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  • How baseball analytics guru Brandon Taubman ’07 helped lead the Astros to their first-ever World Series win

  • Justin Peters ’03 is a veteran Chicago Cubs beer slinger—and a serious journalist, an improv comic, and more

  • Forty years later, a legendary Dead concert in Barton Hall still rocks—and Cornell University Press has the book to prove it

  • Meet erstwhile presidential candidate Parley Christensen, LLB 1897.

  • From Robert Trent Jones onward, Cornell has trained a cadre of top golf architects—including the designer of the 2016 Olympic venue.

  • Rob Manfred ’80—once a wide-eyed Little Leaguer who worshipped Mickey Mantle—is commissioner of Major League Baseball.

  • Two decades after CAM first published it, we revisit ‘161 Things Every Cornell Student Should Do.’

  • In a (somewhat) systematic survey, we rank the finest athletes in University history.

  • Chef Jeffrey Weiss ’10 is spreading the word about Spanish charcuteria.

  • In an excerpt from the new memoir My Mantelpiece, the late Carolyn Goodman ’36—whose son Andy was one of the three civil rights workers murdered fifty years ago this summer—recalls living through a parent’s worst nightmare

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