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Letters to CAM.


The November/December 2014 cover

I am very gratified that Cornell has finally joined the twenty-first century with the appointment of its first female president. As one of the first coeducational institutions in the U.S., it’s about time Cornell had a female president. You go, Elizabeth!

Lynne Byall Benson, PhD ’08
Charlestown, Massachusetts

As a woman graduate of Cornell, I’m thrilled to welcome Beth and think she sounds great. I’ve listened to the video [of the press conference announcing her appointment] and have one suggestion: mention teaching as well as research. She rightly talked about developing the next generation of leaders and the search for truth, but I never heard the words, “great teachers and great teaching.”

Dale Rogers Marshall ’59
Piedmont, California

Photo Finish

I agree that the picture of the Arts Quad in the mid-Fifties on page 41 of the September/October 2014 issue (“Campus Confrontation”) was terrific. But you didn’t identify the year it was taken, and I take issue with Charles Juran ’53, BME ’54, who wrote in the Correspondence section in November/December that it was taken in fall 1954.

In fact, I am also in that picture, in the group of four students standing in the lower right-hand corner. I am in a beige jacket, white shirt, no tie, behind the NROTC midshipman—and by fall 1954, I was already out to sea on a destroyer.

What was amusing is that the famous photographer Alfred Eisenstadt was standing at the top of a tall stepladder, on the walkway—and because everyone passing wanted to get in the picture, he was screaming loudly, “Get away, keep moving, look natural!”

Richard Bosshardt ’52, BEE ’53
Nevada City, California