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Cornellian ´Crostic

Solve to discover a Cornellian book quotation

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Christopher Adams ’14 is a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Iowa, and he publishes his own puzzles weekly at At Cornell, he majored in mathematics, with minors in physics and creative writing, after which he spent a year teaching physics at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar.

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10 crostic


For the author and title of the book from which the quote is taken [filling in 23 squares of the grid] click here


One thought on “Cornellian ´Crostic

  1. BME, 1961

    When the issue arrived, I was just on the verge of submitting my own book of crostics puzzles for publication by CreateSpace (Amazon). Not only did Mr. Adams pick a “nostalgic” paragraph by an author whose book on the Middle Ages I’ve recently been enjoying, he earns my plaudits for his cleverness in providing so much of Cornell in the answers to the clues. Not an easy job!

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