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  • Active Learning Initiative Goes University-Wide

  • Physics professor Julia Thom-Levy, vice provost for academic innovation, on the University’s efforts to “create vibrant and challenging opportunities for learning” by pursuing novel teaching methods

  • A list of deaths reported to us since the previous issue

  • Stepping Stones: More than a handy shortcut, the Baldwin Memorial Stairway honors an alum who perished in World War I

  • A look at the past, present, and future of CU’s iconic Beebe Lake—which, like the University itself, traces its roots to Ezra

  • A pioneer in the digital fabrication movement, MIT professor Neil Gershenfeld, PhD ’90, believes that fab-lab technology will change the world

  • NYC-based ornithologist Andrew Farnsworth ’95, PhD ’07, studies birds’ nocturnal migration—including how it’s thrown off by the annual 9/11 memorial tribute

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