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  • At sixteen, Jeremy Shuler ’20 is about to become the youngest person ever to graduate from Cornell

  • SUNY Cobleskill’s Stephen Mackenzie, PhD ’83, launches the nation’s first bachelor’s degree in dog training

  • A Hotelie rite of passage for decades, a required course puts students on the front lines of running a restaurant

  • In addition to the typical duties of a city court judge, Buffalo’s Amy Martoche ’92 presides over a special court devoted to aiding victims of sex trafficking

  • Students and faculty at the Tata-Cornell Institute are working to fight malnutrition, poor sanitation, stunted growth, and more—and improve the lives of millions in India

  • A specialized Vet college hospital treats sick or injured owls, squirrels, porcupines, turtles, and more

  • CALS offers the nation’s first comprehensive course on cannabis, from stem to seed and beyond

  • With its long tradition of honey bee research, Cornell is a leader in the fight to protect pollinators

  • A photographic tour of the Hill’s outdoor sculptures

  • A vast repository of human knowledge, Cornell’s Rare and Manuscript Collections is home to tens of thousands of books, papers, and other treasures—from ancient tablets to graffiti art

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