Brigade of 98th Div.; attorney; active in professional and alumni affairs.

'42 BS Ag--Harold E. Outhouse of Canandaigua, NY, June 15, 2006; dairy farmer; taught high school agriculture; active in community and religious affairs.

'43 BA, MA '50--William H.Hopple Jr. of Cincinnati, OH, September 3, 2006; teacher; administrator; director of development, Cincinnati Country Day School; veteran; author; active in civic, community, professional, and alumni affairs. Sigma Chi.

'43 BS Ag--Melvin I. Kolker of Elkins Park, PA, April 18, 2006. Tau Delta Phi.

'45--Robert S. Epstein of Port Washington, NY, January 14, 2006.

'45 BCE--Samuel E. Haines Jr. of Chalfont, PA, June 4, 2006; operated F. D. Hartzels Sons Co.; port engineer, Reading Railroad; veteran; active in civic, community, and religious affairs. Chi Epsilon.

'45--James E.Hercinger of Omaha, NE, August 17, 2006.

'45--Marcella Peterson Spry of Rochester, NY, February 28, 2005.

'46 BA--Claire Spangenberger Lyons of Fernandina Beach, FL,March 28, 2006.

'47--Helen Bradford Barrett of Baldwinsville, NY, September 3, 2006; special education and home economics teacher,West Genesee Schools; active in civic, community, professional, and religious affairs. Pi Beta Phi.

'47, BS Ag '46--Kenneth R. Davies of Nicholson, PA,May 9, 2006; owner, K-9 Corral and Tack Shop; Scott Township supervisor; active in civic and community affairs.

'47 BA--Harvey L. Jacobs of Brooklyn, NY, August 15, 2006; attorney. Zeta Beta Tau.

'47 BS HE--Lois Haigh Mann of South Salem, NY, August 27, 2006. Delta Delta Delta.

'47, BArch '48--David F. Potter of Boulder, CO, June 25, 2006; architect; retired, U. of Colorado planning. Tau Beta Phi.

'48 BS ILR--Matthew J. Bolger Jr. of Edison, NJ, June 7, 2004; retired football and baseball coach, Rutgers U.; also coached football at Brown U.; operated a summer baseball camp, Del Barton Prep School; veteran; active in civic, community, and professional affairs.

'48 BCE--Kenneth J. Eshbach of Reading, PA, August 6, 2006; president, Eshbach Bros.; civil engineer; veteran; active in civic, community, and religious affairs.

'48 BCE--Robert F.Mueller of Clermont, FL, September 9, 2006; active in alumni affairs. Alpha Phi Omega.Wife,Marjorie (Wright) '48.

'48 BCE--Leroy C.Norem of Valparaiso, IN, April 20, 2006; worked for Bethlehem Steel.

'49 BS ILR--Bruce E. Care of Aliquippa, PA, April 22, 2006. Lambda Chi Alpha.

'49 PhD--Daniel Kading of Austin, TX, and Gambier, OH, September 6, 2006; philosophy professor, Kenyon College and U. of Texas, Austin; veteran; active in professional affairs.

'49 MS--James T. Lazar Jr. of Charlotte, NC, September 10, 2006; retired professor of dairy science, Clemson U.; veteran; active in civic, community, professional, and religious affairs.

'49 BA--Winifred Parker Richards (Mrs. Kurt F. '48) of North Olmsted, OH, August 20, 2006.

'49 MS HE--Isobel Gibson Searls (Mrs. Elmer N., PhD '49) of Victoria, British Columbia, August 5, 2006.

'50 BCE--Louis C. Amadio of Vero Beach, FL, formerly of Westport, CT, August 21, 2006; civil engineer; veteran.

'50 B Chem E--Thomas J. Gorman of Monmouth Beach, NJ, April 7, 2006; worked for Price Waterhouse, Colgate-Palmolive, and Permacel Tape Co.; veteran. Sigma Phi Epsilon.

'50 BME--Thomas N. Kasabali of Huntington Beach, CA, January 26, 2005; retired executive. Tau Beta Phi.

'51 B Chem E--Walter H. Gloor of Dayton, OH, September 8, 2006.

'51 JD--Eugene D.D. LeFevre of Saratoga, CA, July 18, 2006; attorney.

'51 BS ILR--Abraham Lipp of São Paulo, Brazil, June 1, 1989; retired CIA officer; veteran.

'51, BS Ag '52--Wesley K.Wannamaker of Saint Matthews, SC, September 2, 2006; retired farmer; veteran; former president, Southern Cotton Growers; active in community, professional, and religious affairs. Sigma Phi.

