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  • A photo tour of East Hill’s hidden gems, The Grateful Dead’s legendary 1977 show, creating ‘smart’ clothing, and sing a song of Cornell

    Download the PDF from our digital archive at eCommons.

  • From hidden carvings to works of art, campus is full of delightful surprises that passersby often miss

  • Forty years later, a legendary Dead concert in Barton Hall still rocks—and Cornell University Press has the book to prove it

  • From chameleon-like color shifts to disease resistance, Human Ecology’s fiber science and apparel design researchers aim to revolutionize what your clothes can do for you

  • From driverless cars to bionic eyes, neuroscientist Sheila Nirenberg is at the cutting edge of artificial vision

  • Having tackled blood-suckers, zoologist and author Bill Schutt, PhD ’95, turns to cannibalism

  • Prof’s firm analyzes the canine genome

  • Architecture alums help build the Smithsonian’s newest museum

  • Jeff Zalaznick ’05 is one of the creative minds behind an eclectic restaurant empire

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