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Two puzzles—one easier, one devilishly difficult

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Karen Richards ’87 was an editor at Games magazine and has published puzzle books with Random House, Sterling Publishing, and Workman, among others. Currently a freelance reporter, writer, and artist, she works part time with KLCC, the Eugene, Oregon-based NPR station. Her favorite animal is the moose.

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Logic puzzle


The Student Meet Up

For a class year and building, click here

For a class year, building and restaurant, click here

A Cornellian Quartet

For a first and last name, click here

For a first name, last name and class year, click here

For a first name, last name, class year and major, click here

For a first name, last name, class year, major and sport, click here

For a step-by-step explanation of how to eliminate possibilities and arrive at the answers to A Cornellian Quartet, go to the next page.


One thought on “Logic

  1. 1983

    I do Logic Grid Puzzles almost every night!! Yeah I know. Pathetic.
    If I can’t solve it right off. I do what I can, erase my answers, and come back a day or two later. And for some reason, I can solve the grid the 2nd time.

    Mine are the 5 or 6 grid boxes.

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