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A Dog Named Ezra

(and a cat named Lynah, and a turtle name Willard, and a fish named Davy…)


After CAM heard that several alumni had dubbed their furry friends in honor of the founder, we reached out via social media to see what other Cornellian monikers alums have given their pets. The response was overwhelming: not only Ezras and Cornells but Baileys, Lynahs, Sages, and more. There’s an Alaskan sled dog team named after Big Red hockey stars, a cat dubbed in memory of a departed Collegetown watering hole, even a pooch (“Ruth Barker Ginsburg”) named in honor of our own Supreme Court justice. Then there’s the two-Cornellian couple who called their son Tjaden, after the hall. Want to guess where he goes to college?

We worked hard on the layout of “A Dog Named Ezra”, and we want to share those pages with you as we designed them — they just don’t look the same on a web page!

When the document below finishes loading (give it a minute – it’s a large file!), click on the square bracket icon in the center of the toolbar and view this article in full screen. (Reading using a phone? You might prefer the download option — the “down” arrow on the toolbar.)


6 thoughts on “A Dog Named Ezra

  1. I read your article in the May/June 2017 issue on Pets with Big Red Names. A dog named Ezra . Beautiful dogs and good photography. But…. are any of these dogs rescue dogs or from local shelters? What a great story this would be if they were. With millions of dogs euthanized annually and thousands homeless, we need to focus our attention on this epidemic. In many cases too, college students get dogs and then leave them when they graduate. One other sad fact black dogs are the first to be euthanized! Cornell could be a leader in bringing the story to light and saving so many wonderful dogs.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Juliet – All three of our dogs mentioned in this article (D’Agostino, Bitz and Buckles) are adopted rescues from our local animal shelter, Stray Haven in Waverly, NY. Adding to this, my wife Kristi now serves on the board and is the current president of the shelter where D’Agie, Bitz and Buckles were adopted. Thanks for being a proponent of pet adoption!

    • Hi Juliet,
      We adopted our Ezra, who is featured in the article’s opening page, silhouetted in front of McGraw Tower, from the Cortland Community SPCA just outside of Ithaca. This SPCA is a No Kill Shelter and the staff and volunteers there do an amazing job given the shelter’s very limited resources. Thanks so much for your forceful advocacy of adoption.
      Eric Rosario ’91

  2. When my wife brought home a betta fish in a small tank I certainly couldn’t resist naming it Hans.

  3. 1957

    While my husband was earning his PhD at Cornell, we couldn’t afford a dog – or children. Hans Bethe had a prolific cat and advertised its kittens in the Ithaca Journal. We adopted one … and named her Beta…her offspring are probably still populating Ithaca.

    Joan Macmillan ’57

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