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Loud & Proud

The Lynah Faithful, and the weird and wonderful traditions of Big Red men’s hockey fandom.


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One thought on “Loud & Proud

  1. 1985, M'Eng '86, JGSM '87

    A few memories;

    Cornell rallying against Harvard (I believe) after falling behind 5-0 (I think). The turning point was the first Big Red goal – delayed penalty on Cornell. The goalie puts his head down and skates as hard as possible to the bench. The defenseman sees the movement and back passes – which, of course, the goalie is paying no attention. The pass goes into the net for a shorthanded goal and the Big Red come back to win (in Lynah, would have been 81-82 season through 86-87).

    Starting the Kill-Schafer-Kill chant with Fraternity Brothers – putting it into the Daily Sun.

    I was at the Bemidji State game in Grand Rapids where Anbinder/Schatz met in the bar. Enjoying the heck out of hearing the kill-??-kill chant for a new generation of Big Red players.

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