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CCSS annual lecture

Food for Thought

A Hotelie rite of passage for decades, a required course puts students on the front lines of running a restaurant

Food for thought

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3 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. 1992

    My “quantities” night occurred the same night the Dalai Lama spoke at Cornell. Our theme was Mexican Fiesta. I always regretted that we didn’t have the guts to go with a show tunes theme and call it “Hello Dolly.” We just couldn’t figure out the food.

  2. 1984

    Boy, do I remember my “management night;” I had two! My partner and I offered to do the first week/last week combo. This gave us a bit of support from Professor Kelly, Bob White and the whole Dining Room professional staff, as they sympathized with the abbreviated planning schedule. Our menu and theme for the first week were Cornell focused and we had Cornell memorabilia in the Dining Room. Unfortunately, one personal piece of the memorabilia disappeared during the night; anyone with a Kappa Sigma fraternity mug with the name Carmine inscribed on it – I’d love it back, no questions asked. Funny enough, I can’t remember our second theme or menu… I do remember some of the other themes though – Jon Kimball (and his brother Louis?) had a US Senate Dining Room theme and someone else (Al LeBlanc maybe?) had a menu that included fresh lobster, which I had to learn how to treat “humanely” in the kitchen. After this “twofer” experience, I became a front of the house TA for the course. Thanks for this trip down memory lane.

  3. '70 Hotel

    My Quantities Group ..created “The House of the Rising Sun Restaurant* with authentic menu items suggested by the Marriot Hotel in New Orleans French Quarter .Fresh Maine Lobsters were trucked in. Student volunteers.”Les Girls” served drinks & dinners ..A big success enjoyed by all..Cheers!

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