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CAA travel program
  • Becky Katz ’09 is Atlanta’s ‘chief bicycle officer’

  • New minor explores the complexities of the Viking Age

  • The Engineering college’s Matan Presberg ’18 has juggled his way to multiple world records

  • New minor tackles the complexities of mass incarceration

  • Stars Above: North Campus’s Fuertes Observatory Turns 100

  • The changing face of Collegetown, saving the Atlantic puffin, boosting broccoli, and campus tours.

    Download the PDF from our digital archives at eCommons.

  • Not Just Playing Around: Keith Camhi ’88 and (Baby) Food for Thought: Jessica Rolph ’97, MBA ’04

  • Field of Dreams: For undergrads, searching for the perfect internship can feel like a full-time job.

  • Steve Borst ’00 & Karim Abouelnaga ’13

  • Audrey Hendler ’79 & Rifino Valentine ’93

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