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More Wall Art

Do you have fond memories of these and other campus murals? Share them in the comments—and please include photos if you have them!


Click on a photo to enlarge.


Here’s a link back to the story and images featured in the print magazine — still the best way to read CAM!


8 thoughts on “More Wall Art

  1. A&LS '84

    I was lucky enough to have moved into a dormroom as a freshman that had a mural painted by someone long before I arrived on the hill. To the best of my recollection it was an abstract green and brown painting. I remember having upperclassmen tell me how lucky I was to be in “possession” of that room. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture and the dorm (U-hall 4) is long gone. Does anyone have a photo or remember the painting? It was on the 1st floor of the dorm on the lost corridor. I think the room number was 4011.

  2. 2001

    I remember the the staircase silhouette mural in Risley happened the weekend of Nov 6-8, 1998, the same weekend we were holding Rocky Horror Picture Show (I played Frank-n-Furter that season!). That weekend was very busy/hectic and a lot of fun. Each person had help having their silhouette drawn, and then painted it however they liked. You can find the silhouette of me sitting with my boa constrictor Janis just below the 2nd floor, filled in with a night sky.
    The picture uploaded here is of our RHD being posed with his boyfriend to have their silhouette drawn.

  3. 1998

    I painted a “Beauty and the Beast” mural in Mary Donlon Hall. I’ve always wondered if it was still there. My only “All Nighter” in college was spent completing that mural. What a great experience I had chatting with my fellow floor mates who wondered by as I worked on it!

  4. 2001

    Oh, and the “Eat at Joe’s” picture is from a large mural in Risley’s 2nd Lost hallway, done by members and friends of the Prudence Risley Travelling Moonshine Orchestra, “Cornell’s only reasonably competent Jug Band.” The mural contains many visual puns and inside jokes. I am still ashamed that I never finished the flowers on the wisteria border. Someone else at Risley can feel free to fill them in. 🙂

  5. 1986

    I painted the logo for the band Asia and the Rocky Horror Picture Show lips and dripping letters on the 5th floor of Dickson. Res Life funded this, for which I was grateful. This was in 1983, though, so probably long gone. My murals were large, but simple. One day I walked down the back stairs and came out on the 2nd floor, where someone was drawing a wall sized perfect rendering of the cover photo for Born To Run. If that was still around, I imagine you would have published it.

  6. Ag. School Env. Education Verne Rockcastle 1984

    I created a “world community” mural on the backside of IGA. Does anyone have a photo of that?

  7. Arts '88 / Risley 85-87

    The photos I’d love to see are the colorful dragons on the walls of the bell tower before renovations. Anyone?
    (Jammed film is one thing I do NOT miss about the switch to digital…)

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