'52 BA,MBA '56--Harold D. Birckmayer of Kinderhook, NY, December 22, 2003. Kappa Sigma.Wife, Jennifer (Thomas), MA '56.

'52 MS--Rudolph S. Bottei of South Bend, IN, April 23, 2003; chemistry professor, U. of Notre Dame.

'52 BS Ag--Herbert J. Dietz of Bradenton, FL, January 31, 2006; teacher.

'52, BS Ag '55--Rev. Floyd E. Estelle of Greenville, SC, December 31, 2005; minister; school bus driver; owner, sewing machine sales and repair shop; active in religious affairs.

'52, BME '53--Andrew E. Feiner of Millbrae, CA, September 9, 2006; co-founder, TEMPCO Equipment Co.; worked in real estate; photographer; active in community affairs. Phi Sigma Delta.

'52 BA--Harley Frank of Huddersfield, Yorks., England, February 13, 2004; retired professor of sociology, U. of Huddersfield.Watermargin.

'52, BME '53--Philip C. Hankins of Bethesda, MD, formerly of Winchester, MA, and Austin, TX, September 10, 2006; founder, Charter Information Corp.; founder, Philip Hankins Inc.; programmed guidance system for the Apollo project; head of the computing dept., MIT Instrumentation Laboratory; helped to develop the computer language MAC; veteran; active in civic, community, professional, and alumni affairs.Wife, Barbara (Schickler) '54.

'52 BS Ag--Samuel G. Schenk of Sumter, SC, January 10, 2006; retired lieutenant colonel, Air Force; tax preparer; active in professional and religious affairs. Cayuga Lodge.

'52, BME '53, MME '56--Thomas M. Sedgwick of Park City, UT, July 6, 2006; engineer. Sigma Phi Epsilon.Wife, Eleanor (Henderson) '52.

'52 BA--Edward E. Siegel of Minneapolis, MN, February 2, 2006; founder, Siegel Display Products and Eddies Teddy Land; active in community affairs. Beta Sigma Rho.

'52 BS Nurs--Janet Pollens Steinsapir of San Diego, CA, July 1, 2006.

'53 LLB--John E. Casey of Cooperstown, NY,May 7, 2005; attorney; veteran; active in civic, community, professional, and religious affairs.

'53, BArch '54--Kiyoshi Matsuo of Foster City, CA, April 25, 2006; retired architect; planning commissioner, councilman, and mayor of Foster City; active in civic, community, and religious affairs.

'53 JD--Edward S.Nelson of Norwich, NY,March 26, 2006; attorney; Norwich City Judge; veteran; active in civic, community, professional, and religious affairs.

'54 BA--Anita Bittker Dushay of Rochester, NY, September 5, 2006.

'54--Frank W.Higgins of Henderson, NV, February 16, 2006; executive, Quaker Oats and Kraft Foods; veteran; active in community affairs. Alpha Sigma Phi.

'54 BS Ag--David E. Lewis of Jacksonville, FL, July 26, 2005; retired chemist; veteran.

'54 BS Nurs--Patricia Imschweiler MacFarlane of New York City, June 26, 2005.

'54 PhD--Lawrence Podell of Forest Hills, NY, September 7, 2006; professor emeritus, Baruch College.

'55--W. Dudley Child Jr. of Kamuela, HI, December 19, 2004; president, Inter-Island Resorts. Phi Delta Theta.

'55 BS Nurs--Ann Collett Christie of Lady Lake, FL,May 18, 2004.

'55, BCE '56, MS AERO '59--Alvin L. Kaskel of Long Beach, NY, May 13, 2006; co-owner and software designer, Manamation Inc. Alpha Epsilon Pi.Wife, Marcia (Moelis), GR '56-58.

'55, BEE '59--Harold E. Kunsch of Huntington Beach, CA, September 3, 2005; attorney. Alpha Chi Rho.

'55 BS HE--Mary Mosher Leyh of Bingham Farms, MI,May 24, 2006; active in community affairs. Husband, George F. Leyh '53.

'55 BS Ag--Albert F.Mohrwinkel of Riverdale, NJ, July 22, 2006. Tau Epsilon Phi.

'57 BA--Phyllis Feinstein Aron of Downingtown, PA, January 6, 2004.

'57 BS Ag--Amelia Dunbar Baker of Lawrenceville, GA, June 24, 2003; manager.

'57, BA '61--George L. Knapp of Wheeler, OR, April 1, 2006. Pi Kappa Phi.

'57 BS Ag--James M. Petras of Sabillasville, MD, June 19, 2006; brain research specialist.

