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CAA travel program
  • One hundred years after Willard Straight 1901 died in World War I, his legacy lives on in the iconic building that bears his name

  • Gorging Ourselves: The brainchild of a Cornellian, Ithaca’s beloved tourism slogan graces T-shirts (and lots of other stuff) far and wide

  • Stepping Stones: More than a handy shortcut, the Baldwin Memorial Stairway honors an alum who perished in World War I

  • A look at the past, present, and future of CU’s iconic Beebe Lake—which, like the University itself, traces its roots to Ezra

  • Set Your Watch By It: East Hill’s iconic sundial marries art and science

  • Two Hotelie undergrads shake up the granola scene with savory flavors

  • Physical education has been a Cornell tradition since its founding—but Ezra could never have imagined the kaleidoscope of offerings on East Hill today

  • Trucking Along: Celebrating the centennial of Louie’s Lunch

  • Eschewing Collegetown rents, Eli Shanks ’18, BS ’17, spent his final semesters living in a converted school bus

  • Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.’s visits to the Hill

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