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CCSS annual lecture

Reports of Outgoing Trustees

Alumni-elected trustees Stephanie Keene Fox ’89 and Jonathan Poe ’82



Stephanie Keene Fox ’89

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as a steward for the school I love.

Key initiatives from my time on the board:

  • We united the Dyson, Hotel, and Johnson schools to create a powerhouse College of Business—flexible, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary.
  • We opened Cornell Tech’s campus in New York City, cementing our position as a global leader in technology and innovation. Simply put, Cornell Tech is a game changer for our university.
  • Cornell has long desired to house all freshmen and sophomores on campus. Now we will do it—by adding nearly 2,000 beds on North Campus. Trustees have a central governance role that allows us to help ensure support and funding for facilities investments that improve the student experience.
  • We are finalizing a strategic plan for Alumni Affairs. Why is this important? We are students for four years, but we are alumni for life. The plan will help us connect more fully with Cornell and with each other.

Perhaps the greatest challenge we now face as a university is the need to successfully navigate the changing landscape of higher education. Please help by advocating for Cornell and higher education in your daily life, and voting in every alumni trustee election. Our alumni are Cornell’s superpower.



Jonathan Poe ’82

Aloha! Our University evolves prudently with more initiatives under way.

Two recent examples:

  • The Skorton Center for Health Initiatives opened its doors in 2017 to improve campus wellness. Collaborations with Cayuga Medical Center, Weill Cornell Medicine, and Residential Life and advances in telemedicine and data analytics have enhanced healthcare for students, staff, and faculty. We know Cornell can be stressful. Leveraging widespread expertise will create better health, safety, and outcomes.
  • The North Campus Residential Expansion will add 2,000 more beds on North Campus, and upgrade other dormitories. When completed, all underclasspersons and transfers will have the option to reside on campus. They’ll be deeply immersed in 24/7 on-campus experiences. As a complement, Cornell created a Yelp-like website for off-campus apartments ( Cornellians need safe places to live, learn, play, dream, and siesta.

While alumni-elected trustees represent alumni perspectives to the board, holistic views are taken by all trustees, guided by such first principles as wellness, safety, inclusion, and sustainability. Thank you for my alumni-elected trustee term. Mahalo for your continued Cornell engagement. See you on the Hill.

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