'57 BS HE--Harriet Merchant Shipman of Columbia, MO, August 30, 2006; admin. supervisor, Red Cross Blood Center; restaurant owner; dietician; pilot; active in civic, community, professional, religious, and alumni affairs. Husband, Charles S. Shipman '55.

'58, BA '59--Avrama E. Gingold of New York City,May 29, 2006; president/owner, The Academic Factor; active in community affairs.

'58, BS Nurs '60--Ernest J. Schmalz of Jackson, NJ, February 16, 2003.

'60 BA--John S. Gunther of Evans, GA, April 22, 1997; veteran. Zeta Psi.

'62 BS Ag--John T.Arnesen of Elmira, NY,March 31, 2006; former owner, Cycle City. Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

'62, B Chem E '63--Donald P.Keel Jr. of Frederick,MD, September 3, 2006; VP & treasurer,Wind Hollow Foundation; former VP, Consolidation Coal; veteran; active in civic and community affairs. Chi Phi.

'62 MS ILR--George C. Rankey Jr. of Kirkwood, MO, September 10, 2006; retired from Monsanto; consultant, AON Corp.; active in community affairs.

'63 BA--Richard C. Gibson of Hingham, MA, April 21, 2006; sales executive, biomedical lab equipment. Phi Kappa Psi.

'64 BS Ag--William C. Bowman of McAlisterville, PA, September 6, 2006; retired accountant, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau; veteran; active in civic and religious affairs.

'64, BME '65,MBA '66, PhD '70--Roland L. Ruhl of Champaign, IL, and Scottsdale, AZ, September 8, 2006; forensic engineer; president, Ruhl Forensics; adjunct professor, U. of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana; active in community and professional affairs.Wife,Mary (Enstrom), MA '68.

'66 BA--John N.Myers of New York City, February 12, 2006.Wife, Roxana (Taylor) '68.

'67 DVM--Damon R. Averill Jr. of Mattapoisett, MA, February 11, 2006; retired veterinarian.

'67, BS Hotel '68--Harry St. Clair Garman III of Lancaster, PA, September 4, 2006; attorney; veteran; active in civic, community, and professional affairs. Delta Upsilon.

'67, BEE '69--Charles G. Rickard III of San Diego, CA, August 26, 2006. Acacia.

'68 PhD--Donald L. Croghan of Nevada, IA, August 11, 2006; veterinary researcher, USDA; virologist; veteran; active in community affairs.

'69 BS EP, MS '71--FredW. Ilges Jr. of South Salem, NY, December 23, 2005; principal quality assurance analyst, NYFIX; active in community affairs. Alpha Chi Rho.

'69 BArch--Paul C. Irwin of Groton, MA, September 8, 2006; architect; helped found MAPLE youth soccer league; active in civic and community affairs. Phi Delta Theta.Wife, Kathryn (Smyth) '69.

'69 B ChemE--Robert E.Yancey Jr. of Ashland, KY, August 11, 2006; retired senior VP and group operating officer, Ashland Inc., and president, Ashland Petroleum Co.; active in civic, community, professional, religious, and alumni affairs.

'70 BS Ag--Leonard G. Johnson of Pynn's Brook, Newfoundland, February 1, 1985; manager,Western Ag. Center; ag. field representative and farm mgmt. specialist, Provincial Dept. of Agriculture, Newfoundland; designed courses for Newfoundland Human Resource Development Program.

'70, BA '71--David T. Temperley of Flemington, NJ, February 17, 2006; worked for the State of New Jersey.

'71 BS Hotel--Alain A. Ammar of London, England, January 9, 2006; worked for Quality Hotels Europe.

'73 BS HE--Elissa Pellegrino Packard of Fort Wayne, IN, April 5, 2006; interior designer; consultant, Vintage Archonics.

'74 MBA--Steven H. Brooks of Darien, CT, September 3, 2006; founding partner and senior managing director, Brooks Houghton Co.; active in professional and alumni affairs.Wife, Elmerina (Baldini), MBA '79.

'74 BS Ag--Donald L. Egger of Wilsonville, OR,March 5, 2006.

'76 BS Ag--Mark J. Nassetta of White Plains, NY, July 1, 1998.

'84 MS--Lisa A. Hardy-Bass of Arlington, VA, September 6, 2006; Foreign Agriculture Service officer; helped to negotiate General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade with Mexico; active in community and professional affairs.

'87--Peter E.McReynolds of Brisbane, CA, June 19, 2005; engineer, Lockheed Martin Corp.; active in community affairs.

'88 BA--Malka H. Korman of Waban, MA, November 17, 2005.